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For our fellow pet lovers, specifically with the love and fascination with cats, it is not at all required to cage a cat at home. But one can choose to have a cat cage or home if they want their cat to have a comfortable and secure shelter. However, one is required to purchase or own as a means for dog/cat travel or transport. Bus station, train station, airports, taxis or cabs, etc., does not allow any pets to be carried by hand or to the very least, sit along with passengers. If allowed, one must be at least caged. That is why people who travels or takes their cat with them at day to day transportation, looks for the best cat cages or carriers for their journey.

First Choice   Prevue Pet Products 7500 Premium Cat Home with 4 Levels, Black $$ 4.3/5
Second Choice     Prevue Pet Products 7501 Deluxe Cat Home with 3 Levels, Black $$ 4.5/5
Third Choice      ProSelect Foldable Cat Cages 48″ High- Ivory $$ 4.4/5
Fourth Choice      Crate Appeal Bloom Cat Cage, Petal Pink $$ 5/5

There are actually still so many benefits of cat cages that we need to mention. A cat carrier or cage keeps the pet from being stress during the travel. It is also one of the reasons why going to a vet for a weekly, monthly or necessary check-up requires you to cage them before making your way. The cat, during travel, will not be comfortable sitting on your legs or in the back seat for too long. They will have the tendency to move around and even scratch as they might get irritated on the car seat’s cushion, fabric-made seat cover or leather seat. A cat cage also prohibits an injured cat from further injuries. It limits their movement and reduces their behavior to a minimum, keeping them calm and relaxed during the ride towards the destination.

A cat carrier or cage requires good characteristics to be a viable product and be chosen or considered to be among the best. It must be sturdy enough and have a solid construction to keep the cat well-protected over bumps, cage falls or other accidents. Design or cage engineering is also a factor. You would not want to put your cat on a cage with no windows or any ventilation or keep them in an all-screen cage that does not have any insulation. Another traits a cage should have is it’s maintenance. A great cage must not be that hard to wash or maintain. In some occasions, your cat will inevitable get the cage dirty and you will have a hard time cleaning. This is also a major concern or factor in all and other types of pet tools and equipment.

25 Cat Cages

Cat Playpen / Cat Home

Our first cat cage product is from MidWest Homes for Pets. This is more of a playpen or a home rather than a carrier. Although you can use this set for transporting cats during your travels, it is much more pleasing to look at being displayed as an indoor home cage. The set comes only with a playpen or a cage. The bed will cost you an extra amount if you opt to purchase the set with it. This is designed to go along with the instincts if your cat and how it thinks. It is large and provides enough room for your cat to move and jump around.


Prevue Pet Products 7500 Premium Cat Home with 4 Levels, Black

This large set works best as an outside cage for cats but it could also look very neatly indoors. The problem if used indoors would be that it is tall and large which will take up a lot of space inside. But if your home is spacious, then placing it either way is not at all a problem. This set is a paw-friendly cage where there are no gaps or pinching points. It is made of aluminium and is rust-resistant. The set is reliably strong. It could withstand outdoor weather conditions as well as movement and behaviour of the cat. It uses two-large hammocks and a lock-in platform.


Prevue Pet Products 7501 Deluxe Cat Home with 3 Levels, Black

The next product is a cage cat deluxe set, brought to you by Prevue Pet. It has the same color and sturdy construction with the 7500 Premium but differs in design, shape and aesthetics. Although most characteristics are the same, such as the paw-friendly and no-pinching points, the height and the number of locks in both set differs much. There is some assembly required before your cat can happily live on this cage but it’s quite easy. It measures to about 43 inches long and 25 inches wide with a height of over 3 feet tall.


Necoichi Portable Cat Cage Stress Free Trip

This is one of a luxurious and elegant looking cat cages indoors. It is more of a home or a play-pen rather than a cage. There are no still grills or locks in this set. This set is collapsible, convenient, easy-to-use and assemble, and portable. It has a dimension of 20 by 20 by 31 inches and forms a circle shape when folded that measure to about 14 by 14 by 5 inches. The size, even thou it’s not that large, is enough to shelter two cats. And compared to other steel cages or pens, this stress free cat home is highly affordable and cheaper.

The best offer you can get for your cat at home is not enough to be described through words. That is why we added a video below to give you a better view of how this amazing cat cages indoors product look with actual cats keeping their selves at home.

Obvious as it is, the play-pen, cat-home or cat-cage is simple and looks very cozy for your pets. They can have a comfortable home that provides them with the right amount of insulation for a low and reasonable amount.

Topeakmart 4-Tier Foldable Cat Home Cages Wire Pet Crate House with Hammocks

This is an outdoor and indoor cat cages from Topeakmart. It features a tier-4 cat home or a wire crate pet house. The cage has 4 floors to where your cat/cats can move around freely. It could accommodate several cats but the ideal count is 2. There are 2 doors to where your cats can pass through and uses easy-pull metal bolts for the locks. It includes a durable, removable tray made of plastic for a fast and convenient cleaning. There are 2 hammocks include inside where your cats will totally enjoy. Each floor is connected by metal ladders which could easily carry a weight of a cat.


4-Tier Cat Playpen Cat Cage with Climbing Ladders & Rest Benches (Milk White)

Another 4-tier, fairly large cat cage that is in competition with the previous product, the PlayPen/Cat Cage that features a climbing ladder from fine furniture. The set can be bought in two colors, black and milk-white. The set has a large space where 2 or more cats can fit and live happily, depending on their sizes. It is collapsible which makes it ideal for storage, transport or relocating from one point of the house to another. It uses adjustable wheels which make it perfect as you can slide it over, especially if you’re doing some home cleaning or maintenance.


IRIS 3-Tier Wire Pet Cage, Gray

Iris offers a 3-tier wire cage for a reasonable price. There are lots of other cat cages for sale but this set here gives you an option to choose between a two-tier or three-tier without losing benefits. Either of the tiered products holds the same quality and features. The set is made with powder-coated durable steel wire. The tier-3 cage measures 25 inches in length by 36 inches in width and 70 inches in height which makes it fairly large. Tier-2 comes in smaller dimensions but could still home a pair of cats with a fair weight and size.


ProSelect Foldable Cat Cages 48″ High- Ivory

This is one of the many outdoor cat cages with cute design and color. You can choose between white, purple or black but the purple would be a great choice indoor pet equipment as it could add some decorative effect inside your house. The price is dependent on the chosen color. It has plastic perches which can be easily removed for you to be able to re-position at different levels or heights. It requires some assembly but with no-tools. It has arched-doors of a larger size which makes it comfortable for cats to go in and out of the cage.

All or at least almost, indoor and outdoor cat cages is designed and built to live up to your pet’s instincts. The great thing about this product from ProSelect is the decorative effect it gives to your home as it comes with nice and beautiful colors.

It has neat and eye-pleasing aesthetics that could go along with your house. The user-friendly and maintenance-free design makes it also less stressful for the pet owner to keep the area clean and tidy.

BestPet 30″ Large Folding Wire Pet Cage For Dog Cat House Metal Dog Crate

Mostly cages for cats is shaped and designed to go taller. This set on the other hand, is lengthened instead of giving it more height. The BestPet Wire Pet Cage is 30 inches large and can be easily folded. The total measurement sums up to about 30 inches in length by 18 inches in width and only 22 inches in height. The set is very cheap and affordable but is made with good quality materials. It can be used in cats or puppies depending on the size. The edges are rounded and smoothed to make it safe for young cats and puppies.


Yaheetech 4-Tier Cat Cage Playpen with 3 Ramp Ladders&4 Casters, Black

The next product is a 4-tier cage for cats. It features a play pen with 3 different ladder/ramp and casters. The set unfortunately comes only with a single color, black. But regardless of the color, it looks perfectly elegant and coated with a nice rust-resistant finish. There are 4 floors to where your cat can choose to sit or lay around. Each floor are connected with a ramp/ladder. The set is constructed with durable aluminium. There is also a caster that swivels. It comes in 4 pieces. And lastly, a removable tray made of hard and durable plastic for convenient cleaning and maintenance.


Large Cat Pets Wire Cage 2 Door Playpen

You would seldom find a cat window cage set as most designs are either wired or made of aluminium grills. A good example of it would be this large wired cat pet home from Yescom. It features a 2 door playpen, complete with ladders and benches. It is made with durable rectangular metal tubes to make it more stable compared with other cat cages. It has a sliding base tray made of plastic for easy, comfortable and fast cleaning. There are 4 pieces of durable, swivelling casters of portability and/or mobility.


IRIS 2-Tier Small Animal Wire Cage

This is a simple cat kennel cages that features a 2-tier small animal/pet cage from IRIS. Although it is measured to be a small cage set, it provides sufficient space for the cat to move freely. As seen in the photo above, it could accommodate 2 adult size cats. The set comes with a free hammock and a wooden perch. It measures with dimensions of approximately 37 inches in length, 19 inches and width and 47 inches in height. Being small, it is still larger or comes in close competition with other brands in terms of size.


New 37″ Homey Pet Two Tier Pet Dog Cat Cage with Feeding Door and Bowls

If you opt to have a set of large cat cages, you should take a look at this Homey Pet product that features a two tier dog or cat cage. It could be used by dogs depending on the size, puppies and/or cats. Other pets can also benefit from this cage. It is made from solid steel. Each tier is separated and has its own doors. That is to give your pet a privacy of their own. This is actually quite very useful if you have 2 different pets, you can use one cage for a cat and the other for a dog. The set includes 4 stainless steel bowls, 2 pieces of plastic trays and 4 pieces of casters.

Looking at all these large cat cages in our list, it seems all to easy when it comes to assembly. Most of it does not actually require you much effort and tools but it is greatly advised to read on the manual or guide which is included in the product to have a stable and strong pet cage. Below is a video of a detailed assembly tutorial of the 2-tier pet dog/cat cage from Homey Pet.

The assembly instructor in the video uses a electric screw driver to make things fast and to shorten the tutorial. An ordinary screw driver would work and it would be the only thing you need to complete the installation/assembly.

Homey Pet-36″ Three Tiers Cat Cage w/ Pull out tray, Sleeping Platform and Casters(CT-P3W)

You possibly think that all cat cages look the same but if you lean in very closely on each product, they differ in design and aesthetics. This product is 36 inches, three tiers or floors/level and made by Homey Pet. It includes a pull out tray for a quick and easy cleaning, two stairways to help them walk around each floor and 2 pieces of sleeping platform to where they can sit or lie down comfortably. It requires no tools during assembly and it easily folds for the convenience of storage and transportation.


4-Tier Cat Playpen Cat Cage with Climbing Ladders & Rest Benches (Black)

Finefurniture is not going to step down with this trendy pet equipment competition. This is the 4-tier cat house/cage/playpen. It can both be used as an indoor or outside cat cage depending on your chosen preference. It is strongly made from aluminium. The cage is crafted with 4 opening doors located on the front and with 3 ladders placed proportionally to connect each level or tier. It can be folded or is collapsible. If folded, the cage measures to about 6 inches which makes storage or transport very easy.


New Extra Large 48″ Folding Pet Dog Cat Crate Cage Kennel With Plastic Tray W/Divider

This cage cat or dog kennel is an extra-large set from BestPet. It measures to about 48 inches in length. The set, although large, only has 1 tier or level and is divided into two by a wire separator. It has 2 doors to where you can place or pass through your puppy or cat. You only need to follow the instruction during assembly as you do not need any tools to do so. This set is ideal for cats and puppies. Large dogs will have a hard time passing through the doors or even get comfortable inside. It is coated with long lasting electro-finish. It comes with a free plastic pan for fast and easy cleaning.

It does not necessarily mean that in-order for a dog or a cat to enjoy a home and the space is through multiple-tiers of cage cat or dog kennel. A single-tiered but large and spacious set would work great and would provide security for your pet.

The two door-cage also works best as a pet carrier for transport. It can be easily folded and would fit at anywhere in the house or in the car for storage. It assures protection and security at home and during your travels, if you intend of bringing your pet with you.

Black Pet Cat Crate Cage Playpen Kennel Bed Hammock

The next product is a large and tall Playpen or Kennel from Generic. This is an ideal cat cages indoor or out. It works best with cats but puppies could also enjoy and get comfortable with the set. There are 3-tiers in this cage and each tier is connected by a plastic plate as a floor and a ladder. The whole set is powder-coated with black-iron. The frames are rectangular tubes made from solid aluminium steel to make it more stable. It has 2 doors for an easy-entry and exit and 2 ladders to where they can do their needed exercise or enjoy the scenery on the higher level.


Black 42″ Pet Folding Dog Cat House Crate Cage Kennel w/ABS Tray LC

This is a single tier, 42 inches folding cat or dog house from BestPet. It is one of the best indoor cat cages as it is very large and very spacious. The set however, can only accommodate certain cats as it has only one floor, one door and no higher levels or floors. There are different sizes available for this ranging from 24 to 48 inches. The prices differ on each size. There are two colors available, a plain blue and black. There is also a free-included plastic tray to be placed at the bottom to catch all dirt and to provide a fast and easy cleaning/maintenance.


IRIS 2-Tier Cat Cage, Tan

IRIS brings your their best indoor and outdoor cat cage. This is a 2-tier cage but you can also purchase this on a 3-tier version. There are also 2 types of color available, beige and yellow. The price depends on the tier-level chosen and the color. Each tier has an easy-twist opening doors. The bottom of each leg has wheels for mobility. You can re-position the cage at any part of the house by simply pushing. The top is can be opened and grant you easy access of what’s inside the cage. The size of the 2-tier is 32 inches in length by 22 inches in width and 46 inches in height.


ProSelect Easy Cat Cage, Economical and Customizable, Durable Wire and Plastic

The next product features a large cat cage which can be customized and economical from ProSelect. The product is very affordable in comparison with the same 2-tier size product. Downside would be that this product takes about 1 to 2 months to be shipped. It is customizable which gives it great versatility. It will provide your cats with the right amount of fun and relaxation. The set includes a plastic tray that can be placed at the below the cage’s floor for catching the dirt and for convenient cleaning. There is also 2 pieces of removable perches included in the set.


Crate Appeal Bloom Cat Cage, Petal Pink

Crate appeal also has a lovely and a best-selling cat cages for sale. This here features a wide and large, 2-tier cage for cats. It comes in a reasonable price but highly made to be durable and long lasting. This product could serve your cats with all the comfort they need for quite a long time. It has 2 large, round-shaped doors and has latches. The corners are also round shaped. This is to prevent any injuries in-case they bump or fall on the edges. The cage’s size is 35 inches in length, 22 inches in width and 51 inches in height. It will also keep your pet in style and keep your house decorated as it is very elegant and classy.


ALEKO 3 Door Dog Cat Crate Cage Kennel with Abs Tray and Divider, 36″L

There are only a few and limited amount of stocks left of this amazing outdoor cat cages from ALEKO. It is a dog or cat cage with 3 opening doors. It is made from strong steel construction and it is guaranteed to last for so many years. It is quite a practical investment as it can be used indoors, outdoors or act as carriers if you plan on bringing your pet on travels or transportation. It can be set-up for seconds and can be easily folded for storage. It has a wide tray on the bottom that covers all the floor area for easy cleaning.


Best Pet Black 36″ Pet Folding Dog Cat Crate Cage Kennel w/ABS Tray LC

The last item on our long list of cages for cats is the 36 inches Pet/Dog/Cat folding cage or kennel. This is good for both dogs or cats and can also be used for other types of pet. It comes fully assembled. All you need to do is open or fold it for setting up or for storage. The cage’s size or dimension is about 36 inches in length, 22 inches wide and 25 inches tall. There are two colors for this set, a black and a blue. The prices do not really matter in choosing colors. It has 2 doors, the front and on the sides. The cage can be easily cleaned, all thanks to the plastic tray that covers the entire floor and collecting all the dirt.