Why It’s Important to Train Your Dog

Why It's Important To Train Your Dog

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Raising a new dog is always a fun experience, but it’s unfortunate most people don’t see it that way. When it comes to taking in a puppy, far too many are content to simply let them run wild without thoughts to training or socialization. As a result, those same people are usually slated for a rude awakening when something terrible happens.

It’s important to train your dog from the youngest age you adopt them. If you don’t, you’re putting yourself and others at risk of harm and legal trouble. Not sure where to start? Do these three things to help your dog learn to behave.

Socialization Training

It’s important to properly socialize your animals, and dogs are no exception. While many dogs are naturally very friendly, that still doesn’t discount the fact that some may lash out aggressively at times or simply play too rough with people or other animals.

Getting your dog familiar with strangers and other dogs at an early age helps them better learn to control themselves in new environments. This is especially important for nervous breeds, as a fearful animal can be both unpredictable and dangerous, and dog bite laws aren’t going to be very forgiving.

Why Is It Important To Train Your Dog

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House Training

Unless you plan on teaching them to use the toilet (and if you are, that’s pretty impressive all on its own), your dog needs to learn to use the bathroom outside. This comes instinctively for some, but even those dogs usually need to learn to make it apparent that they want to go outside.

Help your dog learn that running up to the door or knocking on it will let them outside, and reinforce their good behavior with treats until they’ve gotten it down. In the interim, use a pee pad in the house, as it can be easier to progress from a designated spot in the house to a place outside the house, not to mention it’ll save you a lot of grief over ruined carpets.

Separation Training

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety either because of their naturally loving personalities or some kind of abandonment in their past. While there’s no shame in wanting to spend as much time as you can with your pet, there are inevitably moments when you need to leave them alone.

When this happens, it will be necessary to get them more comfortable with you being out of their line of sight and out of the house altogether. Anxious dogs can hurt themselves or others, not to mention wreck up your home. To prevent this, work on leaving them alone for longer and longer periods and make sure they have plenty of toys to keep them busy. Eventually, you should be able to let them stay at home for as long as you need without worry.

If you can remember these three things to teach your dog, you should be well on your way to a well-behaved pup.


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