How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?

Determining the lifespan of our pet is basically a priority. Given their lifespan, we would want to try to do our best to reach it or to go beyond it. Doing so will simply indicate how responsible we are in handling our pet. A little too short would simply show that we lack some points in taking care of them. Going beyond on the other hand is an achievement most pet owners and lovers would want to attain. Pertaining to our cute little furry friends, the most common question would be how long do guinea pigs live?

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live – Life Span

Generally, a guinea pig, provided with a healthy diet and lifestyle, would live at least 4 – 8 years. But there’s some research that shows longer, around 5 – 10 years. On a much more higher note or record, the¬†University of Michigan’s Museum of Zoology has clearly pointed out on their research that a guinea pig with a thoroughly kept diet has lived for 14 years. That is very long compared to an average life span.

There are to major factors you should consider in determining their longevity. The breed of the guinea pig and the diet they are taking, along with some exercise greatly affects the outcome of their prolonged survival. That is why it is a great consideration if you opt to provide your pet with exercise equipment such as mouse, rat or hamster wheel and monitor their diet if you want to prolong their life.

Just for fun, below is a short video about a compilation of how cute and funny guinea pigs can be:

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