How Long Do Fancy Rats Live?

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Before anything else, you should know that there are two types of rats other than its classification, a rat can either be wild or fancy. Wild are those rats that live freely on their own. Fancy rats, on the other hand, are a term used for pet rats. This can either be laboratory rats used for research or as home pets. The two rats being different simply indicate the difference between life span.

That is why many people opt to look for an answer regarding how long do fancy rats live compared to wild rats. In most cases, fancy or pet rat’s lives longer compared to wild rats. The major factor would be that wild rats are open to predators such as cats, dogs, snakes, and other large animals and do not have an option for a healthy diet as most of their food comes from scavenging.

How Long Do Fancy Rats Live? – Longevity

Fancy rats live longer than wild rats, they have an average of 2 to 3 years which is at least double compared to wild rats that only have months to 1 or 2 years to live. The difference between them would be that wild rats do not have a healthy diet as they are reliant to what they can get on the wild. These include unhealthy, rotten and toxic foods. In most cases, due to these circumstances, a wild rat has been a carrier of a different disease.

Compared to fancy or pet rats which depends their diet upon their owners choice, the longevity of pet rats is up to the owner. The responsibility of the owner to provide them with care, love, comfort and healthy nutrition could greatly enhance their life span, twice as much compared to a wild rat.

To know more about pet or fancy rats below is a short video:

Rats are basically one of the most intelligent and smart animals. Their instincts are surprisingly reliable and can learn stuff quicker compared to other pets.

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