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Can Rabbits Eat Cantaloupe?

Choosing what type of food for your pet rabbits can be quite hard. Not because they are picky or has a limited variety of food that can be consumed. It is because they can most likely many sorts of fruits and vegetables. Of course, you can never be too sure to assume. As far as we’ve known. Rabbits are herbivorous animals where meat can do some serious irritation or damage to its digestive tract as it is not designed to process that type of food. But can rabbits eat cantaloupe? It can be a little too sweet that you should start to consider some research before trying to feed it to your pet.

Can Rabbits Eat Cantaloupe?

Luckily for our pet rabbits, they can enjoy the lovely and sweet fruit treat as well. The cantaloupe’s benefits are also substantial due to the rich amount of vitamins and nutrients present in the food. It is a good source of vitamin-A. The fruit also contains high amounts of carotenoids. There are studies that show a good result that the fruit that works to prevent diabetes. The fruit is flavorful and very easy to feed for your pet. The scent and the flavor naturally attract your rabbit’s appetite without exerting too much effort.

Here is a cute clip of a rabbit that enjoys a treat of cantaloupe:

The fruit however, is not advised to be taken as a regular diet food. Although the some studies show improvement in insulin resistance for animals, you can never be too sure as those researches are still in the development and have not yet to prove anything 100 percent. Like with other fruits, too much sweet can eventually or will lead to diabetes. In addition, you are depriving your pet with other basic nutrients needed to sustain a healthy and fit body.

According to experts and professionals, the only way to keep a balanced meal for your pet rabbit is to provide them with rabbit feeds or pellets along with healthy high quality hay. This way, the pet can consume assorted nutrients due to the rabbit feeds mixture. The feeds are usually a combination or a mixture of different types of fruits and veggies.

Always keep in mind that providing the best things for rabbit can extend their life span above normal or average.