Easiest Farm Animals To Raise

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Raising and growing farm animals could be easy if you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills. But that depends on the type of animal you are raising as your skills and knowledge can go as far as what type of animals you can choose that could fit your standard. An expert or professional farmer can handle different types of animals in one farm but for starters or beginners, you need to know the easiest farm animals to raise and grow so you can slowly learn and figure out the behavior, physique, characteristics, etc. of the animal you’ve chosen.

Most of these easiest farm animals to raise and grow have been long domesticated by humans for efficient and fast production of meat, milk, and fiber. There are some types of animals that require exotic skills and effort to raise the animal. Exotic animals will also require you a lot of research and study. Raising them in the farm other than letting them grow in the wild will greatly impact their lifestyle and behavior where it could be very difficult for you, especially when you’re just a beginner.

Each of the farm animals has different learning curves you should follow. One set of skills in raising a specific animal will be different when you raise another. That may be a little struggle at start but the more information and knowledge you acquire, the easier things will get. If you can provide a sufficient amount of care and responsibility to your farm animals, the healthier and more productive they will ever be. Basically, our expertise in raising and growing farm animals will reflect on the outcome of how healthy and productive they are.

Easiest Farm Animals To Raise


The most common farm animal and widely known in all meat market is the chicken. They are considered to be on the top of the easiest animals to raise and grow in the farm. Other than meat production, the animal is a good source of eggs which is also widely consumed by humans.

Here is a short video of a small scale chicken farming:

There are several breeds of chickens, some breeds are used for the chicken derby in some countries but are mainly grown for meat and egg production.


  • Chickens can grow fast to height and weight that could be marketed at a short period of time. They only require at least 4 square feet of land to grow to full size. That’s far less space requirement compared to most farm animals.
  • The coop or pens required by chickens are fairly small. The important thing you should consider is building a nest to rest and to laying eggs.
  • Chickens can eat a variety of foods. You can feed them weeds, compose, bread, garden leftovers or chicken feeds if you opt for an enhanced and boosted chicken foods.


  • Chickens may be very easy to grow but they are highly susceptible and vulnerable to illness and diseases. In fact, there are already many known cases of bird flu coming from chickens.
  • They greatly attract many predators. Chickens cannot defend themselves much. Chicken and farms always have causalities from stray predators which requires you an extra effort in keeping watch with the animal.


There are different breeds of ducks that can grow in farms but the only ideal breed is the Pecking Duck. Other breeds of ducks are called wildfowl. They are considered to be wild and exotic and growing them in farms can get a little hard, especially for newbies. Pecking Duck, on the other hand, is quite easy. They are a good source of meat and can also produce a lot of eggs, almost the same with chickens.


  • Ducks do not require a lot of space and can live inside a small coop without any complaints. Additionally, they are quite a help in your garden. Ducks won’t eat fresh and healthy plants. They will only eat and chew on dry and weak roots on the ground. They will protect your garden against bugs and other insects.
  • The animal is friendly. They can live alongside other types of animals without causing any problems.
  • The ducks are not picky eaters. They eat a lot more food than chickens but can eat a wide variety of food.


  • Ducks may require a little space when they sleep, rest and lay eggs. But ducks spent an amount of time every day in the water, requiring you a pond, duck pool, small lake, river or a water tub. The reason is that ducks do not have tear ducts where they can clean their eyes from dirt and mud.
  • They have a weak immune system, the same with chickens, making them susceptible to diseases and illnesses.


Rabbits are a well-known animal, both for farming and as home pets. For farming, rabbits can be quite a source of meat. They can produce a tasty and delicious meat quality, far better than some chickens and ducks.

Here is a video of a large scale rabbit farm that features a small cage system:


  • Rabbits grow very fast. Gestation starts just within a month and baby rabbits only require 8 to 10 weeks and they can be culled. They are considered one of the fastest meat-supply in farm industries.
  • It is a herbivorous animal, giving you a wide option of the food supply. They can survive eating only quality hay but you can choose to feed it fruits, vegetables or rabbit feeds but some can come a little bit expensive. In addition, there are some fruits and vegetables that can need some considerations.
  • Rabbit waste can also be a good fertilizer in your home garden or vegetable farm.
  • Rabbits can live and survive in different sizes of rabbit hutch which will cost building, much less.


  • Sadly, rabbits are the same with chickens and ducks. They do not have a tough immune system which makes them very prone to sickness, illnesses, and diseases.
  • For home pets, rabbits are quite lovable, cute and cuddly. But sadly for farmers, rabbits are a weak animal that cannot defend itself from predators, making them easy prey.


Goats are awesome animals both as home pets and as farm animals. On the farm field, goats can clear all your unwanted brushes within a short span of time. They are easier to grow compared to most farm animals. They have funny and entertaining characteristics as well. The animal is known to be smart and intelligent. In fact, they can be trained like dogs as well, learning commands and getting rid of those irritable behaviors such as indoor pooping and urination.


  • Goats are tough and have high resistance against diseases, all thanks to its strong immune system. They can withstand different weather conditions.
  • They eat mostly hay but can also eat other types of fruits and veggies. They also like garden plants but that’s probably not a good choice. Goats can also make goat feeds as their main food source. It can provide them enhancements, vitamins, and minerals that are not available in hays but it could come a little bit expensive compared to a hay diet.
  • Goats are a good source of meat, milk, and fiber depending on the goat breed. They are actually one of the most productive farm animals with versatile uses, all for a low cost and maintenance expenses.


  • Goats can be quite a hard head sometimes. This experience is common with pet goat owners. The animal can be mischievous but some find it funny and amusing.
  • The animal requires a lot of space. The suggested space for a single or pair of goats would be an average of 20 square foot. It is far larger compared to chickens and ducks.


Some of you might think that pigs are dirty, smelly, muddy, etc. as they are known for their messiness. Actually, pigs are one of the cleanest and animals. Regardless of their size, they will cause you fewer expenses in terms of food compared to some farm animals. In fact, if you own a large area and allow the animal to occupy the free range, they will eat grasses, plants, etc. We just often see pigs being fed pig feeds but their appetite can settle for a wide variety of foods.


  • Pigs are very easy to grow. A few months and it can reach an adult size even though it’s far beyond the end of its life span. It’s a good source of meat and can provide a lot of supply.
  • Spacious or not, pigs do not have any problem as long as they can fit and feed.
  • They can survive different weather conditions and has enough body fat to keep itself warm and insulated.


  • The animal can be tough when it comes to climate but it is actually prone to diseases as well. The same with chickens and ducks but a little bit more resilient compared to both.
  • Providing them with pig feeds will cost you a lot in the long run.


You might be wondering why there are no cows in our list. Cows are actually quite hard for newbies and beginners. It requires a lot of land for just a single or a pair of cows. They need a lot of lands to graze around and so that they can be able to maximize pastures. The rest that we have included in our list are fairly simple for a different level of farming skills. Beginners to experts can benefit greatly with the different farming animals we have in our list.

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