Type of Foods: What Can Hamsters Eat?

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These queries or concern usually comes to question, typically for beginners or for people who have just started owning or petting a hamster. Basically, hamsters are not that choosy when it comes to dietary needs. On the wild, they feed on fruits and vegetables where we can also apply it under our care.

We can also choose different natural and pet-safe feeds if we want as their dietary tolerance are not that delicate. In this guide, we would answer some of the common and specific questions relating to what can hamsters eat. This would bring you some enlightenment, knowledge, and clarifications about your concerns and the things that your hamster needs.

Here are some of the best choice of what can hamster eat:

First Choice   F.M.Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Hamster-Gerbil Food $ 4.7/5
Second Choice Carefresh Complete Menu Hamster & Gerbil Food 2lbs $ 5/5
Third Choice Henry’s Healthy Hamster Diet, All Natural, 8 oz $ 4.7/5
Fourth Choice F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Hamster/Gerbil $ 4/5

What Can Hamsters Eat?

We have arranged a series of common question and following them with an appropriate answer based on the type of food:

  • Can hamsters eat bananas?

    • Highly yes! The banana holds the same effect to a hamster like with us human. It is rich in fiber that aids in digestion and fully packed with vitamin C and potassium.
  • Can hamsters eat grapes?

    • Fortunately, yes! Grapes are included in a wide list of fruit and vegetable varieties where their stomach could fully digest. It also gives tons of vitamins C. The antioxidants, however, is not that effective for them like with us human and grapes contain some amount of citrus where you do not want them to eat too much of this.
  • Can hamsters eat cheese?

    • Sure thing! But you better make sure that this is not their typical day to day diet. You can feed them cheese once or twice a week as a treat but not as the main source of nutrients as it does not have that much.
  • Can hamsters eat carrots?

    • Some use carrots as their main dietary food for hamsters. The vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as maintaining the sharpness and shortness of your little pet’s teeth.
  • Can hamsters eat strawberries?

    • Yes. This fruit still belongs to the long list of fruits your hamster should not have any problems with. It is also a tasty treat for them but it is still nice to rotate your dietary food plan to give them a mix of the necessary nutrients they need.
  • Can hamsters eat celery?

    • Like with banana, this type of food greatly supports digestion as it is also rich in fiber. Celery, however, can come a bit tasteless so they might have a tendency to be bored with it after they are done with chewing and biting the crunchiness out of it.
  • Can hamsters eat watermelon?

    • Yes but the main problem with watermelon is the water content this fruit brings can easily fill up your pet and will avoid eating feeds that you have included in their diet plan. It is advised to keep this to a minimum so that they won’t avoid eating feeds that are boosted and filled with the right amount of nutrients their body needs.
  • Can hamsters eat tomatoes?

    • Of course but keep in mind that this is a rare treat used for hamsters. You might want to feed them this fruit to a minimum, not more than or just at least half a tease spoon. Also, most hamsters would be very reluctant to eat this.
  • Can hamsters eat oranges?

    • Sadly, no. You should avoid feeding your hamster with high citrus content fruits such as orange, lemon, lime and more. It will give their digestive tract a hard time and would often result in distress and diarrhea.
  • Can hamsters eat apples?

    • Yes as long as it is in the tolerable amount. Hamsters love apples but too much would cause mouth sores and digestive tract problems due to its acidity. The acidity of the apple is not that high compared to citrus fruits but a large consumption could lead to the same result so feed it to them just once in a while.
  • Can hamster eat bread?

    • Basically, yes you can. But unlike other fruity, vegetable and other treats specifically made with boosted vitamins and minerals for your hamster’s diet needs, bread does not contain enough nutrients to replenish your hamster’s energy and to help build a healthy body. In some occasions, including bread as the main diet is not advisable. Some bread may contain a lot of sugar.
  • Can hamster eat peanut butter?

    • This is actually a helpful treatment for hamsters. The peanut butter is a mixture of hamster healthy ingredients, mainly peanut, all rich in protein and fiber. It greatly aids in digestion as well as building your hamster’s body. This is an ideal treat for a fat hamster as it also helps control the body weight. Most of the peanut butter contains natural vitamin B6 which greatly enhances and boosts the immune system.
  • Can hamster eat raisins?

    • Yes they can but on a minimal and controlled amount. Raisins scent alone will give your pet the excitement to eat. However, too much of raisins won’t give positive results when it comes to digestion. Raisins are raw fruit that can be a little bit sticky to eat. Not to mention the high sugar content it has which can cause some types of a hamster, specifically dwarf, to suffer diabetes. At least giving them once or twice a day would suffice.
  • Can hamster eat peanuts?

    • The same with peanut butter, yes. This is also a basic treat compared to a mixture of ingredients in peanut butter. Leaving the crust of the peanut is also a great thing as it strengthens the teeth of your pet as they chew through it. You just have to make sure that the peanuts you feed them are not salted. Eating too many salty treats might damage your hamster’s kidney like with humans. It goes the same with almonds. Some type of almonds may come too sweet and contains a lot of sugar which can also be the cause of diabetes.
  • Can hamster eat spinach?

    • This is one of the most healthy and common food or treats for a hamster. Nothing can be healthier than green leafy food. The spinach, however, providing that with two or three leaves, is sufficient for the day. Eating too much of this, the same with other vegetables, might cause an amount of gas production which could cause pain and discomfort for your pet’s digestive tract.
  • Can hamster eat popcorn?

      • This is okay and a nice treat for hamsters provided that it is plain. Refrain from giving or feeding them salty foods which are common in popcorn. At least give them a non-salty popcorn treat and if possible, fully popped. The same thing is prohibited with sweet or sugar-full popcorn and butter filled popcorn. Hamsters are known to get easily fat when given an unbalanced diet. They are known to acquire diabetes. They are food hoarders which mean that they will basically eat everything you give them and would rather not care about their health.

    There are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that your hamster can tolerate but it is required for you to avoid feeding them any high acid content food that belongs to citrus fruits. You would also want to use these fruits and vegetables as a treat and not as the main source of dietary nutrients. Fruits and vegetables can be quite costly and could easily add some stress to your expenses. Not only that they cost much compared to feeds, but feeds are more nutritious as it fully packed with specifically chosen vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that your hamster needs.

    To give you more details about what food your hamster can eat, here is a short video guide:

    It is best for you to know these foods because a hamster’s digestive mechanism is delicate and could be easily irritated by some type of food.

    10 Healthy and Nutritious Hamster Feeds

    F.M.Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Hamster-Gerbil Food, 2-Pound Package



    This is FM Brown’s Tropical Gerbil and Hamster food. As you can see, the packaging and the weight of the hamster feeds is very cheap and affordable. This could save you a lot than feeding them with fruits and vegetables every meal a day for a long period of time. The feed is also packed with nutrients from natural fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts. It is highly tasty and nutritious for both gerbils and hamsters. It also uses natural preservatives which makes it last longer and highly safe for your furry little pets.

    Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food, 5-Pound



    Kaytee brings you their own mixture of a healthy and forty diets. The mixture was made from fresh natural ingredients, combination of fruit, vegetable, seed and hay. It is packed with Omega-3 and probiotics, healthy for the heart and circulatory system of your hamster. This hamster feeds can also be used and consumed by gerbils. It comes in 3 different sizes, 3 pound, 5 pound and 25 pound pack. All are in affordable and reasonable price. This is much cheaper compared to a whole diet of fruit and veggies and much healthier.

    Henry’s Healthy Hamster Diet, All Natural, 8 oz



    This is Henry’s Healthy Master Food. It uses all-natural ingredients for a healthy hamster diet. The feeds come in an 8 oz. pack, fortified with vitamins and minerals. It is guaranteed to provide 100% complete nourishment for your pet. The mixture does not include any preservatives, additive colors and artificial flavors. The savory and tastefulness of the feed come from baking a combination of grains, wheat, vegetables, nuts, and eggs. It does not contain any fruit and sugars that add sweetness.

    Carefresh Complete Menu Hamster & Gerbil Food 2lbs



    Carefresh also has its very own mixture of a good and healthy gerbil and hamster food. It comes in a 2-pound packaging were it contains all the nutritional value food for gerbils and hamsters. This furry little pet food is one of the cheap and affordable feeds you can avail with fortified nutrition in close comparison with expensive ones. It was made in a mixture of seeds and powerful antioxidants. One idea of the food mixture is to promote a foraging behavior of hamsters or gerbils.

    F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Hamster/Gerbil, 2-Pound



    Again, from FM Brown, this is the tropical carnival gerbil and hamster feed. The feed offers 2 types of packaging, a 2 pound and a 20-pound pack. The 2-pound pack can last from days to weeks depending on your pet’s appetite and the 20-pound pack can last for months. It is boosted with highly enhanced vitamins and nutrients for your pet’s daily diet. The mixture promotes fun and exciting goodies where it makes it food and a treat, all in one pack.

    Vitakraft Hamster Strawberry Drops, 5.3-Ounce Pouch



    This is a fruity treat or feed for a hamster as well as gerbil. It is Vitakraft’s Strawberry Drops. It comes in a 5.3 oz. packaging. This is ideally used as a treat for rewarding your furry little friend. It has a sweet flavor of strawberry, rich with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The pack is one of the cheapest treats you can get for the holiday considering that is made from fresh and delicious farm grown strawberries. This, however, is not an ideal meal to meal from day to day diet of your hamster.

    SUNSEED COMPANY 36070 1 Piece Vita Prime Dwarf Hamster Formula Food Treat, 2 lb



    Next one is the cheap and affordable food treat specifically made for Dwarf Hamsters, brought and manufactured by Sunseed Company. It is ideally produced as a feed for Dwarf hamster but could also work well with other types of hamster as well as a gerbil. It comes in a 2-pound packaging with high diversity, nutritious and healthy diet. This can be used from baby to adult dwarf hamsters. It basically covers all growth stages. It highly contains vitamin A, D, and E, including calcium, perfect for your small and cute furry pet.

    Vitakraft VitaSmart Hamster Food – High Diversity Formula, 2 lb.



    This is another wonderful and highly nutritious hamster food from Vitakraft. It is the VitaSmart Hamster food for all types of hamsters and gerbils. It was made from a diverse mixture of natural and fresh farm grown foods to aid in the growth and development of your hamster. It contains a high level of essential fatty acids, vitamin C and vitamin E, all that secures a healthy growth and diet of a hamster. It uses resealable plastic packaging to keep the feeds fresh and crispy for your pet.

    Kaytee Fiesta Blueberry Flavor Yogurt Dipped Treats for Hamster, Gerbil, Rat and Mouse



    Again, from Kaytee, this is more of a treat rather than a day to day feed for hamster and gerbils, though it really does not matter being fed to a rat and mouse. This is a yogurt-flavored food for rewarding your hamster once in a while. It is also good for spending time with your pet, bonding, and play. This is perfect for training your hamster, giving them a treat every time they have accomplished a task.

    Hartz Bonanza 4-Pound Gourmet Diet Supply, Hamster and Gerbil



    Lastly, a bonanza treat, gourmet feed from Hartz. They also offer feeds for other types of pet such as parrot, pakareet, rabbit and guinea pig. The mixture of their dietary supply came from fresh fruit, vegetable and nut combination of banana, apple, papaya, carrots, peanuts, almonds and more. The natural mixture is fortified with vitamins and minerals, making it more nutritious and supplying your pet with a healthy diet. The mixture is then dried to give it a brittle and crispy texture to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and strong.

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