Best-Selling Bird Cage Stands of 2020 – [COMPLETE LIST WITH REVIEWS]

Bird Cage Stand

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Bird cage stands are something that every pet owner who has a bird as a pet would think of as it is the most essential tool or equipment. You need to consider and somehow read about some important things about birds. You just cannot have a pet bird flying around the house, indoors or out. The moment a window of opportunity strikes, a bird will try escape your home. They won’t hesitate to get out. This is mainly the reason why most people invest in bird cage stands. They can opt to have cages with no stand but it would take up a lot of effort in granting owners access as it is not levelled to a human height.

First Choice     Prevue Pet Products BPV2521S Bird Cage Stand for Base Cages, Black $ 4.7/5
Second Choice      World Pride Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage Parrot Macaw Cockatoo Birdcage Stands $ 4.4/5
Third Choice      Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird finch Bird Cages With Stand On Wheels – 18″x14″x60″ $ 3.7/5
Fourth Choice     20-Inch Open Plays Top Parrot Lovebird Cockatiel Cockatiels Parakeets Cage With Removable Stand by Mcage $ 3.6/5

Adding to our reasons above, a cage with stand is also easier to clean compared to a cage with none. It also provides your pet a better view of their surroundings and an elevated angle to enhance ventilation. As we have mentioned above, a cage keeps our bird in place and far beyond escaping. Not only that it will keep them from getting out, it will also keep predators such as dogs, cats and other carnivorous animals from getting in. A cage set will also provide birds an area to chill and stay away from stress. It will keep them shaded during hot weathers and insulated during colds.

Best Bird Cage Stands 2020


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There are things you should know in getting quality bird cages with stand. It needs to have a solid and sturdy construction, especially on the legs as it carries the whole weight of the cage. It also needs to have strong latches so the birds can break free from it. Another thing and probably the most important thing for a bird cage is to have many doors and other things that provides great accessibility. For an indoor cage and/or a tamed bird, a door is a great factor to your pet’s willingness to get out/leave or get in/enter. Some even have small doors that provide convenience for feeding, a small door that serves as a route and access for food and water dishes.

To help you look and have only the best quality of bird cage stands , we have decided to compile a list of the best-selling cages below:

Bird Cage Stands


Prevue Pet Products BPV2521S Bird Cage Stand for Base Cages, Black



Being first on the list is a bird cage stand from Prevue Pet Products. It is made from solid and durable steel which makes it the best stand you could have for your bird cage. It perfectly fits a cage with base measurement of 25 inches in length by 21 inches in diameter. The stand provides a stable and firm hold of the cage and securing it in place. It also has a shelf underneath for storing other bird supplies such as feeds, cleaning materials, treats and more. The leg is built with rolling casters for mobility. It measures about 30 inches tall and comes in black color.


go2buy Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage Parrot Cockatoo Birdcage Stands



The next product is a bird cage with stand from World Pride. It is a large cage made from iron and comes on a variety of colors. Each color has the same price. You can choose between black, green and white. The cage stand has strong legs with built-in swiveling/rolling casters to provide movement or mobility. It also has strong metal frames and built with high quality craftsmanship. The set include 4 pieces of food cups, cage stand, perches, seed guards and more. It has an over-all measurement of about 18 inches wide by 18 inches long and a tall height of 61 inches.


Prevue Pet Products 446 Bird Cage Stand for 26″ x 14″ Base Flight Cages, Black



Another great product of bird cage stands from Prevue Pet Products, this is a 26 inches by 14 inches base flight cage. It has two available colors, black and white. The colors shortly differ in price. The set is made from strong and sturdy metal frames and legs. The top part is where the cage perfectly fits provided it has the same base measurement. There is a wide space shelf underneath for storing food, vet supplies, treats and other bird accessories you have. The set is covered with a smooth epoxy finish, making it easy and faster to clean.

Just for fun and of course, to showcase one of Prevue Pet product’s bird cages with stand, here is a short video review that shows how flexible, strong and versatile the cage could be.

Imagine how awful and closed access a bird cage would be if it lacks the support and elevation of a bird cage stand.


Vision Bird Cage Stand for Models M01/02/11/12 – Medium



There is no greater home for bird pets than a standing bird cage. That is why Vision has dedicated their time in bringing you their best bird cage stand which is exclusively designed to cater small, medium and large cages. Of course, that depends on what size of bird cage stand you thought of buying. This comes in different sizes, all having the same price. The set or cage stand has 2 shelves, one for the cage and the extra shelf for providing space with your bird supplies, tools and kits. It only requires an Allen-key for installation and does not require great effort.


Parrot Lovebird Cage With Removable Stand by Mcage



This is a parrot/lovebird cage but it also works best as a bird cages for budgies with stand. It has an open top to provide owners with the right amount of access on all sides and floors of the cage. The cage is made from metal wires with gaps or spacing of about 5/8 inches. This keeps them secure from going out and from predators going in. The feeders or dish has its own door. It includes 2 cups or dish made of steel and a wooden perch to where they can enjoy hanging around. The stand at has a shelf at the bottom part for keeping your tools, kits, supplies and other stuffs organized.


go2buy Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage Parrot Cockatoo Birdcage Stands



Our next product is from World Pride. It features a wrought iron, white bird cage with stand. The cage set measures about 18 inches long and 18 inches wide. It heights to about 61 inches tall and made with metal wires with 3/5 inch gap or spacing. The cage stands on a leg with wheels that swivels. It provides movement or mobility which makes things easier for relocating the cage set from point to point of your house. The double-iron construction ensures a solid and sturdy cage set. It has non-toxic coating that gives it a smooth and silky finish.


Metal Base Bird Cage, Metal Stand by Mcage



This metal base housing uses an antique bird cage stand design. It is around 23 inches large and has a metal base. It stands on two tubular legs that on the lower part, splits into 4. There are 4 heavy duty and long lasting wheels and casters that swivels. It includes a thick perch with two metal cups on the end and a round plate in the middle. The stand is coated with a smooth white, non-toxic finish. The set’s downside is that it has no protection from predators getting in or birds getting out. This is one of the few affordable bird stands you can get with reliable quality.


Wrought Iron Open Play Top Bird Cage



This is a wrought iron bird cage with stand from Mcage. The wrought iron construction guarantees a strong and sturdy cage built to withstand both indoor and outdoor weather conditions. The cage is made of thick metal wire where spacing measures approximately 1/2 inch. The set includes a large swinging door, two perches, a metal tray for easy cleaning, metal cups for food and water and more. Cage height is about 63 inches tall and has an opening top for accessibility over all parts and areas of the cage. The cage stands on top of a 4-legged platform with swivelling wheels for mobility and shelf for organization.


COMBO: LARGE Stack and Lock Double Breeder Cage/Bird Breeding Cage



These are a set of bird cages with stands. Each is a bundle of cages that easily stacks on top of each other and comes with a stand. It comes with a few pieces of removable steel divider. This is perfect for people who owns different types of birds or birds that needs pairing. Each cage measures to about 30 inches by 11 inches by 15 inches in height. It may have a high price but it may come to be a more practical investment as each cage can be divided into two parts and there are a total of 4 cages which gives you 8 homes from different birds.


Prevue Pet Products 447 Bird Cage Stand for 26″ x 14″ Base Flight Cages, White



This is the Prevue bird cage stand that features a moderate height cage in two colors. You can choose between black and white. There is a small difference in price between both colors. It uses a tubular design frame with thick and durable steel construction. The stand has 4 legs with casters/wheels on each leg. This will allow you to maneuver the cage set easily. You can transfer it on different locations in your house with ease. It comes with a spacious shelf for keeping your bird things organized and within reach such as food supplies, treats and bird kits.


Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird finch Bird Cages With Stand On Wheels – 18″x14″x60″



Our next bird cage on stand product is from Mcage. It best used for caging cockatiel, lovebird, finch bird and other moderate size bird types. There are only two colors available for this cage, black and white where black being slightly expensive. The set is neatly furnished with epoxy coating for a shiny and smooth surface and for extra sturdiness. The cage size is about 18 inches in length, 14 inches depth and 35 inches in height. It stands on a strong and stable platform with 4 legs. Each leg has casters for mobility. It includes all the necessary kit like cups, doors, perches and more.


Brand New Open Play Top Parrot Bird Cage With Removable Stand 20x20x58H by Mcage



A stand for bird cage does not cost so much but it would also be wise to purchase a set that comes with both a cage and a stand like this brand new cage with removable stand from Mcage. It has an open top with a perch on top for access and play. It comes in two colors, white and black vein. Either of the color has the same price. The set has a large size swinging door on the front and 2 small doors for feeders. The stand has a moderate size shelf and has casters on its legs for mobility. This set is made from strong steel and comes with all the accessories you need for a bird cage, all for a great amount of price.


White Tubular Steel Hanging Hanger Bird Cage Stand by Mcage



One of the classic designs is the hanging bird cage stand. It is a vintage set that features the most often cage set we see on television. This tubular hanging cage stand comes with a strong and stable hook where the cage attaches. Don’t get confuse with the picture, this set only comes with the stand. There are two colors to choose from, black or white. It heights to about 68 inches tall and uses a tubular steel of a thicker size to create a sturdy support. The tubular steel is coated with a white or black epoxy finish depending on the color chosen.


Prevue Pet Products BPV871 Clean Life Metal/Plastic Bird Cage Stand, 28-Inch, Black



Prevue Pet Products are renowned in creating all the tools and equipment of different type of pets. This right here is their product designed for bird owners. It features a bird cage stand with an included cups and perches, 2 pieces each. It is available in both white and black colors. It is designed for all clean life bird cages provided that the base measures 18 inches in length and diameter. The stand on the other hand measures 22 inches in length by 22 inches in width and 28 inches tall.


YML Stand for Cage Size 18 by 18-Inch and 18 by 14-Inch, Black



You should know that having a stand for bird cage makes your housing set highly versatile. You can choose to have it placed on top of the stand or on any platform you want. A great investment would be this amazing cage stand from YML. It allows you to convert and elevated your ordinary cage into a standing cage set. It has dimensions of 18 by 18 inches and can hold a cage size of 18 by 14 inches. There are two colors, white and black. It has a built-in metal wire shelf underneath and legs that comes with casters.


Vision Bird Cage Stand for Models S01/02 – Small



If you opt to just have a simple and affordable stand for bird cage, then this product from Vision would fit your preference just fine. This features a small size cage stand, compatible for models S01 and S02. The set however have different sizes available and each sizes differs with its model compatibility. It has 2 platforms, one on top and one on the middle. The one on top is where the cage is set and the middle platform works as a shelf. The set requires some installation but using only an Allen-Key as a tool and takes not much of your time and effort.


Prevue Pet Products Clean Life Cage Stand White



Our last bird cage stand product in our brief and short list is from Prevue Pet Products. It is a clean life cage with color preference of white or black. The cage set does not have any casters on its legs which mean you need to carry it around when you move it from one place to another. It could accommodate a cage dimension of 18 inches by 18 inches. The height of the stand is about 28 inches tall. It is built with strong and sturdy steel which could hold and support a heavy weight of a cage. It is also coated with a nice white or black finish which makes it easy to clean.

To get you familiar with what a clean life cage looks like and how well it will fit a clean life cage stand, here is a short video that tells you all the things you need to know:

The cage system is is designed to maintain a clean environment while being able to provide a comfortable and secure space for birds.

Or perhaps you need to know a little more about what type of bird would be best suited to your lifestyle. So check out the post here about the fun facts about parrots!

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