What Do Geckos Eat?

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Pet’s does not necessarily mean cute and cuddly. There are some pet owners who would prefer to have reptiles at home rather than mammals. Reptiles are actually quite a companion. They seldom create any sound, does not require much attention, has strong survivability and resistance against harsh weather conditions and more. There are also fewer things to worry when it comes to diet. Focusing on what type of reptile pet and the food they consume, let’s talk about geckos. The major concern for newbie reptile pet owners would be, what do geckos eat? Will it be enough for their body’s need? Does it have any implications or restrictions? We’ll figure it all out in this short guide.

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Geckos are a species of lizard often found in warm areas or places in the world. They do not possess a capability to close their eyes, wherein you’d see them often widely looking. Kind of hard to imagine but it is actually to their advantage. They have a wide field of view and can easily clean their eyes using their long sticky hands.

This type of reptile feeds on most small critters such as insects, flies or crickets. They also feed on other smaller animals such as mollusks, butterflies, caterpillars, spiders and more. But that’s on the wild. Pet geckos at home usually feed on worms or crickets. Worms would be the first choice as it is very easy to acquire. They even sell worm meals on pet stores for reptiles.

What Do Geckos Eat? – 5 Worm Meals for Geckos

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Our first worm meal is made and brought to you by Yummy Worms. It may seem unappetizing for humans but it’s actually quite a delight for geckos and other reptiles, hence the name Yummy. The produce uses dried worms, with no dust nor broken pieces. It comes on large and lengthy size. The worms are grown naturally using leaves and vegetables. It does not contain any harmful ingredients and preservatives.

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Next is a wonderful worm treat for your geckos, made to you by Tenebrio Molitor. It is slightly different than our previous product. The worms are alive. The idea of it is to stimulate the animal instinct of your reptile pet rather than giving it a dead, dried worm. It also attracts the pet’s natural appetite, far greater compared to a dead worm. In addition, all the essential nutrients are still there.

To show you how a gecko enjoys a snack of live worms, here is a short video:

As you can see, live worms are a delight for our reptilian pets. It naturally attracts their appetite to hunt and eat their foods.

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These are giant live worms. They are larger compared to most worm meals. The worm breed was grown by Gimminy Crickets and Worms. The worms are alive and healthy. All the essential nutrients are still fresh inside the live worms. The package highly indicates that the product or worms become dormant if the temperature reaches beyond 60 degrees. Better check your area before planning on purchasing.

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This pack of mealworms includes 2000ct live worms. It is great food for reptiles, specifically geckos. Some use it for birds and fishes as well. Each of the worms is fairly large and has a length of about half an inch long. Your pet can easily spot the worm moving, given that it has a visible size. It is much more exciting to watch your pet mimic its hunting behavior from the wild into its cage. The pack comes at a reasonable price.

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Rainbow Mealworms brings your their breed of dark, live worms for birds, fishes and reptiles, specifically geckos. The package includes 1000ct live mealworms. Each of the worms sizes up to about half an inch long. It is cheap and affordable compared to other quality worms. The satisfaction you and your reptilian pet from live worms are far comparable than providing dried, dead worms. But some owners would prefer dried worms than live worms. The preference is up to you.

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