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Thundershirt for Dogs

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A dog, having a strong relationship with humans, they too can have anxiety problems. It’s not really the same as our anxiety. But these anxieties can cause some physical reaction, change in behavior and tremendous stress. Some dogs even got their appetite or diet affected due to this uneasy feeling. That is probably why people opt for the best solution as they want to care for their dog. There are actually tons of clinical and medicinal ways to relieve them from anxiety but why bother if there are Thundershirt for dogs that is pretty easy to use, highly effective and very convenient for dog owners.

First Choice     ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Blue, Small $ 3.9/5
Second Choice      ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Camo, XX-Large $ 3.9/5
Third Choice     Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap, Small, Lime $ 3.6/5
Fourth Choice      ThunderShirt SPORT Dog Anxiety Jacket, Fuchsia, Small $ 4.1/5

You would know that your dog is experiencing some uneasiness when they start to do repetitive and irritable displacement behaviors. Comparing these behaviors to human, it is something we do to compensate the weary feeling. We may bite our nails, bit the tip of the pen, swirl our hair and some other stuffs. Dogs on the other hand would run back and forth, chew your couch cushion and dig a hole on your backyard and more. The Thundershirt relieves them from stress and uneasiness by applying constant body pressure that produces relaxation effect that calms them at shortest and fastest possible time.

There are several types of anxieties in dogs. You have your separation anxiety where dogs get uneasy when they are all alone or away from their owners. Noise anxiety is when the dog becomes weary or experiences fear whenever they are in a loud environment or upon hearing new sounds. Dog’s also have travel anxiety. A car may act as a large den or cage but most dogs are uncomfortable sitting on a moving enclosure. Although some dogs find it fun and exciting to go for a car ride, some just couldn’t bear the feeling. Another anxiety that your dog might experience is confinement anxiety. This is a common anxiety with most furry mammals. Dogs tend to get anxious and feel highly uneasy when confined. It gives them the feeling that when some threat arises, they are unable to escape it. That is also why some opt to have a dog gate at home that easily opens and close to keep your dog contained while having enough space to move around.

38 Amazing Thundershirt For Dogs

Thundershirt Dog Shirt, Large, Pink

Bringing you the first Thundershirt product, this is a rugby jacket that comes in large size, pink color. The Thundershirt or dog anxiety jacket can also be purchased in navy blue color and have many sizes to choose from. It is best for large dogs with weight of about 40 to 70 lbs. You also want to measure the chest size of your dog and vary it to the chest size of the product, 24 to 32 inches, to avoid any strong pressure that could bring discomfort to your dog. The jacket or shirt is very easy to put and to take off. It is highly effective for dog’s that experiences noise anxiety.


To show you how popular Thundershirt products are, below is a short video from Fox2 News that features Thundershirt’s amazing anxiety jacket.

This product has been a popular choice by many dog lovers, owners and trainers. It works effectively fast and compensates your dog’s behavior to make them calm and relaxed.


ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Blue, Small

How about a Polo jacket instead of a rugby jacket? This is Thundershirt anxiety product for dogs feature a slick polo design that comes in a variety of sizes. The size ranges from double extra small up to double extra-large. It could accommodate dogs of different sizes depending on the chosen size. This jacket is highly recommended by vets as they could almost instantly work. The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee. They are giving you the chance to return the product for a if it does not work. It just shows how confident they are in their anxiety treating product.


ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Pink, Large

Our next Thundershirt for dog’s product features a cute pink, polo jacket for small dogs. The design of this shirt is very gentle and to provide optimum comfort while constantly applying pressure needed to calm the dog. It is best used for fear and excitement anxiety of dogs. The jacket is also recommended for noise, separation and travel anxiety. It requires no training and does not include any medications in the process. It is completely safe and effective in putting your dog at ease. If the product does not work, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee for you to get a refund.


ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Jacket, Heather Gray, Large

This is a classic anxiety Thundershirt jacket for treating dog’s discomfort and uneasiness. There are several of sizes for this jacket where you can choose from. It is fairly cheap but the fabrics used are durable that it could withstand wearing and tears from chewing. The size ranges from double extra-small to double extra-large. The price varies with the size chosen. The larger it becomes, the expensive it gets. It is best used for all types of dog’s anxieties. This product has already helped so many dogs and countless dog owners. It also saves you the trouble of buying expensive medicines and long hours of vet sessions.


ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Blue, XX-Small

You might have noticed by now that most of the Thundershirt reviews and ratings are good and high. It is very much recommended by many satisfied customers and dog owners. This product here is a small size polo jacket for treating anxiety in dogs. You can also have this polo jacket in larger sizes but the prices also increases as the jacket size go larger. This is a jacket used by most rescue dogs to keep them calm as they rescue and operate. It can work for your dogs in treatment of their separation, travel or confinement anxieties. You could choose your preferred design between blue, Camo and pink.


ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Camo, XX-Large

This is what the Camo design of the Polo Thundershirt looks like. It makes your dog look tough. This fashionably goes along with male dogs and for male dog owners. It is perfect for calming your dogs. You can use this anxiety jacket for different occasions. Either you go for a car travel, walking your dog to a new place or confining them in a close area. It has been serving dogs and made many customers happy for quite some time. The product is known for its effectiveness. It replaces the need of a dog to take medications and scheduled vet visits which could save you some time and money.


ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Pink, X-Small

The product from Thundershirt has been in the market for several years. It has been tested by so many and has been reviewed and rated highly. There are they have also made many designs of a Thundershirt for cats. This product here however, is only for dogs. It is a small size Polo Anxiety Jacket for a great and reasonable price. The color is pink, perfect for female dogs and female dog owners. It makes a great girly fashion sense while treating the anxiety discreetly. You would instantly notice the comfort that your dog experiences and the normalization of its behavior.


Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap, Small, Lime

Our next product is the same with dog Thundershirt. It is an anti-anxiety jacket for dogs from Mellow Shirt. This calming jacket for dogs is slightly cheaper compared to Thundershirt. The sizes of the product varies with the weight of a dog lie this small size jacket which is good for dogs that weighs from 20 to 29 pounds. There are also a lot of colors for you to choose from. The jacket has a slick design and always a best fit. It’s neither rugged nor heavy. It is made from lightweight and washable fabric which makes it very comfortable for dogs.


ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Pink, X-Small

This is a small size Polog Dog Thundershirt to relieve your dogs from discomfort, uneasiness and anxiety. It is a small size anxiety jacket that comes in pink color. The jacket may have a girly color but actually has a unisex design. It works to calm your pet at different circumstances and lower their fear. The jacket is perfect during the Christmas and New Year holidays when there are so many fireworks, during storms as there can be so many thunders, during travels, scheduled visit with your dog’s vet, any fear or over-excitement.


ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket, Heather Gray, XX-Small

Another great Thundershirt dog anxiety shirt is the classic heather grey jacket with a double extra-small size. It is best used for dogs with weight of about 7 pounds and chest size of about 9 inches to 13 inches. The jacket is very easy to wear and very easy to take off. It does not have any ropes or laces, just easily patch the jacket close and your dog is good to go. The jacket’s effectiveness is ideal for dogs with noise anxiety. It relaxes and calms them down if they hear new kind of sounds and loud noises from cars, whistles, fireworks, construction and more that is present around your area.


Just for some fun, we included the top 5 picks of Dog Anxiety Vest from different analyst to show you how Thundershirt and some other products that usually makes it to the top list:

Thundershirt along with Mellow Shirt are just a few or our featured products that has made their way through the top list of other analyst and reviewers.


Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment – Gray (Medium)

There are so many Thundershirt amazon products you could choose from. Here is another jacket for treating discomfort and anxiety for dogs. It comes in grey color and good for medium size dogs. The size varies with the weight of the dog, wherein medium correlates with the weight of 26 to 40 pounds. The product is tested to have successfully relieved so many dogs. It has a treatment success rate over 80 percent. The jacket can be nicely paired with Thunderleash, a leash specifically made to provide comfort for both the dog and the owner.


Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap, Large

Mellow Shirt just won’t back down to the competition. This anxiety calming jacket/shirt is brought to you by Mellow Shirt. It is a large size jacket requiring an approximate weight of about 51 to 75 pounds. Fortunately, the manufacturer provides you a chance to get this amazing and highly effective jacket on different sizes. As the size goes larger, the price go higher. Smaller ones come very cheap. It is made from breathable, light-weight fabric that could be easily washed and resistant against tears. Your dog’s teeth cannot easily penetrate through the jacket as they bite or chew.


American Kennel Club Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat for Dogs, Medium, Grey

Our next product is from American Kennel Club. It is a competitive company that manufactures dog equipment and kits. This is its own version of an anti-anxiety jacket to calm your dog and relieve them from stress. The anxiety jacket or shirt is made from soft but highly durable fabric. It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. The price of the jacket varies from the size chosen. This is highly recommended by experts and vets as it is very safe and healthy compared to letting your dog take drugs and/or medications.

ThunderShirt SPORT Dog Anxiety Jacket, Fuchsia, Small

Thundershirt for Dogs reviews always makes it to the top. With the large population of pet/dog owners, the product just seems to load up a lot of positive reviews and high ratings. This product features a SPORT series of anxiety jacket from Thundershirt. They offer lots of sizes from double extra-small which is perfect for dogs with weight of less than 7 pounds and double extra-large for dogs less than 110 pounds. It effectively treats all types of dog anxiety such as separation, travel, noise and more. The jacket however, only has 2 colors/designs available, fuchsia and platinum. The product can be availed at a cheap but reasonable price.


Thundershirt for Dogs (Medium Grey)

This Thundershirt dog product is a simple yet highly effective jacket for treating different types of dog anxiety. It comes in small size and has only grey color. It is perfect for small size and light-weight dogs. The jacket is made from soft, light-weight and tears resistant fabric. It cannot be easily punctured or torn apart by your dog’s chewing habit. It is very fast and easy to wear. The jacket is adjustable to find the perfect fit and locks tightly and securely. This product is very affordable and could save you a lot of money compared to having your dog treated in an animal hospital or clinic. It is also safe as it does not require your dog to take any kinds of medication.


Small, Heather Grey Anxiety Solution for Dog

The best solution for treating dog anxiety is through this amazing product from Thundershirt. It is a small size grey heather jacket which is perfect for dogs with weight from 15 to 25 pounds. If you have a larger size dog, the manufacturer offers different sizes for this product. You could just check and vary the weight, the chest-size and body-size of your dog the specification of the product. The jacket has a simple and classic look but it is very attractive for both dogs and dog owners. The fabric used resist falling hairs from dogs. You do not need to worry about dog hair sticking to the jacket.


Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution – Large

Our next product is a simple design Thundershirt Dog Jacket as a simple solution for treating anxiety for dogs. The jacket is fairly large and intended for large dogs. It is not available in any other sizes or color. This is a safe product for dogs. It is a perfect replacement for medical and drug treatment. It is made from strong and long lasting fabric which is highly resistant against dog hair, punctures and tearing. It can withstand your dog’s natural behavior such as scratching and chewing. This product effectiveness works almost instantly. It calms and relaxes your dog the moment you got them to wear the jacket.


ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Polo Shirt, Major League Baseball Officially Licensed – St. Louis Cardinals (Large)

It is now known at this point that almost all Thundershirt review is highly regarded and comes with so many positive recommendations. This product features a major league baseball anxiety jacket or shirt. It has a cute bird design on the side. The anxiety shirt or jacket comes in a large size but you can also have this type of shirt in different sizes. Of course, the price of the shirt varies with the chosen size. It greatly calms your dog from different anxiety causes such as travel, separation, loud noises,


ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Pink, Large

Next is the Pink Polo from Thundershirt. It is a large size dog anxiety polo or jacket designed with a pink color. It provides constant pressure while being gentle and comfortable. The pressure it provides is enough to keep the dog calm at almost instantly. It aids or relieves dogs in getting anxious from fear, loud noises and more. This also helps regulate some of their irritating behaviors such as constant barking, scratching, chewing, digging and more. The jacket is very affordable. It is actually a nice replacement for medicine and drug treatment.


ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Pink, Small

Does Thundershirt work? Some of you might ask that question at this point. Fortunately, yes it does. The Thundershirt Polo/Jacket for treating dog anxiety has been tested and proven by thousands of dog owners. It even has good recommendations from experts and vets. It is a good replacement product if you do not want your dog to have drugs and medications. This alternative is actually even cheaper compared to attending several sessions on animal hospitals or vets. The medication also does not come cheap wherein this alternative could really save you a lot of money.


You might find it hard as some of the products here does not include a instruction manual. Here is a short video about how to put on a Thundershirt for dogs.

It is fairly easy and does not require a lot of skills and effort. You just need some common sense to put it on your dog as it is very basic and user-friendly.


ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket, Blue, X-Small

It really does not matter if you do not know how to put on a Thundershirt anxiety jacket as it is really simple and basic. The product is fairly user-friendly and some of it usually comes with an instruction manual that also contains other specifications about the product. It is a sleek design which perfectly fits your dog. There are different sizes available for this product. Each size’s price differ. The set however, only has 3 kinds of design/color; blue, Camo and pink.


ThunderSweater 2 in 1 Combo Pack! Comes with Thundershirt (X-Large)

Who would want a sweater for dogs but at the same time works to relieve them from stress and anxiety? This product from Thundershirt is called the ThunderSweater. It is not like your usual polo/jacket anxiety products. For a great and affordable price, this works also as a sweater. It provides insulation at cold weathers, regulating your dog’s body temperature. The product also has a great sense of fashion style. The sweater easily snaps fit around your dog’s body. There are only 2 sizes available for this type of Thundershirt product, medium and large.


Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap, Small, Aluminum

One of the cheapest anxiety shirts for dogs you can get is from Mellow Shirt. It is a shirt wrap that instantly relieves your dog from anxiety and clams them right then and there. It is a small shirt for smaller dogs but it could also be purchased with a larger size. The product is drug free. It does not involve and drugs or medications. This shirt is used for treating all types of anxiety through constant pressure while providing optimum comfort. It is made from light weight, washable and durable fabric. It is very resistant against tears. This jacket can survive long hours of dog behavior such as chewing, scratching or biting.


Thundershirt Thundershirt – Grey – X-Large (Quantity of 1)

This Thundershirt for dogs is a large size, simple grey design shirt for treating anxiety in dogs. It works best to calm dogs during fireworks or thunders, separation and/or travel anxiety. This product is also used by some dog trainers to calm dogs as they do different courses of training. The calm mind of a dog gets them focused and easily finishes each task required in the course. Simple problems can such as hyperactivity, non-stop barking and leash control can be resolve by this simple wear and take-off jacket. The price is very reasonable for a super effectiveness and fast treatment.


ThunderShirt Red Polo – X-Small

How about a cute, small size red polo shirt for dogs? This product does not only have a great sense of fashion but also works to treat your dogs from their stress and anxiety. It has a simple and slick design. This is a perfect for small dogs. It does not sag or get in your dog’s way as they run or walk. It is highly resistant against wearing or tearing. The polo shirt effectively treats anxiety while being able to withstand calm and harsh behaviors of dogs. It can survive long hours of scratching and chewing until the dog calms or relaxes.


Thundershirt Calming Cap, Small

There are actually other types of calming dog Thundershirt product to relieve your dogs from anxiety and stress. This product features a small size cap for dogs. It is used to calm dogs if they experience an anxiety or nervousness attack. The cap covers by covering their head and eyes. It works best paired with a Thundershirt polo or jacket. The cap is worn like a collar attach to your dog’s neck. It is a great replacement treatment for medications and drugs. It is far cheaper than getting your dog’s relieved and treated on an animal hospital or on a veterinarian’s clinic.


Thundershirt Grey Chest 18-26″, 20-40 lbs, Medium (TH00116)

This is the Thundershirt grey shirt/polo/jacket for dogs. It is use to instantaneously calm and relieve dog from any stress or anxiety. It is a medium size shirt that requires 18 inches to 26 inches chest size and weight of about 20 to 40 pounds. There are no other sizes for this product which makes it very unfortunate. Provide that you have a medium size dog that fits the required weight and chest size. This product will effectively work in treating their irritability. It highly performs at all times. The product is best for treating noise and fear anxiety but could also work great with other types such as travel or separation anxiety. The price is fairly reasonable. It is far cheaper compared to medicine and drug treatment.


ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket, Heather Gray, XX-Large

For this product, we are featuring a double extra-large anxiety jacket for dogs but you can choose to have smaller Thundershirt sizing and for a lesser price. This is a perfect fit for large size dogs with weight that is not over 110 pounds. You also need to check for the chest size of your dog. There are some cases that a large dog tends to have smaller chest size. It best calms the dog during loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms. It is a best fit for dogs. The shirt or jacket does not add any difficulty in your dog’s movement. They can freely run, walk and rest while wearing the shirt.


Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap, Medium, Sangria

Another Mellow Shirt product that made it to our list of the best dog shirt for anxiety is this amazing calming wrap. This shirt comes in medium size, sangria design but you could also have this on different sizes that ranges from double x-small to double x-large and different colors of aluminium, cypress, lime, navy and radiant orchid. It has a sharp design or aesthetics. The shirt perfectly fits your dog and does not hinder or get in the way of their movement. They can rest comfortably as the shirt calms them down and take away their anxiety.


ThunderShirt Red Polo – Medium

It is definitely known that each Thundershirt review always makes it to the top. It is because the product is very effective, very durable and made from high quality materials. The design is also built from a concept to provide optimum comfort while being able to constrain or apply constant pressure so your dogs will calm down and be relieved from anxiety. It instantly relieves and relaxes your dog at times their anxiety starts to kick, circumstances such as new sound or loud noises, during travel, alone at home or being confined in a small room or cage.


Thundershirt TS00145 Thundershirt Pink Polo – Extra Large

Our next jacket from Thundershit will have girl dogs or owners get excited. This product features a pink jacket with a girly fashion sense. It looks great for female dogs although a male dog could also fit well wearing the shirt. The functionality of the product in treating anxiety really doesn’t matter whatever gender your dog has. It is a nice replacement for drugs and medicine in treating canine anxieties. Not only does it make treatment safe for your dogs, it also saves you a lot of time, going back and forth the animal clinic or hospital as well as saving you a great deal of amount.


ThunderCoat 2 in 1 Combo Pack! Includes ThunderShirt (Medium)

There are so many Thundershirt amazon products you could look for. All of which are highly effective, cheap and long lasting. There are also unique Thundershirt products that treat anxiety of dogs but also serve another purpose such as this 2-in-1 combo pack. This dog wear also works as a coat during rainy season. It keeps them insulated and regulates their body temperature to a comfortable level. It also keeps them calm and relaxed. The product relieves dog’s anxiety during loud noises, thunders, coldness and more. You can have this product on different sizes but only has one type of color/design.



This is the pink polo, small size Thundershirt. It is ideally made for cute little female dogs but could also work for male gender dogs. The shirt is efficient and effectively fast in treating dog anxiety while trying to maintain a good sense of fashion. The concept also mainly targets maximum comfort while being able to apply constant pressure to your dog’s body. The pressure applied will help your dog calm and get rid of their anxiety. It could also bring down certain levels of stress. The shirt is used to replace drug and medical treatment that could save you time and money.


ZenPet ZenDog Anxiety Dog Vest Calming Compression Shirt Medium

ZenPet also brings you its own version of an anxiety relieving shirt. The manufacturer, ZenPet, is also known to produce and sell different dog equipment, tools and kits. They call this product the ZenDog Anxiety Compression Shirt. This shirt here comes in medium size but they also provide different sizes options, each of which have different price. It is an easy wrap shirt that activates dog’s pressure points almost instantly upon wearing. It alleviates dog’s stress and helps them relax. This shirt is used by trainers and dog owners in treating different types of dog anxiety and helps them focus.



This is the large size, pink polo from Thundershirt. It could be used as a fashionable dress for your dogs for outdoor walking or sport. But the main use of this product is to alleviate dog’s stress and irritability that causes their anxiety. The shirt applies enough pressure to different points of your dog’s body that relaxes and relieves them from stress. It is a product used by thousands of dog trainers to keep the dog’s focused in doing a course of task. It is also used by regular dog owners to calm their dogs and lessen their irritating behavior such as scratching, barking and chewing.



One of the cheap Thundershirt products you can get for treating your dog’s anxiety is the Heather Grey Shirt. It is an extra-small size shirt for small dogs. The shirt is slightly thick compared to other slick design Thundershirt. The purpose of the design is to act as an insulator for dogs during cold weathers as well as trying to keep them relieved from stress and other anxiety causing factors. You can use this shirt at any time your dog starts to get irritated or starts to show intense behaviors due to fear, travel or separation anxiety.


Thundershirt Heather Grey MD

This is the MD series of Heather Grey Thundershirt dog product. It is the same as the previous product but only on a medium size. We have included two separate products for this one as the manufacturer does not include options where you can choose a preferred or the fitting size for your dog. The shirt is made with strong and comfortable fabric materials. Even though the shirt is durable and can withstand harsh behaviors of a dog, it is still very light and smooth. This is perfect for treat dogs with high levels of anxiety to help them calm and relaxed.


ThunderSweater 2 in 1 Combo Pack! Comes with Thundershirt (Medium)

A cute and adorable two in one combo pack shirt from Thundershirt is this amazing, fashion inspired anxiety shirt for dogs. The shirt works as a sweater for an extra layer of cover to keep them insulated or help them get a regulated body temperature during cold or rainy weathers. It also applies certain amount of pressure to different area of your dog’s body to keeping them calm and relaxed. Wearing the shirt helps them alleviate their stress and discomfort that causes irritability and anxiety.


Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap, Medium, Aluminum

You could certainly opt to have a homemade Thundershirt or a DIY Thundershirt for dogs which could save you more money at an expense that you have the right tools and equipment to knit your fabric to have the right amount of pressure. But why bother into putting so much effort if you can buy an affordable piece of shirt to relieve your dog from anxiety? This product is not a Thundershirt product but rather from Mellow Shirt. It is a calming wrap shirt for dogs. It is made from comfortable and strong fabric that helps apply proper amount of pressure to alleviate your dog from stress and anxiety.


For those who prefer to have a homemade Thundershirt or a DIY Thundershirt for dogs, we included a short video below of some of the Anti-Anxiety Wrap Trick you could do.

This may not be that effective compared to an actual Thundershirt but this trick or hack can apply some amount of pressure which could slightly ease your dogs and make them calm.