Communicating with Cats – Can Cats Understand English?

Owning a cat for a pet also means you need to spend time with it. The most common characteristics among cats are their need and love for attention. Well mostly, they are more concerned with their terms rather than yours but providing them with attention is really something they’d love more than anything. You’d notice it at times, when you are busy doing something, your cat will go in between, jump up your desk or workplace to really catch your attention. That is why most cat lovers often spend time with their cat feeding them, cuddling and talking with them. But how well would a communication affect them? Will they be able to understand what you mean? Can cats understand English? Will they be able to learn from it?

All these are something we need to mention as we do not give our cats enough credit. Most of us might just think of them as just a “pet” and nothing more. Some even condemn vocal communication skills of cats as they are harder to determine unlike or compared to dogs that can easily learn and follow commands in a short period of time. But is that really true? Do cats have the capability of learning or understanding English?

Can Cats Understand English?

This is a unique topic, question and query for most cat owners/lovers. Technically, they can’t understand English as well as speak the language. The do not have the same physiological vocal structure like with us humans. But they have the capability of understanding sound and familiarize it. It is the same thing with dogs. Continuously giving the same line or word of command simultaneous to their action will help them recognize the language. Rewarding them treats or scratching the cat each and after they have successfully perform the action appropriate to your command will let them know that they have done the right thing or the action you want them to perform. But this is just the basics of communication.

To further denote the topic, familiarization of cats from sound means they are capable of communicating in any known language provided if we teach and assist them how. Same with dogs, they can learn just as fast and just as reactive to the words and commands we let them follow. Simple words or commands such as sit, stand and stay are just the few of the basics. However, unlike dogs that does not usually forget these words or commands, cats on the other hand will intentionally “not follow” or forget these words if they aren’t getting any reward from it. That is why as mentioned earlier, rewarding must be included in your agenda of letting them understand our language.

A cat can learn an average of 50 words or commands including the name/s they are called. If you are really into teaching those words or commands and putting your communication unto the next level, you might want to save those 50 word capacity with beneficial commands that could promote a healthy and harmonious environment for you and your cat. Training them to learn your command language will actually let you understand more about them. You’d also learn that they are more reactive with you making cat sounds like “meow” or something like that because you are letting them know that you are trying to communicate with them on their language.

In addition, we always assume that we are training our cats to communicate with us by making cat sounds, but is usually the other way around. This will prompt the idea to cats that we are the ones who are getting reactive every time they make a cat sound and us reciprocating that sound by trying to mimic them would mean that they would easily get our attention if they do so. It will be more to their benefit than yours. They are born smart and manipulative. It’s just their nature.

Giving you more knowledge and information about the behavior, language and characteristics of a cat, here is a short video:

This will further help you understand more about what cat needs and the nature of felines as you grow and bond with them.

Do Cats Understand Humans

Do cats understand humans? The same with our previous question, can cats understand English? This is a rather complicated question. You’d actually be surprised what cats usually think of us humans and how they understand us.

Our relationship with cats has been in history since almost 10 thousand years ago. Up until today, they are still one of the most love animals and a good choice for a pet. Furthermore, the population of cats has grown so much that statistics have made an estimate of three cats for every one dog. But do question remains, do cats understand humans?

There have been so many researches and studies conducted, some points that they do, and some does not. But to put it in comparison with dogs, you’d notice that dogs playing, bonding or reacting to humans are different than dogs to dogs. They also fear the stress we are having towards them, reacting to it by lowering their heads to the grown and would not look at us directly. This is a common situation for dogs if they did something we do not like. That simply means that dogs categorize us humans as a different species that are above them. Cats on the other hand do not. Cats treats humans as the same species as them or sometimes even below them. They play with us the same with as they play with other cats. This is a natural trait and behavior of cats but that does not mean all of them are like that and could not be trained to fit our human preference.

All of it is just a matter of training, understanding, love and care. We are on a different level of species, higher if we must say. That means the responsibility of understanding animals and pets relies to us as we have the power and capabilities to do so.

Cat Bible Language

If you want to understand more about cats, Cat Bible Language™ would be the right place to start your learning. If you think that it is the right time for you to start learning how to directly speak, train and understand the language and communication of your cat, then Jonas Jurgella from Cat Bible language™ may have the solution for you.

Jonas Jugella has been dubbed or named as the CatMan. He has been an animal researcher for several years and has guaranteed knowledge and understanding with cats than most of us compared. He is an animal behavior specialist that learns and understands different animal behaviors and the logic behind it. It is also known that Jonas Jugella has worked with over hundreds of cats where all made progress and was able to provide a reliable bond using the power of communication and language.

Have you ever thought of spending time with your cat on a long day, seated together on a sofa, wanting and eagerly trying to let them feel how affectionate we are to them? Did you ever wish to communicate with your cat like one of your children or a member of a family? Or desired to command, train or discipline them to fit your standards or preference where both of you can benefit and live harmoniously?

Remove all doubts and stop asking questions whether or not can cats understand English or not because Cat Bible Language™, with all confidence, says that you have the power to do so. Through their hard work and exhausting cat language and interpretative work, they can now give you and never before learnt understanding and insights about your cat’s communicative and understanding skills.

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