Is Your Dog Treated As A Child Or Property When A Divorce Occurs?

Is Your Dog Treated As A Child Or Property When A Divorce Occurs?

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Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. While you may see your dog as your very own furry baby, the law does not view a dog the way they would view a child when it comes to awarding custody. To the courts, a dog is seen as property. However, when it comes to determining the terms of your divorce, choosing which party gets the dog can be a very emotionally charged decision.

What Does The Law Say?

What does a dog have in common with a guitar? In the eyes of the court, both are considered assets. The diligent way that court proceedings handle the placement and custody of children in the midst of a divorce is simply not the same practice that occurs when determining which member of a dissolved marriage will get the dog.

That being said, the court does take measures to make sure that the dog still goes to the best home possible. While a dog may not be able to get the same visitation and support that would be in consideration for a human child, the court and judge will do the best that they can to make the proper determination of the best home for the dog to go to. This can be done by factual evidence such as determining which member of the divorce spends the most time with the dog and who more regularly takes the dog to the veterinarian.

The Best Guide To DIVORCE and Dogs

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Helping Your Dog Get Through Divorce

Ending a marriage and getting a divorce can be a very challenging and emotional time for all parties involved. Humans often form a strong emotional connection to their pets and losing a marriage along with the dog can be a devastating experience for some. As much as you might potentially be grieving the loss of your marriage and partner, your dog might experience similar stress and emotional disrepair as well.

A dog that is depressed or unhappy will not act like themselves. They might show a lack of interest in activities they typically enjoy like going for walks or have a loss of appetite. Help your pet get through this challenging time by keeping bonded pets together rather than separately and ensuring that your pet gets more attention as usual just to help them get through the initial transition.

The Takeaway

Divorce can be a devastating event for both humans and their pets. In the eyes of the law, the court will try to do their best to make sure that the dog goes to the best home to suit their general well-being. Help your dog get through the challenges of divorce by giving them extra attention and being mindful of any changes in behavior or health.


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