Smallest Pet Rabbits

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Farmer and livestock owners often prefer large rabbits so that they’ll grow sufficient amount of meat in every count of an animal. However, beginners or pet owners usually look for the smallest pet rabbits as it is the ideal size for pets at home or for starters. To assist with newbies, we will help you identify what are the types of breeds that are classified under the small category of rabbits. There are a lot of small and large rabbits but having the knowledge of what breed is ideal for you would make things easier.

Some of the reasons that make small rabbits an ideal size at home are the space consumption and the difficulty in handling. Smaller animals are easy to handle. You can lift them at any time you want without exerting too much effort as they struggle to get away. In addition, home space is usually small. Choosing large rabbits to breed as pets would consume a lot of space around the house and would require you large rabbit hutches. Not to mention that you would want to keep clean air and would worry about sanitation at most times.

Furthermore, the larger the breed of animal you choose would require more food and supplements to maintain its size and weight. This means additional or more expenses compared to smaller breeds of rabbit. Livestock owners and farmers are willing to spend more in providing their animals with the best supplements due to the return of investment as they eventually market the animal. Rabbit pet owners, on the other hand, do not breed the animal for meat production or marketing, making a smaller breed of rabbits, the ideal choice.


The Smallest Pet Rabbits

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Smallest Pet Rabbits

We will provide you with the list of the smallest pet rabbits according to size, varying from 2 pounds to 5 pounds. Larger breeds of rabbit can go up to 12 pounds. The average weight of rabbits is about 6 pounds. Lower than that would make it a small rabbit breed and larger than 6 pounds would make it fall under the category of large breeds of rabbit.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

The smallest breed of rabbit is the Netherland dwarf rabbit. It is common among farm animals that the smallest breed of any kind of animal is usually called dwarf. This type of rabbit weighs about 2 to 2 and a half pounds which makes it far lighter than the average weight of a rabbit.

Here is a short video of what Netherland Dwarf Rabbit looks like:

The animal is roundly shaped and has small ears. They do not have a specific or distinct color. Nigerian dwarf rabbits can often be identified by their weight and size, not with the color of their fur.

Britannia Petite Rabbit

Most of the rabbit breeds with small size usually came from the line of Netherland dwarf. The Britannia Petite, however, can be traced back to UK. The breed was already identified in the UK during the middle years of the 18th century. It was domesticated in the area of Poland. The breed of rabbit later came into the US. The name was originally Polish Rabbit Breed but there was already an existing breed with the same name and the same type but grown into different standards, therefore renaming the breed to Britannia Petite.

This breed of small pet rabbits is very cute and cuddly. They can, however, become grouchy and irritable at times. To enjoy the breed of rabbit, you can ask for advice from farmers or experts so you can easily handle and enjoy the company of your pet rabbit.

Dwarf Hotot Rabbit

Also as a dwarf, the Dwarf Hotot is one of the smallest pet rabbits you can have. It weighs about 3 pounds more or less. It has the same body time with the Netherland dwarf, round, cute and cuddly. This rabbit, however, can be identified with their black mascara surrounding the eyes. It looks like it has put on black makeup. Unlike the Britannia Petite which have some irritating and grouchy behavior, the dwarf Hotot rabbits are calm and warm companions. The animal enjoys the attention given to them by humans, making it a perfect pet rabbit for you to enjoy.

Jersey Wooly Rabbit

This breed weighs about 3 and a half pounds. It is slightly larger and heavier compared to dwarf Hotot rabbit. The rabbit is only one of the few breeds that grow enough wool for fiber production. The breed was actually developed for the production of wool so that the rabbit can easily be handled. It can be determined through its ears which grows perky and erect. The Jersey wool is also known to produce a variety of color, single and broken.

Polish Rabbit

The next smallest pet rabbits breed is the Polish Rabbit. It is actually the same breed with Britannia Petite but was grown to a standard much larger and heavier. They have long ears that are proportional to the length and size of their body. The breed is small and miniature. It can weight up to 3 and a half pounds. It is one of the common and known breeds of rabbits used as home pets rather than farm or livestock animal.

Mini Satin Rabbit

The Mini Satin Rabbit is a cross breed between satin and dwarf. Satin Rabbits are large with highly refined hairs. It has colorful and translucent colors. The satin is known to have a shining and shimmering coat that is very attractive. However, it is quite hard for newbies to handle the animal due to its size. The solution came by crossbreeding the magnificent breed with a smaller breed, hence, creating the Mini Satin Rabbit.

Lionhead Rabbit

In the US, there are two classifications for this dwarf breed, the tortoiseshell, and the REW Lionhead breed. They are among the most favorites of rabbit pet breeds. It has a cool genetic mutation that creates growth of wool just around the shoulder and neck area of the rabbit, creating a lion head like effect. That’s probably where the name came from. They are an adorable breed, perfect for pets at home. Pet owners will definitely enjoy their company as they are sweet, likes human attention and requires minor effort in grooming the lion wool.


The average weight of a rabbit is usually 4 to 6 pounds depending on the breed of rabbit. Breeds that grow above the margin of 6 are considered to be large breeds and those that do not come across 4 are considered to be smaller breeds of rabbits. However, the size and weight of the rabbit are also dependent on how well you take care of the animal, especially when it comes to food and supplements. The outcome of the size will reflect the responsibility given by the owner to the animal.

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