How Long Do Lizards Live?

There are many types of lizards when it comes to breeding. Depending on it, the life span may somehow show different results. The major factor that affects the longevity would be the natural habitat and maintaining a proper and healthy diet. It is important to know how long do lizards live as it is for you to determine whether or not you are providing them with enough care, nutrition and more importantly, responsibility. The longer it lives, the more responsible you are in taking care of your pet. That applies not just to lizards but to all types of a pet as well.

How Long Do Lizards Live – Longevity

Lizards in the wild would have a shorter life span compared to a pet lizard. That is they are prone and vulnerable to predators outside compared to home, caged, pet lizard. The survivability of lizards outside the pet world is high but it is still not an assurance when it comes to larger predators. The smaller the type of lizard, the harder it is to survive and to defend from larger and stronger predators.

But in general, a lizard’s life span would range from 3 years up to 50 years depending on the breed. The size and the lizard type would also determine the longevity of it, either a pet or a wild lizard. It plays a vital role in determining the life span.

As an example of both statements above, a Gila Lizard would survive for 20 years, more or less, outside the cage and/or being captive. But a pet lizard living under responsible care would extend to about 30 years.

Below is a video that contains additional facts about lizards:

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