How Long Do Pet Rats Live?

This is a great concern for people who own a rat for a pet. Our previous topic or article was written was about wild rats and their life span. Although pet rats have the same breed with wild rats, there is a great difference in terms of pet rat lifespan. And it is to the owner’s advantage to know how long do pet rats live to determine how well they have kept their responsibilities and how much care, comfort, and healthiness they have provided.

How Long Do Pet Rats Live? – Life Span

The general or average pet rat lifespan would be at least 2 to 3 years, far longer than that of a wild rat. In some cases, there have been studies recorded that a healthy pet rat, eating a proper diet and being able to do exercise, that allowed them to live longer than their average which is 4 to 5 years. The issue of the difference between a wild rat and a pet rat regarding their longevity would be their diet.

Pet rats would just wait for us owners to provide them with food on their plate, hence, making it our responsibility on how we would want to extend their life. Wild rats, on the other hand, would just eat anything that appears to allow them to surpass starvation and just survive. Regardless of the toxicity and lack of nutrients of what they eat, they do not have the capacity or brain functionality to choose a healthy way of living.

Just for fun, below is a video of how adorable a pet rat could be:

We do certainly hope to have provided you with some brief but important knowledge about how long do pet rats live.