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Can Rabbits Eat Potatoes?

Having troubles with the type of diet taken by your pet rabbits? It’s just natural as you would only want to find the most efficient food for your pet. The questions and inquiries about all the foods that rabbits can eat is a common thing for pet rabbit owners. The confusion is being caused by the appetite of the pet as it has a wide variety of foods that can be eaten. But there are also foods that they cannot. Taking our concerns with vegetables or vegetable roots, can rabbits eat potatoes? This concern is the same with other types of vegetable roots such as celery, broccoli, zucchini vegetable that rabbit loves, cabbage and more.

Can Rabbits Eat Potatoes?

The vegetable root is not a problem for rabbits. They can easily eat the food and benefit from it. Potatoes are rich in vitamin V, Fiber, vitamin B6, Potassium and Iron. Basing on the 5 rich nutrients in a potato, you can actually say that the vegetable is fully packed with power. It is a food that provides both humans and animals the energy they need for their daily activity. The treat also does not provide you and problems and won’t require you too much effort in feeding because it will naturally touch a rabbit’s appetite. Potato is an awesome vegetable root that is very tasty and packed with goodness.

Here’s a video of how a rabbit eats a potato:

All of the above statement is true. However, experts along with professionals and vets would advise you to limit the amount of intake of vegetable roots, including potatoes. The same with some occasional fruit treats given to pet rabbits. It is never in your pet’s best interest to make a certain food type, its main source of vitamins and minerals or to be its regular food.

Even though vegetable roots contain a lot of nutrients that is considered healthy, the amount of sugar and starch present in the root is also high. Consuming too much of the food will give your pet an upset stomach or digestive complications. It will also make them fat and/or eventually cause them to acquire diabetes which could be fatal. These food types should only be given as a treat, an occasional food for showing our affection or if they have accomplished something.

Either way, it is always just right to have doubts about everything your pet rabbit needs, because it is your responsibility as pet owner to keep them safe and healthy.