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Do Rabbits And Chickens Get Along?

The possible concern you’d get yourself into when you engage in farming or livestock is combining different animals into one pen, hutch or farmhouse. We often see in television shows that feature a farm, that farm animal can coexist with each other. Is that really possible? Putting our concern more with two specific types of farm animals, do rabbits and chickens get along? If you have no idea if they can co-exist in one small ecosystem, it could come as a problem for you.

Yes, providing our animals with the right amount of safe, secure and private space is necessary. But what is space is an issue and you want to maximize the space you have for different types of animals? A chicken might peck a rabbit and a rabbit might bite back the chicken. Does that really happen? We will discuss the issues and concerns about the combination of the two under the same roof.

Do Rabbits And Chickens Get Along?

Ducks are 100% guaranteed that could live alongside chickens. They are the type of birds that do not have any quarrels with each other. Some farmers even say that they sometimes sleep together as a pack to generate more insulation and to keep a close watch of each other but what about rabbits? Do rabbits and chickens get along?

Fortunately, they can if you put some considerations before putting them together. Chickens are aggravated by a fast-moving animal. For them, it imposes a threat of attack or something that is dangerous and can harm them. Rabbits hopping around the pen or play area can get them pecked by chickens. For adult rabbits, it’s not a problem as the pecks wouldn’t hurt them at all. The major concern would be baby rabbits running around adult chickens. The skin, muscles and skeletal system of baby rabbits are not fully developed where chicken pecks can get them injured.

Here is a short video of a rabbit spending its play time with a chicken:

The greatest solution and suggestion would be raising both young animals together. The bond between the two will be much stronger and they will learn to tolerate each other’s differences and can live peacefully. Also, for those who have one rabbit hutch for both types of animals, it is greatly advised to put the rabbits on the upper part and the chickens on the lower part.

Chickens tend to poop or defecate even on their sleep. Rabbits are hygienic animals that cannot tolerate a dirty sleep area. Keep both animals in one place would also require you additional effort in cleaning and maintenance.

For rabbits living in a chicken coop, it is required for you to install some deep-fencing around the area. Rabbits are quite a digger. They can dig holes for their escape. Building strong and deep fences around the chicken coop can prevent any breakout from occurring.