Which Dog Breeds Are Best For Small Kids?

Which Dog Breeds Are Best For Small Kids

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Choosing the right breed for your family is essential when looking for the perfect dog if your family has small children. There are various factors that should be considered when going out and selecting your furry friend. Some important factors to look into are the dog’s temperament, energy level, and size.

A dog’s temperament is its personality. When searching for a dog, you want to ensure that their personality agrees with your family and especially your small children. Typically, you want to find a dog that is calmer and able to compliment the excitability of children. The temperament of the dog is significant and likely to be one of the key factors in finding the right pet for your family.

The energy level of a dog is based on the preference of your family, but it is important that you remain realistic when choosing your pet. For instance, if you have small children, you may assume that you want a dog with a high energy level so they can entertain your children. However, it is important to remember that a dog with high energy may also require a lot of time and dedication to ensure that they are being properly exercised and cared for. Make sure that you are considering how much free time you have between handling your busy life schedule, being with your kids, and taking care of all the other commitments you already have.

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The size of the dog is another factor that should be considered but is based on the preference of your family. It is important to decide if you want a docile dog, which can most often be found in the larger dog breeds, or if you want an energetic dog, which is most often found in the smaller breeds. Depending on the age of your young child, you may need to be mindful of selecting a breed that may be overly large. You won’t want your dog accidentally hurting your child because it is too big. Also, be aware of the environment that your dog will be kept in. You want to make sure you have enough space for your dog and that they aren’t going to be cramped in a tiny room or yard. Some breeds do better with families that have large areas for them to be consistently exercised in and the lack of this space may cause them to be overly excited. An overly excited dog can potentially be harmful to a younger child or merely result in an added stress to the family.

One highly recommended dog breed for families with small children is the bulldog. These dogs are considered to be very devoted to their families and offer an affectionate personality towards children. Their breed is considered to be very docile, and they aren’t overly energetic. The bulldog breed also has a sturdy body type so they can handle the rough house playing that young children often engage in with their family dogs. They are known to be compatible with visitors as well as other pets, in case you want to continue to add to your family later down the road. Their size also makes them the perfect pet for families living in either a large family home or a small apartment.

A bull terrier is a dog that proves that the temperament of a dog is important. These dogs often have a false reputation of being an aggressive dog, but they were actually specifically bred to be petted. These dogs are friendly towards both adults and children making them the perfect family pet. Their body type is sturdy so they can withstand children that may have a lot of energy and want to play with their dog. One topic of consideration for this breed is that they are energetic dogs and will require a lot of mental and physical exercise to keep their idle minds from turning into mischief. Their size also is compatible with smaller homes or apartments but will need access to a yard or play area so they can get some necessary exercise.

Labrador retrievers are highly intelligent dogs and are an excellent choice for families with small children. They are playful and loyal companions to their families, which is an excellent trait for families with younger children. This breed is also known to be protective of their families and also do well with dog training. Young children may enjoy playing a role in their training, and it can offer a bonding opportunity between the child and the dog. It is essential that this breed has an area to play and learn in and a family that is willing to take the time to keep them both physically and mentally exercised. A labrador is one of the most popular breeds for families with children based on their temperament. To make things even better, they require little upkeep for their coats to remain healthy and looking great which comes in handy for families that already have a busy schedule due to their younger children.

Another popular breed for homes with small children is the golden retriever. These dogs are considered to be very loyal, smart, and kind. Their breed is often not aggressive or timid, and they can be very patient which makes them a perfect companion for smaller children. The retriever does require a lot of exercises, but they often get their exercise through play by playing catch or playing with other toys with the family.

In addition, the same thing can be said about German Shepherds with kids. They are known to be affectionate and obedient. While they do require a lot of exercises, they often find themselves most happy when they are inside the house with their family showing their affection.

Dogs are great animals for children. They have the capability of giving children a companionship unlike anything else, but they also can teach your children a lesson in responsibility. It is important that you take the time to find a breed that matches your family and your lifestyle. A dog that has the right temperament, energy level, and maintenance for your family can bring you happiness and joy.






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