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Being a dedicated pet lover requires you to treat them like one of the members of your family. The trend in the pet industries have now become more innovative and have dedicated most of their time in trying to improve the lifestyle of your pets as well as giving them comfort and security. Those trends can come in a form of holiday treats such as birthday or Christmas gift for pets. It is one way to show our affection to the animals we deeply care about in our home or within our nurturing.

Below is the top choice of the best Christmas gift for each pet category:

Dog PetQwerks Animal Sounds X-Tire Ball Dog Toy $ 4.2/5
Cat Wall Mounted Sisal Scratching Post $ 4.5/5
Fish    Fish Shaped Bowl $ 3.5/5
Hamster Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat $ 4.6/5
Rabbit   Wooden Rabbit Hutch $ 3.2/5
Horse   Weaver Leather Grooming Kit $ 3.9/5


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dog christmas gift 

cat christmas gift

fish christmas gift

Hamster Christmas gift

Rabbit christmas gift

horse christmas gift


These gifts however, are not all the time practical and necessary. That is why you must make sure that the investment you are trying to provide for your pets can highly benefit them through support and comfort. The problem about it is that, there are only a few reference about what sort of gifts you should get your pet that could be deemed more meaningful and beneficial for them. That is why we did an effort in searching and looking for the most ideal present for the coming holidays, you can give for your extra family members at home.

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

The first we would want to provide you in our list are the best gifts you can give for your dogs. These are considered practical and highly beneficial for your canine friends and family members. Some of them might come cheap and others, expensive. But considering the benefits and if budget is not an all an issue, it could bring them happiness, fun, excitement, love and care. This would further expand their boundaries and could uplift a greater bond between you and your dogs.

GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor



This product is one of the many ideal and perfect gifts for dog lovers or dogs. This is a device that will allow your dogs to be tracked and monitor their activity. It syncs to your phone and can be controlled using an app. The battery features of the product allow it to run for up to 7 days without charging. It is built to withstand any outdoor conditions as well as the behavior of your dogs. It is perfect for surprising other dog lovers as a gift or present for their dogs as well as your own.

Adding more information about this amazing gift for dogs, here is a short video summary:

Be comfortable and at ease knowing that within your reach, you’d know exactly where your dog is.

Harry Barker Vintage Stripe Bed – Large – Red



If you find our previous choice techy and far beyond your taste, here is a large strip bed which makes a perfect Christmas dog gift for you and your friend’s pet. This will provide great comfort and insulation for your dog rather than letting them sleep on the floor. It is guaranteed to make your dog’s life comfortable and make them happy for their birthday.

The Easy-Clean Auto-Fill Water Bowl



Another perfect type of dog gifts among the few ideal ones is an auto-fill water bowl. This could keep them hydrated when you are away from home or at night time when you are asleep. It could also lessen the times and moments that you’d be awakened by your dog’s bark, asking for food or water. This will save you both time, effort and will provide comfort re-hydration.

Animal Sounds X-Tire Ball Dog Toy



For a very cheap and affordable dog Christmas gift, what about a tire dog ball? It is much more durable than ordinary dog balls and would less likely be destroyed being thrown away or getting chewed all day. A great thing about this tire ball is the sound features where it makes over 20 different animal sounds to make the catch more interactive for your dogs. If this wouldn’t be loved by your pet, we don’t know what does.

LED Dog Necklace Collar – Makes Your Dog Visible, Safe & Seen



Next product here in our list of gifts for dogs is the LED necklace/collar. Some of you might think that this is more of a fancy collar with no use for your dogs but it could actually save them in some cases at night. We do not wish for your dogs to get out of your leash but if they do, especially at night, this dog collar will keep them visible to people’s eyes and keeps them away from any vehicular accidents.

ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Jacket



This is an anxiety jacket. Maybe most of you are not yet familiar with the product as your dogs are mentally healthy and fit. But for some dog lovers with dogs who get all fired up, scared or excited with different forms of stimuli, then this might be the perfect Christmas pets gift for them. It relaxes and calms your dogs in most occasions where their anxiety gets triggered. Such events include too much noise, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel anxiety and more.

Dog Boots Water Resistant Dog Shoes



The next ideal present in our list is one of the cheap and affordable pet gifts you can get. It is a water-resistant dog boots that comes in 4 pieces, one for each foot. Now this is usually for hygienic dog breeds who have sensitive paws or for hygienic owners who does not want to have their dog’s feet dirty. This can also be used for dogs with foot injuries as they might add more damage by walking bare foot.

Treadmill Designed for Dogs



You might think that this next item is a little out of line. This is a dog treadmill. It is actually being bought and used by many dog owners who have an athletic dog or dogs that undergo immense training for competitive reasons. It can save you the time and trouble of letting your dog run outdoors as it would require your supervision. This is also perfect for dogs with so much energy. It will give them something they could work out their energy to and maintain a fit and athletic body. It is one of the perfect dog birthdays ideas for gifts and presents.

Plastic Kennels



Here is a wonderful pet idea for a dog gift for Christmas, a dog kennel. Some dogs want a close environment when they sleep or travel. As most of you might not know, some dogs get anxious when sitting at the back of the car, peeking through the fast paced view on your car’s window. This durable plastic kennels with keep safe, secure as well as insulated during sleep or travels.

Pink Small Fashion Jeweled Diamante Dog/Puppy Necklace



Our last dog bday ideas for gifts or presents are a necklace. This is not just for birthdays. It could also work as a wonderful gift during the holiday of giving, Christmas. This will make your dog look adorable, especially females. Although there are other designs you might want to look for if you have a male dog companion at home. This also works as a present for other dog lovers/owners for their dogs.

12 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Cat

Moving forward to our next type of Christmas gift for pets, let’s have a fun, exciting and practical gifts for your cat. These includes sort of things that ranges from cheap to expensive, but all serve the same purpose as to provide comfort, security and aids with your cat’s necessities. Bottom line, a Christmas gift is something you ought to give to your pet as a fruit of your love for the holiday. It really does not need to hold any purpose like practicality or usefulness, as many often use to say, “it is the thought that counts”.

Nottingham – Vintage Inspried Organic Cotton Pet Collar


Our first among many gifts for cat lovers is this cute cat collar with coral and flower design. Your cat may have an existing set of collar but with the year-end coming, a new look might come in handy. It will represent a new start and a new perspective next year after Christmas. Also, the coral and floral design ideally fits a cat regardless of its gender as we most certainly treat them like a little girl or baby. It is also one of the cheap yet practical gifts you can choose to give.

Extreme Weather Heated Kitty Pad



Our next cat gifts are handy equipment for cats, especially during the cold nights of winter. It is a kitty pad that uses 40 watts of power to insulate heat and regulate your cat’s body temperature during cold weathers. It is ideal for cats who want to sleep or spend their time outdoors, although it can be used indoors as well depending on your judgement regarding your pet’s temperature. For a great price, it is one of the perfect gifts you can buy for your cat.

Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box



Providing comfort not only for cats, the next item is one of the few ideal cat lover gifts available. It is a self-cleaning litter box that would save your cat lover friend a great deal of trouble and effort cleaning up every morning and night. This product features a self-cleaning process that involves Crystal litter that absorb as much urine as possible and takes care of the odor. The product is also automated. It has a 3 option timer for an automatic rake.

Showing you how convenient, cleaning your litter boxes, here is a video review about the product:

You may find it small on the photo above but it is actually has a fair size that could fit small to large size cats.

Wall Mounted Sisal Scratching Post



This is the Sisal Scratching post. It is also an ideal cat lovers gifts during the holidays. Cat scratchers are considered to be a necessity for cats. They have a tendency to scratch to exert there unused energy and you might end up with a wrecked couch, pillow, coffee table and more. This type of gift or investment can save you a lot in terms of home furniture. And, it is just for a great and affordable price. This also resolves some anxiety issues cats are having. The product is definitely a win for cat lovers and owners.

Insulated Cedar Outdoor Cat House



One of the few cat themed gifts that serve great purpose is a cat house. This is almost the same with a play-pen for dogs but this cat houses are usually outdoors. It is a great way of providing your cats with shed if they are out. They can also choose to sleep or live in it. The house will offer them sufficient protection against most outdoor weather conditions. It works like a coup where it regulates the temperature inside, providing your pet with the right amount of insulation during cold weathers.

Cain & Able Moisturizing Paw Rub



The next product is only a few of the practical gifts for cat. This is a moisturizing paw rub. It is used for dogs and cats. This maintains their paw’s moisture to keep them away from dry skin and allergies. It also heals wounds as paws are most likely the part of your pet to get bruises and cuts. It is perfectly safe and toxic free. The chances of your pet licking any ointment or moisturizers are high, it is better to keep it health safe and reassuring.

Loyal Luxe Cabin



This considered to be one of the unique gifts for cat lovers. It features a house made from recyclable material of corrugated cardboard. This type of pet housing usually last only a few months considering the intense behavior of a cat. The good thing is that it is fairly cheap and affordable with fancy and exciting designs. This cardboard cabin comes with 4 interchangeable ornaments depending on your preference. It requires only a few time and effort in assembling.

Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String



Our next product is a type, that of a funny cat gifts. This is a fling-string toy for cats. The toy product has been awarded for an editor’s choice in Cat Fancy Magazine. This type of toy will greatly entertain your cat with long hours of fun and excitement. It is battery-operated wherein it flings strings for your cats to catch/chase for a period of time. The design of the play offered by the toy actually goes along with the cat’s behavior of catching or playing around with strings. It uses 3 triple-A batteries and does not absolutely require any assembly.

Penn Plax Play Fur Mice Cat Toys



If you are looking for cheap and affordable gifts for cat owners, an ideal thing would be a toy. Cat toys are fairly cheap and reasonable when it comes to price. Our next product is a Fur Mice Cat Toys. It is usually a pack of 6 pieces or a dozen furry mice with assorted colors. It will provide your cats with fun and entertainment as they can scratch, chew or bit at it all they want without causing any stress at home by running around looking for something they can lay their paws to.

Cat Toys Interactive Feather Wand Retractable



Another affordable and practical Christmas gifts for cat is the interactive feather wand. The feather is attach to one end of the wand or metallic rod that mimics the bird movement as you wave or flicks the wand. It is a perfect tool to keep your cat moving, exercising and exerting some extra energy to avoid any irritable behaviors such as excessive scratching and destroying furniture. The feathers are also attached with bells that attract cat’s attention. The wand is retractable so you can adjust the height of your play.

Cat Chaser Toys – Pet Interactive LED Light



Next is a common type but also one of the great gifts for the cat lover, the interactive LED light for pet. As most of you know, LED lights commonly catch the attention of cats. That is why most cat trainers or animal trainers have this device so they can easily be noticed by the animal. This is great as you can bond with your cat by playing around, making him or her chase the light and try to catch it with its paws. This is also an affordable type of toy or device. It does not require much maintenance, only battery replacement which is very hard to deplete.

Bergan Petite Gourmet Combo



The last product that made it to our list is only one of the few cute cat gifts for your pet. It is otherwise known as an automatic feeding machine for cats. These are very common with pets. There are also automatic feeding machine for fish, dogs, birds and other types of animals. For a great and reasonable price, this device can save you a lot of time and feed your beloved felines on time. It is perfect for leaving your home for vacation or travels as it can keep your pet fed for days or weeks.

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Fish

Before heading out to our list of the best holiday gifts for fishes, let’s point out that these gifts may not be noticed or gets appreciated by your fish, instead by the owners. You would want to consider this type of gift as beneficial for fish pets as it may seem to be a gift for the fish owners. These are gifts that could improve the underwater environment of your fish tank or aquarium and would provide the fishes with so much benefits and a new comfort with their surroundings. It will also lessen the effort, given by the fish owners in cleaning, maintenance and design.

Clear Thick Glass Fish Shaped Bowl



First product or item is a small fish tank or oddly shaped aquarium for your fish lover friends or for you. The aquarium is shaped like a fish where the mouth acts as the opening and exit of your water and other aquarium occupants. It is ideally used for only a few pieces of small fish and small types of fish. It makes a perfect gift or present for the holidays. We really can’t tell if the fish will like it but the owner of the fish is guaranteed to be. It looks very cute and adorable.

GloFish 29045 Aquarium Kit



Who does not want a tank or aquarium filled with aquarium LED light decoration? This is an aquarium kit that features a small aquarium/fish tank at about 5 gallons of water capacity. It is a small set complete with microfilter, LED lighting, bio bag, a canopy and more. It is one of the cheap yet highly wanted Christmas gift for pet lovers during the holidays. It will really make a dark room come alive at night without costing you too much money as well as effort because it all comes with the necessary tools you need for a small aquarium or tank.

As you know, this aquarium kit requires some set up and assembly, here is one of the guide about different aquarium kits fro Glofish:

It is fairly easy to set up and assembly. It includes a detailed user manual to accommodate beginner to amateur level of expertise.

Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit



This is one of the best types of tank or aquarium if you opt to have a lot of fish tank decorations. This type will clearly display and make all your underwater decorations visible to you and other viewers. It will enhance your scenery which could create a more relaxing and soothing effect. It is fairly small which makes it perfect as a gift for Christmas. It can be displayed on the bed room, fill it up with proper lighting and a few small fishes and create a comfortable and relaxing environment.

API Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit



Next item is a 360 Aquaview aquarium kit. There are 3 different sizes for this type of kit. Regardless from the three sizes you choose, all of them are still categorized as small aquarium tanks as they can only hold up 2, 3 and 6 gallons of water. The compact build and structure of the kit makes it a perfect choice as a gift for fish pet owners. The price is also fairly reasonable with the features and the items included. It is complete with LED lighting, filtration system and built using acrylic shaped for a 360 view.

2005D Food Hopper – Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Tank Feeder



One of the most useful things to provide or gift a fellow fish lover is to have something practical in terms of price and functionality. This is an automatic fish feeder where it features a digital timed feeding that allows you to set segments of feeding. This is perfect if you are working away or on your travels. The feeder has a reasonable size food container where it can feed your fishes weeks or months depending on the amount you’ve set or your diet preference for your fish. This feeder is cheap and affordable and does not easily wear or break.

Aquarium Thermostat Heater



This is a fish tank heater or aquarium heater. This is a common tool and accessory for fish tanks but not most of fish pet owners uses this accessory. The heater is fairly optional as fish, both saltwater and freshwater is not that sensitive to temperature. Although harsh weather conditions may affect their survivability, aquariums or fish tanks set indoors usually have a controlled temperature or the same temperature with the house. But it is still is a perfect gift as they could regulate the temperature to the most comfortable as possible.

Marineland ML90750 Magniflow Canister 220 Filter



A wonderful gift and considered a necessity for every aquarium or fish tank set up is an aquarium fish filter. A tank or aquarium without this tool or equipment will more likely to get dirty in just a few days, minding you that taking out water and replacing them is quite a hectic task. Not only will it consume a great deal of time but will also be tiring for you. Instead of maintaining the tank every week, you can have the filter do the job and just have it scheduled once a month. It works perfect for a gift.

Aquarium Gravel Cleaner for Fish Tanks



What else could make a perfect gift but something that could lessen the stress of our fish lover friends in cleaning and maintenance? This is aquarium gravel cleaner that is made naturally to degrade fish waste, fish foods and other degradable contaminants at a faster rate. Making it easier for the filters to siphon out dirt and avoid any rise in toxicity level. This also makes the water brighter and clearer.

Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium Stand



For a descent and professional looking gift, and of course slightly expensive, you can opt to provide or purchase a fish aquarium stand for or fellow fish owners. This aquarium stand is a deluxe set, crafted to have a professional and elegant appearance and aesthetics. The stand ideally supports 55 gallons of fish tank or aquarium, more or less within that range is still applicable. The stand also features compartments for storage of other kits and supplies.

Tetra 26075 Whisper Aquarium Air Pump



Last on our list is also one of the advised equipment for an aquarium or fish tank set up. It also considered being a necessary tool or equipment for an aquatic set up. This is an aquarium air pump which oxygenate the water. The idea of an aquarium underwater environment with a pleasing display usually involves artificial plants wherein it does not help at all in oxygenating stagnant water for weeks and up to months. The air pump will supply enough air for your fish’s gills to utilize for their survival.

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Hamster

Next up, a little gift for a little friend and family, the best Christmas gifts for your hamster!! It may sound weird for non-pet lovers but creating and building a joyful and comfortable home for our pet hamster and providing them with the gifts and other necessary things they need could bring a heart-warming experience. These gifts, equipment and tools involve all that there is inside your hamster cage from exercise wheels, bottle, food dish, food treats, beddings and more. Nothing could compare bring joy to our cute little furry friend where in most part, we have already considered being a part of our family.

Kaytee My First Home Tank Topper



This is a unique gift that features a cage that can be combined with an aquarium for hamster. The cage is built to set on top of a 10 gallon aquarium. It does not require any huge effort in assembling or setting up. This allows your hamster to have a secure and closed space underneath, living down the aquarium and have an open space on top where it can play, feed, drink or grab some fresh air. The cage is made from highly resistant wire that is chew-proofed against the chewing habit of hamster.

Oxbow Hamster and Gerbil



Next item is a wonderful hamster treats for our furry little pet. The treat is made with organic, natural and non-toxic ingredients where they can gain sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to keep them fit and healthy. The treat comes in a 1.5 pound bag for a fair and reasonable price. It is used as a natural food for gerbil and hamster but could also work with other types of little furry animals.

Hartz Bonanza 4-Pack Treat Stick, Hamster and Gerbil



Another treats for hamsters you can get as a gift for your hamster or your hamster owner friend is the Bonanza Pack Treat Stick for Gerbil and Hamster. It is an organic and natural food, flavored with peanut butter which is very sensitive to the nose and appetite of our little furry friends. The pack comes in 4 sticks where they can have a long time chewing and biting, enjoying the snack. It is also available for other types of pet such as rabbit. It is very cheap but highly nutritious treat for hamsters.

Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat



Next is a hamster cage, it comes in reasonable price for a reasonable gift. Also, not all hamster owners have a large cage as a home for their little pet. Some uses homemade or DIY cages made from recycled materials such as mineral water bottle, cardboard and metal wires. This cage will bring your hamster’s living comfort to a whole new level. It is complete with food dish, water bottle, a play area and an opening top for accessibility.

Just for fun, we would like to show you a short unboxing video about this amazing gift for hamsters:

It offers a huge space for your hamsters. They will have a fun time playing around and it would be easier for you to access all areas of the cage.

Love Hamster Wheel



Adding accessories to our previous cage, you can have a hamster wheel installed on the space or play area of the cage. This hamster wheel is perfect for keeping our furry friends healthy and fit. It is also a great way of draining the excess energy of our hamster that keeps them stressed and anxious. A non-exercising hamster tends to go fat and stressful. You’d see non-stop biting, chewing and eating which leads to an unhealthy lifestyle being in a cage.

Hamster Bowl



Next is a fancy and fun looking hamster bowl for your pet. Compared to a plastic plastic bowl, this is a ceramic bowl that provides more stability and strength than a plastic made bowl could offer. It is resistant against chewing and biting. In addition, a ceramic bowl is easier to clean. Simply wipe it off with a cloth and you are good to go, all thanks to the non-stick traits of a ceramic material. The bowl is also strong enough to hold a weight of several hamsters swarming in on the food.

Hamster Animal Water Bottle



One of the best things to give as a gift is something that is practical and useful for your hamster. Things like a hamster water bottle are considered to be a necessary accessory when caging a hamster. Instead of putting out a pan of water that could easily tip of knowing that a hamster always moves around, why not have a water bottle where they can just sip? The water bottle for hamster provides just the right amount of water to avoid and spills.

Cage Stand for Small Animals



Our next item on the list is a cage stand for hamsters. Most cages, when purchased, do not include any cage stand. We usually end up putting the cage on the top of our desk or any table at home. Some even just lay the cage down to the floor. This cage stand makes a perfect gift for our pet as well as other pet owners so that they could feel more secure and comfortable on top, away from dangerous predators. It is also a good way to display our pet and provide a good view for monitoring purposes.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding



Providing comfort and insulation, one of the best Christmas gifts for your hamster is cage bedding. This is perfect to fit a standard size hamster cage. You can also fold the beddings to fit a smaller type of cage. The fabric used to manufacture this amazing bedding features an odor control. It absorbs odor, dust and liquid. This is perfectly safe for little furry animals and at the same time, keeps them warm during cold weathers.

Activity Suspension Bridge – Hamster & Small Animal Toy



This is a suspension bridge for small animals, ideally designed for hamsters, gerbil and other furry little pet. It is a form of recreational accessories where your pet can play around or do some exercises so they can exert their excess energy, relieving them from stress and irritable behaviors such as heavy chewing and biting. The bridge requires only minimal assembly effort. It is quite easy and comes with a detailed manual.

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Rabbit

Now this is an adorable type of pet. Most rabbit pet owners and lovers takes care of their rabbits, providing them with all possible comfort, fun, treats and equipment to express their love and amusement. They usually do it on occasions such as pet birthdays or finding the Best Christmas gifts for rabbits on the holiday of giving. Most of these gifts are cheap, affordable and designed to compensate with the behavior of rabbits.

Woven Grass



Our first product is a woven grass. For a small and affordable price, this makes a perfect and nice gift for your rabbit as well as rabbit owners. This pack is a bundle of two. It is best used for cages as it protects your rabbit’s feet or paws from getting injured walking on mesh wires. It also keeps them insulated during cold weathers. The woven grass is perfectly safe to bit and chew.

Wooden Dumbell Chew Toys



Next is a wooden dumbell. This is not like your usual exercise equipment. This is a chewing toy for small animals which can highly benefit a rabbit. They exert all their stress and irritability by chewing and biting the wooden dumbell. In addition, it is made from natural wood which is safe and healthy for your rabbit’s teeth as it grinds. It is best used for rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.

Original Activity Zone Rabbit Toy



Provided that your rabbit has all the necessary equipment it needs, how about a toy or an activity zone where your pet can play around and have a fun time. This is a good example of an activity zone. It is a 12 inches wide play house for an affordable price, made from safe and non-toxic materials. Rabbits can have a great time jumping over, crawling under, chewing and biting.

Smartbedz Cardboard Pet Castle



Another play area or activity zone is the card-board pet castle made from recyclable and non-toxic materials. This is one of the few cheap and affordable gifts for rabbits. It features a 2 to 3 feet tall castle with holes that act as tunnel to where they can crawl, hide, move up and down. This play house however, requires you to have a large cage or needs to be laid out separately outside the cage.

Natural Willow and Grass Pet Hut



This is a hut or hideout. It is a small and confined hut, making it ideal for a gift for rabbit lovers, owners or for yourself. The hut can easily fit a rabbit cage or can also be installed inside a hutch. It is made from a combination of natural grass and willow. It is safe to chew and serves to provide heat and insulation on cold nights and weathers. The hut is also safe for chewing and biting.

Wooden Rabbit Hutch



For a more expensive and a deserving gift for your pet rabbit, this rabbit hutch is perfect during the holidays. This hutch can house 2 – 4 rabbits with enough space to move around. It features a ladder that connects the activity area which is the first floor to the resting area which is the 2nd. You can choose between black and blue but there are also other types of hutches you can choose to have.

Here is how a rabbit hutch would look like and the area it offers for your rabbits:

These hutches can also be used for chickens. Technically, rabbit hutches and chicken coups are almost the same in every structure, making a rabbit hutch applicable for chickens and chicken coup applicable for rabbits.

No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle



A small and practical equipment is also a good gift and investment for your rabbit. This water bottle will provide water in a convenient way. No spills or spoils and could last for days to weeks. It is perfect if you travel for a few days as the bottle will maintain hydration of your pet. It requires to be installed in a cage but could also work with and is very easy to assemble.

Kaytee Gravity Bin Feeder with Bracket



For people who have long hours of work in the office or usually have some errands that keeps you away from home, an ideal gift for your rabbit would be a gravity bin feeder. With the help of gravity, it works to keep the bin filled with sufficient amount of food for days or weeks. It is about 8 inches high and almost 6 inches wide. The bin features a container large enough to provide your rabbits with a full tummy.

Rabbit 2-Level Cage with Caster Wheels



Next is a portable rabbit cage. This rabbit cage features 6 caster wheels underneath the tray. The wheel’s design allows the cage to move around certain area of the floor or table without exerting too much effort in lifting the cage with a rabbit inside. The cage also uses hard and strong metal wires with a built-in water bottle and food dish.

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding



Lastly, an odor control bedding would be a nice comfort material for your rabbits. This bedding features a large mat that absorbs water to keep the cage free dry. The bedding can expand to about a size after absorbing at least 60 liters of water. It also takes care of the odor from dried foods, water and dirt which makes maintenance and cleaning, convenient for the owner. This makes it a perfect gift for your rabbits.

7 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Horse

Next type of pet or animal that some people have for a pet is a horse. They maybe a farm animal long time ago and usually housed or grown in farms but they are less likely to be poultry animals. They are loved by many, owned by few and will provide you with a great time and company. Some even pair with their horse to go competitive sports and some would just like to wonder around the vast plains and have a fresh breeze of natures’ air. Regardless of which, we usually award our horses with treats and other gifts for training or for showing affection. That is why we would like to share some of the best Christmas gifts for your horse.

Horseshoer’s Secret Hoof Conditioner



Our first ideal gift for the holiday is a hoof conditioner. As we all know, a hoof is one of the precious assets of our horse. It is the one that stomps the ground, carrying its weight and us that rides them. We would sometimes want to consider taking care of the hoofs because it is the most stressful part, along with the legs that is responsible for letting us enjoy a fun and exciting ride. This conditioner conditions the hoofs and keeps them frying drying. It is also used to repair damaged hoofs.

STUD MUFFINS 1060/1050 Stud Muffins Horse Treat



The next product is a horse treat. This is one of the popular horse treats made and manufactured by STUD MUFFINS. These amazing and highly nutritious treats are being used by most trainers to reward horses every time they have achieved or accomplished something. You can also use this as a gift for treating your beloved horse during the holidays of Christmas or his or her birthday. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and is safe for horse consumption. It is fortified with sufficient amount of protein to build extra strength and muscles.

Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies



Another popular choice for a gift and a horse treat is the horse cookies made and brought to you by Mrs. Pastures. These cookies are baked using natural and animal-safe ingredients, boosted with protein and other vitamins and nutrients to keep your horse in shape while also giving them a delicious snack. It is a popular choice in America and has made it to the top list. The packaging offers different sizes so you can choose on how much you want to get for your horse on this coming holiday.

To show you how popular this product is, here is a video about Mrs. Pastures interview:

This simply shows that Mrs. Pastures Cookies or Horse treats are one among the popular choices for providing your horse with a healthy and delicious treat.

Mare Magic



Magic mare also brings their product to the high competition of horse necessities. This is also an ideal choice for a gift if you prefer to choose treats for the holiday. The target benefit of this treats is ideally intended for supplying the right vitamins and minerals to alleviate and relief your horse if they are experiencing any hormonal changes. This product is a horse supplement that does not come positive in any tests that are required if you are doing a competitive/sports activities with your horse.

MSM Supplement for Horses



Another wonderful and fully packed with the right vitamins and supplement is the MSM Supplement. This is made to boost the agility of your horse by improving the joints. The joints play a vital part with how fast your horse can go and how much stress it can handle. The supplement also improves the skin of your horse and keeping it resistant against any skin disease one might encounter. The supplement is fairly cheap and reasonable, comes in different sizes of packaging to fit your preference.

Weaver Leather Grooming Kit



This is a wonderful and one of the most useful gifts you can buy for your horse. It is a grooming kit that features 7 pieces of assortment. This is a complete set that is perfect for beginners but could also work with amateurs and professionals as it is highly organized and comes as a set. Each piece in the set comes in a tote bag made of nylon. It is perfect for maintaining and keeping a well groomed horse.

Equine Care Grooming Kit Blue



Our last item is also a grooming kit from Oster. It features a complete set of grooming equipment you need to keep your horse maintain its good and pleasing appearance. The set includes 7 pieces of grooming equipment mainly with hair brush, tail brush and a curry comb. It also includes a hoof pick and mane, all comes packed in a nice handy bag. You can also choose between a blue set and a pink set, varying colors with the gender of your horse. It is one of the greatest gifts for horse during Christmas.