Pygmy Animals For Pets: What Are My Options?

For some that do not know anything about pygmy type or breed of animals, this is actually very basic. The term “pygmy” refers to the size of the animal wherein it’s usually synonymous to the term “small” or “miniature”. In farming industries, they just often hear the term pygmy if you refer to the breed of goat or for small critters, a hedgehog also has a pygmy breed. But there are actually a lot of pygmy animals for pets that you could look for if you want to have a miniature breed of animal as your buddy or home pet.

You can do some research about different animals but most of pygmy animals are wild and exotic wherein laws and regulations would prohibit you to have one to be your home pet. Not to mention that there are some pygmy animal breeds that is already closed to extinction or endangered. Animals are never safe in the wild, especially smaller ones. They are a good choice of food for predators and a good and easy catch for poachers and/hunters.

To save you the trouble of being able to distinguish wild pygmy animals and pygmy animals for pets, this article will simply provide you a list of the best and the most viable miniature or pygmy breed animals that could bring you joy, fun, excitement and teach you some sense of responsibilities. Yes you read it right. Miniature breed of animals requires less food supply, less space and they are very easy to handle. This means that you could save more time and effort from other things and focus with taking care of the animal and taking responsibility as they are more likely to be dependent to their human/owner, especially when it comes to safety and security.

Below are some of the best miniature animals for pets:

Pygmy Animals For Pets

At first, miniature or pygmy animals were considered to be abnormalities in nature. However, a person quickly realizes that it was meant to be and that most of it is absolutely cute, funny and adorable. Adding to that, these animals may just be small in size but it’s overflowing with cuteness and awesomeness that are totally off anyone’s charts.

Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goat is a type or breed of goat. It is considered to be the smallest meat and milk goat breed available. Most of them are grown as farm animals but there are lots of people nowadays that have pygmy goat as pet due to the current trend where people starts to want unique pets at home. Furthermore, if we refer to the term small or miniature, there are other goat breeds candidates that you might want to check out. You can also choose between Nigerian dwarf goat and the Pygora goat. The Pygora goat however, is just a cross breed of a Pygmy goat and a regular size Angora goat. It’s because some breeders want to have a goat with almost the same size as the Pygmy goat but can produce a lot of fiber or wool.

Micro Pigs

This may not be dubbed as pygmy pig breed but referring to the meaning of the word pygmy, micro or mini pigs are still considered a miniature breed of pigs which makes them fall under the category. The micro pigs are commonly known as teacup pigs. It was not an official name hence the meaning or the word being synonymous to micro pigs was just urban made or defined.

Teacup, micro or mini pigs are actually potbellied pigs. The cuteness of it came from the fact that the baby or newborn teacup pig can weigh much less than the weight of a human baby. The minuscule breed of pig can be pretty cute at birth and throughout a few months. However, before you start to choose this animal to be your home pet, you need to think about some serious matters and/or considerations.

The breed of this pig is miniature compared to other pigs but it can still grow to a large size, roughly about 100 to 150 lbs. or 45 to 70 kg. As time goes by, the cuteness of the animal starts to fade as it grows and you might end up rejecting the animal or putting much less effort in care and responsibility. It might even stress you out because you didn’t expect it to grow like that. Make sure you are ready for the responsibility of a pet owner before taking any type of animal under your care.


Another pygmy or miniature type of animal you would want to know is the Falabella. It’s a miniature horse and considered to be the smallest type of horse in the world. Some people often confuse this horse with a donkey but its physical characteristics other than its height would tell you otherwise. It’s also not a pony by any distinction. It’s categorized as a horse. This horse is roughly just about 32 inches to 35 inches tall basing it on its withers.

This makes it great as pets due to size and space conservation. You do also need not to feed the animal a lot as it does not consume foods the same as horse’s appetite. They are smart, loving and interactive creatures that can be easily trained to fit house pet standards. Not to mention that due to their size, they can be easily handled unlike with large breed horses.

Miniature Donkeys

Donkeys are already known to be smaller than a horse. But who would expect that there are miniature and smaller breeds of donkeys than they already are? Miniature donkeys are one of the best pets at home. They are hardworking and loving animals. In fact, they are considered to be selfless. They are more concern with the well-being of animals rather than their own.

That is why most farms use donkeys to protect their herd or flock rather than a dog. Not that there is anything wrong with dogs. The main reason is that donkeys usually eat the same type of food like with the horse, sheep, goats, cows and more.

There are studies in the medical field where donkeys are a good way to rehabilitate a person. They really are quite a companion. In some cases, donkeys are paired with animals suffering from anxiety or restlessness. Somehow, it has been found out that donkeys’ causes relieve and comfort for the animal suffering from anxiety attacks.

Here’s a short video of a Donkey living happily with its companion, horse:

A miniature donkey can only grow to about 36 inches tall. That’s almost half of the average size of other breeds of donkeys. Regular or normal breed of donkeys can weigh up to 480 kilograms but a miniature donkey can only reach about 150 to 160 kg. That’s far from half.

Miniature Mule

Different breeds of horse, donkeys, and ponies can really make it all confusing. However, a miniature mule can be easily spotted and identified if you ever come across seeing one. A miniature mule often has the physical distinction or physical characteristics of a horse but have a size relative to a donkey. That is because miniature mules are a crossbreed of the two, a male donkey or jack and a female horse or a mare.

The result of the crossbreed is usually not considered to be a miniature mule. It was standardized by the AMMS or the American Miniature Mule Society that a mule can only be categorized under miniature breed if it is below 48 inches tall. In fact, there are different levels of quality when it comes to miniature mule breeds. Class A miniature mule is under 38 inches tall and class B miniature mules are between 38 and 48 inches tall.

Pygmy Hedgehogs

If you prefer small critters, then here’s a good pet you should consider looking for. Hedgehogs are already small critters that could fit at almost any small cages. However, there are still smaller breeds that can even excite you more than ever. The domesticated hedgehog is commonly known as African Pygmy or Pygmy Hedgehog. It is much smaller than the well-known European hedgehog.

This animal is nocturnal with similarities in behavior with that of a pet hamster. Hedgehog enjoys activities. They are very active and they do have fun when they are moving around. That’s why most hedgehog cages you see always have an exercise wheel. They have a lifespan ranging from 3 to 5 years depending on their healthiness and how you take care of them. Usually, they are always healthy and fit wherein hitting the 5 years mark or higher is very easy to attain.

The same with other breeds of hedgehog and what makes them different from hamsters is that they are carnivorous. They might eat some occasional treats of veggies, fruits but they are mainly carnivorous, especially on the wild. However, expert breeders in the animal and pet industries have made a different set of hedgehog feeds that can provide them with essential vitamins and minerals.

Babydoll Sheep

Well, the pet trends just keep it up. Did you even know that some people in the rural areas own a sheep not for farming or for livestock but rather as pets? Yes, that’s true and one of the best small breeds of sheep ideal for a pet is the Babydoll sheep.

They are gentle and loving creatures that are just so hard to resist due to their fluffiness and cuteness. Unlike other animals that are just cute when babies or newborns, babydoll sheep is cute all the way as they grow. All the thanks to the thick wool their body produces.  Not to mention that babydoll sheep is much smaller in size and weight compared to regular farm sheep. It makes things easier to do and a lot less difficult to handle.


There are actually a lot more types of animals with miniature breeds. Some people might call it nature abnormality but pet and animal lovers think otherwise. However, we only have limited our list as some animals that have miniature breeds can be exotic, dangerous and some are endangered. A good example of an endangered miniature breed is the Philippine tarsier. It’s miniature primates that are close to extinction. The Philippine government is trying its best to protect the animal from phasing out. They are highly prone to large wild predators and illegal poachers who seek to sell the animal at a large sum over the black market. It is also illegal to own or pet them.

That’s only one case, there are a lot more type of animals that different countries, states or cities try to protect. They have implemented laws that keep the animal safe from extinction.