Can Rabbits Eat Kale?

Rabbit is not a usual first choice for people who want to own a pet. But for some reasons, they eventually get caught by the simplicity, submissiveness and cuteness of the pet and most owners will really get attached to it. Other than those characteristics, there is also an awesome trait we should consider, the food that rabbit eats. The diet of the pet includes a long list of fruits and vegetables. Of course, these creatures are herbivorous, so better stop thinking about feeding them meat, but what about rare types of vegetables? In this guide, we will discuss if whether or not can rabbits eat kale and the benefits that comes with it.

Can Rabbits Eat Kale?

Kale is listed on the healthiest vegetables in the world. It has tons of benefits. It contains a lot of Iron which is responsible for producing blood and other enzymes as well as carrying oxygen to be distributed to parts of the body. There are also a huge amount of vitamin C, K and Calcium. There are even studies that the vegetable does a great job in providing cardiovascular support. The grassy vegetable contains low amount of calories and does not have any fat in it. Rabbits are the kind of pet that easily gets fat without physical exercise or does not engage to any activities. A fat rabbit is common for if people who keep them enclosed in a cage. Regardless of having the freedom to move around or being caught up in a cage, a kale in small amounts, included in their diet can provide them with some energy and resistance boost while not causing your pet to get fat. The list of benefits just goes on.

Here is clip of a rabbit eating fresh kale:

However, even if the vegetable is deemed to be healthy and nutritious, it should just be treated as an additive food for a main source of nutrients or regular food your pet eats. If you choose you give kale as your pets daily and regular feed, you’d be depriving them with other essential vitamins and minerals from other types of food. This is the reason why the best and the most efficient food for pet rabbits would be a rabbit feeds, pellets and hays. Rabbit feeds and pellets are usually made from a variety of fruits and veggies with high quality hay.

Always put your pet’s interest when it comes with the things that rabbit needs. Keeping them strong, healthy and comfortable will keep them alive, longer than their expected lifespan.