How Long Do Bunnies Live As Pets?

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Trying to know and determine the lifespan of rabbits or bunnies is a major concern for those who are intrigued by the fluffy, cute, little pet. There is a great difference in the life span of a bunny living in the wild compared to how long do bunnies live as pets.

The first major concern about the difference in survivability is the diet in the wild and how prone bunnies is to predators as well as human hunters, especially during the season. The life span of a bunny living indoors or as a pet triples compared to being in the wild.

Guide To Feeding Your Pet Rabbit

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How Long Do Bunnies Live As Pets – Life Span

As pets, bunnies or rabbits could live 9 years at least up to 12 years moreover. That is if the bunny is being kept and taken care of indoors. A pet bunny can survive for at least six years being kept in a hutch outside your home. The small change in habitat or environment greatly affects the life span of the pet regardless if you spare the same diet, health nutrition, and care.

It is because the climate outdoors changes from time to time and it is harder for them to adapt to the changes. Also, a rabbit hutch is not a 100 percent guarantee to keep them safe from predators, especially reptiles such as snakes.

A bunny living in the wild, however, has a much shorter life span of more or less, 3 years. Lack of food, unhealthy diet and being open in the eyes of a large predator in the wild is the top concern that reduces the life span of the bunny.

All this is just a general estimate or an average given depending on the records of researches and studies.

To further give you some idea about how long do bunnies live as pets, here is a short video:

Bunnies or rabbits require a long term commitment if you opt to have it as a pet. They require special care, love, and treatment as they grow.

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