How Long Does A Cockatiel Live?

how long cockatiel live

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Among different types of pets at home, another well-known and/or common choice for a pet is birds. For a more fancy approach, a Cockatiel bird is at the top of the list. The cockatiel bird is a native bird known to originate in Australia. It was in the same classification of a parrot.

The bird can grow to about 10 to 12 inches long. That’s an average height which is much larger compared to another species of bird pet, the lovebirds. The common question, however, is how long does a cockatiel live or how long is the average life span? It is an important knowledge to attain as it can determine how you care for your pet and how well you handle your responsibilities.

How Long Does A Cockatiel Live? – Life Span

A Cockatiel bird can live to about 10 years up to 14 years, more or less. That is on the wild. Given the different outdoor weather conditions, it greatly affects the longevity of the bird. But depending on how well you have taken into consideration the health and nutritional needs of the pet, a captive or a caged bird lives long compared to the ones in the wild. The average life span of the bird in captivity allows living for up to 20 years moreover.

The best way to keep a healthy diet on a Cockatiel bird is to mimic the variety of food as it is in the wild. Diet is a major factor but the survivability of the pet being in the wild is more dependent on the dangers being brought by predators, human interactions, pollution and weather conditions.

Looking After A Cockatiel Pet Bird

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Below is a short video that informs you about the things you need to know about a Cockatiel bird:

These are such amazing creatures that you would want to have in your home. The beauty and harmony they bring could uplift a relaxing environment.

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