Dog Names – Why Are Dog’s Called Fido, Rover and Spot?

Guide To Most Popular Dog Names

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When you hear dog names ‘Fido’, ‘Rover’, or ‘Spot’ being called across a park, you instantly know that whoever they are calling is one of our four-legged furry friends.

It’s so well known that we don’t even question what animal this name refers to.

These three names are commonly used either as a dog’s name or simply just in place of the word dog, when talking about our pets.

Fido, Rover and Spot must have originated from somewhere so we are going to try and get to the bottom of their origins and find out why they are so widely used to refer to dogs.

Let’s scratch beneath the surface and figure out what the meanings beneath these well-loved monikers are.

Fundamentals of Fido

It is thought that the name Fido became popular because Abraham Lincoln decided to give this name to his dog in 1855.

Fido comes from the Latin word ‘fidelitas’, meaning faithful.

Fido was the first President’s dog to be photographed and became the most well-known dog in America during that time.

He was a yellow mixed breed dog who used to help Lincoln carry parcels home from the market. This dog definitely took after the meaning of the word ‘Fido.’
two syllable dog names is best
Perhaps another reason which further made the name Fido more popular was due to a second dog being named Fido during WW2, who rose to fame.

This dog belonged to a brick kiln working in Italy. Every day, the dog would meet his owner at the bus stop at the end of the day.

Unfortunately one day his owner died due to an explosion, but Fido continued to go to the bus stop every single day for the next 14 years. Another example of how faithful Fido is!

He was so well loved in Italy that they even erected a statue in his honor.

Reasons behind Rover

Rover is another common alternative for the word dog. It’s believed to have first become popular when it was used in a 1905 British movie called ‘Rescued by Rover’

This was the first film to star a dog, and what a role he plays; he saves a baby from being kidnapped! The film is only 6 and a half minutes long and can be watched on YouTube.

Prior to this, the name was still commonly used as a dog’s name. When we look at the meaning of this name, to wander, it’s unsurprising why as many dogs love to wander.

Rover was listed in a book called ‘The Complete Sportsman’ in 1718, where a collection of common hunting dog’s names was listed.

The name could date back even further than this, as there is speculation that the name originated as a shortened version of the name ‘Moreover’, the name of Lazarus’s dog in the Bible.
Guide To The Most Popular Dog Names

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The Start of Spot

Lastly, we’ll take a look where Spot likely originated from a series of children’s reading book called ‘Dick and Jane’ featured a dog called spot. This book was popular from the 1930’s through to the 70’s.

At the beginning of the series the name Spot was actually given to their cat, but later on it was a name given to their pet dog.

More recently, Spot is the star of his very own children’s book series by Eric Hall. The books proved to be such a hit that they have also been made into TV programs and music!

Spot has likely been around for a very long time, perhaps after a dog with a circular marking on their fur. Spot makes the perfect name for a Dalmatian!

Final Thoughts on Rover, Spot and Fido

We take the names Spot, Rover and Fido for granted, as they as just such an integral part of all things dog now, so it’s interesting to look at how long they’ve actually been around for and when they became popular!

You can be sure that if you name your pup after one of these names that their name will stand the test of time and won’t be going out of popularity any time soon!

Are Two Syllable Dog Names Best?

You’ve brought your cute little puppy home and wondering what on earth you are going to name it, after all you don’t want to be calling it ‘here dog or pup’, although some do!

You may be thinking about cute dog names or unusual dog names or even dog names with a meaning, especially if it matches the temperament of this new addition to the family!

Getting to know your new puppy over the next few days is going to help you determine what name to give them.
You may consider color or mood, are they shy or lively, do they seem bossy?

Whatever their personality type have you considered whether a one syllable dog name is best or two syllable dog name is best?

That’s the difference and why does it matter?

One Syllable Dog Names

Basically without going too deep, a one syllable dog name has one vowel sound, one unit as in; dog; cat; bee; bell and max.

I always think that a one syllable dog name can sound more like a command and even though when you call your dog you want it to obey you,  I think the one syllable sound can sound too aggressive and I think sometimes (in my case) it can be shouted.

Whereas the two syllable dog name has a gentler sound and the general consensus is that it is the best option.

So what is a two syllable dog name and what two syllable dog names are best?

Be-lla; Bash-ful; Am-ber; Sa-ber; Le-vi; Hud-son etc.

dog names

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Another thing to consider when choosing your dog’s name is for it to be distinctive within the family as you don’t want it to be similar to anyone else’s name, well the sound I’m talking about here.

This could be confusing for the new puppy whilst it’s trying to learn.

So whatever name you choose I’m sure it’s going to be a brilliant fit for your new puppy and I know that a lot of thought has gone into it – have fun!


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