Why Rescue Dogs Make Great Emotional Support Animals

Why Rescue Dogs Make Great Emotional Pets

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If you’re looking for unconditional love, look no further than a rescue dog. Rescue dogs have often come from difficult circumstances where they’ve gone unloved for quite some time. After that, rescue dogs typically spending their days waiting for someone to adopt them and give them that love that they deserve. That’s what makes rescue dogs so great. When they meet their forever family they’re loyal, loving, and kind until the end.

Rescue Dog Characteristics

Many rescue dogs have grown up in rough circumstances. When they are rescued, their outer shell is tough but eventually, they open up to the right family. When they’re shown love, they give love right back. They know exactly what it felt like to not have a family and therefore they will remain loyal to the end when they finally do have one. All of those characteristics are exactly what makes rescue dogs the perfect choice for an emotional support animal.

Rescue Dog From Foster Care

If you’re looking for an emotional support animal, consider getting one from foster care. Many people foster animals until they find their forever home. Foster parents can be able to tell a potential adoptee all about the dog’s characteristics, habits, and overall demeanor. They can give advice on whether or not they think a particular animal would be suited to a person’s specific needs.


Guide To Best Dogs For Emotional Support

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You Have the Option of Picking One Already Trained

If you’re adopting an older rescue dog then you kind of already know what you’re getting. That’s because you have the option of choosing a dog that’s already potty trained, leash trained, and has been resocialized to other dogs and people. By knowing a dog’s characteristics, you can choose the right one for your emotional support needs.

What to Watch Out For

While your dog may get along well with you, don’t forget that this is still a rescue dog and that you need to make sure that it behaves properly. If you end up around someone of something that reminds your dog of the abuse it suffered, it may lash out and try to bite someone in defense. But just because it is defense doesn’t mean you are responsible. Make sure you properly socialize your new dog and that you are aware of the dog bite laws in your state. You don’t want to be responsible for anyone being hurt or having your dog legally put down.

Conclusion: A Bond That Can’t be Broken

When looking for an emotional support dog, you want one that is going to love you and be there for you. The best way to find this in a dog is to find a dog that needs your love just as much. It may take a while to find the perfect fit, but don’t give up on your search for your perfect friend.



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