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Can Bunnies Eat Watermelon?

Fruits are a great choice as a food for most pets. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals just flourish out on every bite of sweetness and sourness. One of the most refreshing choices is the watermelon. But can bunnies eat watermelon? It is a watery fruit full of seeds. Digestive system of a young rabbit or bunny is usually not that strong to process or digest seeds and a lot of watery food tends to irritate their stomach and greatly influences their bowel movement. The fruit is not at all a question of being nutritious or rich in vitamins, the real concern is the compatibility and the strength of your pet’s digestion to process these sorts of foods for bunnies.

Can Bunnies Eat Watermelon?

Bunnies can actually eat the fruit, provided that as much as possible, refrain from giving watermelon with seeds. You can choose a seedless one or take the seeds out yourself. This is to avoid any complications from indigestion which could cause a lot of pain and suffering for your pet. You also might want to limit the amount of intake for this food as it is very watery and has a great chance to cause them diarrhea, bloating or other stomach irritability. This is best given as a treat for bunnies but not as a full meal or part of their daily diet.

Here is a lovely video of a cute bunny enjoying a treat of watermelon:

There is no diet plan that best suits a rabbit or a bunny other than an assorted choice of fruits and vegetables. You can also look out for rabbit feeds which are usually a mixture of different foods. It is usually boosted or enhanced with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients your bunny needs. Just carefully check on the label of the feed’s packaging as there is usually an indication of the feeds can be given to a certain age of bunnies or rabbits.

This short post and guide about rabbits and watermelons hopes to serve you a lot in your inquiries… or did you mean ‘can rabbits eat watermelon?