How Long Do Rats Live?

This subject of inquiry usually refers to wild rats, the untamed, scavenging rats that dwell on the dark part of your house, backyard, streets, tunnels, garbage area and more. To most, these rats are often a bother and a pest. Out of curiosity, however, most people would also want to know about how long do rats live. For a deeper reason, the knowledge might or can be used in controlling and containment of the growth and spread of the pests.

How Long Do Rats Live – Life Span

First, there are a few things you should know. A wild rat and a pet rat, regardless of having the same breed, could have a different life span. That is because a wild rat does not have any agenda on their diet list and would eat whatever the spoils of scavenging. These include rotten foods, human and animal waste, and all the unhealthy, dirty stuff they can lay their eyes and nose unto.

In addition, there are two types of wild rats. They differ in some characteristics but the major one would be their color, black and brown. The black wild rat only has at least 12 months, more or less to live. The brown on the other hand has a longer life span of at least 2 years or so. The longevity of both wild rats has its major concern regarding diet. These wild rats may have evolved and adapted to the circumstances of the wild but the effect of living healthy and eating appropriate and nutritious foods still has a greater impact.

Providing you with additional knowledge about wild rats, here is a short video that tells a few rat facts:

These are some of the most important knowledge that denotes the life span and answers the question, how long do rats live?