How Long Do Geckos Live?

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There are various types of geckos if one didn’t know. The well-known geckos would be your house gecko and the usual choice in pet stores, the leopard gecko. Both of which, have at least the same life span.

The longevity of this reptile pet is pretty much not that common to people, that is why some gecko hobbyist and enthusiastic pet owners conduct their research about how long do geckos live to further understand and determine the nature of the reptile. It is also the major reason why we would like to share this knowledge out for the better understanding of everyone.

How Long Do Geckos Live – Longevity

Like what we have said, the most common geckos are the house gecko and the leopard gecko. Both have an average life span of more or less 10 years depending on gender. To be more specific with what we mean, a female gecko, regardless of the two types, can live for an average of 6 to 10 years. The male geckos, however, live longer than females. They can grow and live to up to 20 years.

There have been reports and research in different known universities that the reptile could expand its life span to about 30 years provided that it has benefited a lot with the controlled environment and a healthy nutritional diet.

A healthy diet is rather a common reason why pets and animals live longer than they used to, that and the environment which it has settled and adapted.

Below is a short video about how to take care of a house gecko:

I hope this short but concise information will help you in your future endeavors about a house/common gecko.

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