Do Sheep Make Good Pets?

Common pet owners usually prefer to have dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds and other usual types of animals as home pets. Others would prefer farm animals to be grown as pets. One good example of farm animals being kept at home by some pet owners would be a goat. There are also some people who choose to raise and grow sheep? But do sheep make good pets? Probably not or probably yes. Before we try to weigh things about sheep being a good pet is that you just can’t have it at any time or any place you want to keep one. Like with goats, pigs, and other farm animals being raised as pets, you need to consider the place where you live or where you plan on sheltering the animal.

Not all cities, states or countries allow you to grow farm animals at home. You should consider checking your local laws, rules, and regulation regarding health, safety, and sanitation, etc. You do not want to end up purchasing a farm animal to be your home pet and ending up being confiscated by the proper authority. Neighboring houses might complain about the animal sound, sanitation, and behavior.

Do Sheep Make Good Pets?

Complying with the rules and regulations of your local, then you are good to go. Sheep is a good choice as pets. There are actually a lot of rural places all over the world that allows their child to have a sheep as a pet. The number of people raising farm animals as home pets is increasing regularly. Slowly, the animal types chosen for the purpose expands. We now see people raising pigs, goats, etc.

Sheep is a gentle animal. It can really be a good pet for you and your kids. They are fond of human care and attention. Sheep reacts and responds highly to any human interaction. That’s one of their most exciting quality. The same with goat pets, they like to play around with humans and can live harmoniously alongside other types of home pets or animals such as dogs or cats.

Below is a short adorable video of a young sheep or lamb playing with a dog:

There are some medical and rehabilitation institutes that take care of people with disabilities. They greatly suggest providing them with a good company of pets and they usually recommend sheep or lamb. The animal teaches the personal responsibility, companionship, love, respect and most importantly, hopes.

One of the most comfortable ways of raising lambs or sheep at home would be bottle feeding babies. This will establish a stronger bond between you and the animal. You can simply grow and win their trust, enabling you to handle them easily compared to starting your pet experience with adult farm animals.

Additional Information

Unlike goats, there are no recommended breeds for sheep ideal for home pets. All breeds are considered to be great being kept as home pets just basing it on their behavior and characteristics. However, miniature breeds like with the pygmy goats are still being recommended by experts for newbies so that they can easily adapt and handle the size and behavior of the animal.

It is also greatly advised to avoid any sheep that grows horns. You can, however, choose a breed with horns if you feel like you have the skills to implement your responsibility for the animal and your family at home. You can also choose the breed of sheep that do not grow a lot of hair. This will require you less effort in sheering the animal as they grow out their body fibers.

Furthermore, sheep can easily get sad and depressed if they are alone. They are a social type of animals that need a company. You could just start with a pair of sheep to keep each other company. They do not want to be alone in the sense that there is no same type of animals such as itself living alongside them.