Horse supplements

Having a horse for a personal pet or for farming purposes will require you some kits and supplies to keep the loving animal strong and kicking.

We may feed them the right type of food but sometimes their body can’t just easily neutralize and utilize the nutrients coming from the food they eat and valuable nutrition is lost. That is why experts have been long trying to develop horse treats that are highly nutritious for rewarding or training your pet and horse supplements filled with all the bodily nutrition they need.

First Choice   AniMed Hoof Medic Hoof Supplement for Horses, 4-Pound $ 4.6/5
Second Choice AniMed Horse Glucosamine 5000 Supplement, 16 oz $ 4.3/5
Third Choice KENTUCKY PERFORMANCE PROD 044097 Elevate Maintenance Powder Supplement For Horses, 2 lb $ 4.6/5
Fourth Choice   Horse Guard Equine Vitamin Mineral Supplement, 10lb $ /5

These treats and supplements usually have a specific or targeted part to supply the needed nutrients such as connective tissues/joints as it is the most important asset or part of a horse body.

Fortunately, most treats and supplements have been made to supply the whole body part as well as boosting resistance, endurance and improving joints. It is actually more of preventing diseases and injuries from occurring by building up your horse’s entire body rather than saving and prepare for a cure as you expect them to wear out. Preventing such occurrences will benefit you financially as you can save some amount compared to losing your horse or in regards to joints, making them impotent.

10 Highly Nutritious Horse Supplements

AniMed Horse Glucosamine 5000 Supplement, 16 oz

The first horse supplements are from AniMed. It is a whole body nutritional supplement but is designed to highly improve your horse joints. This product is greatly advised for owners who ride their horses as their weight could add strain and pressure to the joints and this supplement can provide it with the right amount of strength and power when carrying you as your horse runs. It is such a small investment that could last for weeks than injuring your horse.


AniMed Pure MSM Supplement for Horses, 1-Pound

This is an msm horse supplement from AniMed. It comes in different sizes/weight but the 1 lb. is good to supply your horse with bodily nutrients that could last up to 32 days. This supplement is purely MSM with no other fillers. It targets to improve horse joints and cartilage. The supplement also provides your horse with endurance and mobility as they run while on a different effect, it keeps their skin healthy.


Horse Guard Equine Vitamin Mineral Supplement, 10lb

Next is a slightly expensive supplement from Horse Guard. It is a general supplement that improves and boosts the entire body of your horse. It could also work as horse joint supplements. The mechanism of this supplement works to heal their digestive system, allowing them to absorb the nutrients from their feeds while also providing the lack of body nutrient supply such as vitamins and minerals.


AniMed Hoof Medic Hoof Supplement for Horses, 4-Pound

This is the AniMed Hoof Medic Supplement. It highly provides your horse with weak hooves and thinner walls the body boost it needs. The supplement specifically targets the growth hoof which is vital in a horse’s health and development. The supplement, however, can also be joint supplements for horses as it also has the ingredients to make joints and cartilage strong and thick. The product comes in a bucket that weighs 4 pounds, enough to supply for at least 3 months.


Mare Magic Calming Supplements, 8 oz

Next is a unique kind of supplement from Mare Magic. It is mixed and manufactured to alleviate their stress and anxiety due to hormonal and environmental changes. This horse calming supplements can also be used for geldings. A horse taking this kind of supplement is guaranteed to show zero or negative test results in drug testing. The manufacturer made 2 sizes for this supplement, 8 oz And 32 oz which could last for 240 days for a single horse.


Just for bonus information, below is video guide of choosing the right feeds for your horse:

This is also an important note that you should consider as most supplements drive your horse to have a good appetite and an active and healthy digestive system.


Horse Health Joint Combo Supplement for Hoof and Coat, 3.75 Pound

Horse Health brings you their own creation of a joint supplement for horses. It is fully packed with minerals such as zinc, biotin, sulfate, essential fatty acids and more, all that is needed to make the joints of your horse as strong as ever. It is usually used with racing horses as their joints have more stress and pressure compared to farm horse that we usually ride. The supplement comes in a 3.75 pounds bucket packaging which is good for at least a few months.


KENTUCKY PERFORMANCE PROD 044097 Elevate Maintenance Powder Supplement

One of the expensive kinds of supplement you can have is from Kentucky Performance Products. This is a general type of supplement for all classes or types of horse. It highly elevates and boosts your horse’s power and endurance as well as immunity. It is fully packed with vitamin E that provides the necessary nutrients for their body. Although expensive compared to other supplements, it is still within practical budget and provides quick and great results.


Uckele Devils Claw Plus Horse Supplement, 2-Pound

This is Uckele’s Devils Claw horse supplements that feature a powerful combination of from devils claw and boswellia herb extraction. This is one of the few natural and herbal supplements that support joints. It is filled with vitamin c, antioxidants and other herbal extracts that serves to protect cartilages/connective tissues. The supplement comes in a 2 pound packaging which is good to supply your horse for 30 to 60 days at least.


Heiro 90 Servings

Our next supplement is from Heiro. It is a 90 day serving for one horse but you could also choose other packaging or serving from 40 to 180 days. The supplement is good for curing certain diseases such as chronic sore feet, unbalanced insulin levels, laminitis and more. Just see indications and instructions at the back of the packaging. It also ensures your horse to go large even with minimal food intake.


Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Pelleted Hoof Supplement for Horse, 22-Pound

Last is the Farnam Horshoer’s horse supplements. There are 3 sets of bucket packaging for this supplement, all for a good and reasonable price. You can choose between 11, 22 and 38 pounds. This supplement helps in the development of your horse and provides them with the best possible nutrition for a healthy, strong and heavy endurance.