Best Reptile Heating Pad: Top Sellers

All or most reptiles humans know off are cold blooded. This simply means that the type of animal is not capable of their own body heat regulation. Keeping one as a pet at home would require you some of the best reptile heating pad as you do not usually allow them to get exposed or have an open access to go out and get heat from the sun. Reptiles and amphibians may spend most of their time in waters but they never forget to give time to enjoy the warm weathers and try to regulate their body temperature. A great example would be seeing a crocodile or alligator at a lake’s shore doing nothing but lay around under the heat of the sun. But crocodiles and alligators are huge, dangerous, wild, exotic animals that are far less to become your regular pet at home.

First Choice Reptile Heating Mat, 110V US Plug Pet Under Tank Warmer Heating Pad $ 5/5
Second Choice Zoo Med Rock Heater, RH-2E , Mini, 5 Watt $ 4.4/5
Third Choice Reptile Heating Pad,Vipe Reptile Heat Mat Under Tank Heating Pad $ 4/5
Fourth Choice Blue Spotted Under Tank Heater, Terrarium Heat Pad, Medium $ 3.9/5

This short knowledge and information about reptiles and amphibians makes could greatly imply the vitality of heating sources if you keep them as pets and on enclosed environments. Not to mention that most of small reptiles able to live as pets need a constant temperature of at least 70 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They can go more or less higher or lower within that range but it is the recommended temperature for most of them. Going far too low or far to more can cause bodily complications to the animal and could put them into critical conditions. One of the common types of reptiles are geckos. They may be small but geckos require the right food and temperature to survive.

To clear some of people’s misconception about the idea of being a cold blooded animal, it does not mean that they are low temperature animals. Cold blooded animals are dependent on the temperature of their environment and do not have any body heat regulating capabilities. If their habitat’s temperature is cold, they’re body gets cold. If it’s hot, their body gets hot. Not like with warm blooded animals where even if its cold, body heat is being regulated or maintained.

12 Best Reptile Heating Pad

Aiicioo 14W Under Tank Heating Pad 110V



The first produce in our best reptile heating pad products is the Heat Mat from Aiicioo. Its 110 volts, 14 watts heat pad with dimensions of 11 inches in width and 11 inches in length. It’s ideally used for reptile aquariums, cage, or tanks but could work at almost any type of reptile or amphibian housings at home. The great thing about this heat pad is the controller feature where you can control the temperature.¬† It’s guaranteed to be safe and highly functional¬†underwater or in humid environment.

Reptile Heating Pad,Vipe Reptile Heat Mat



This is the Vipe Reptile Heating Pad. It’s on a 5.9 inches by 7.1 inches in dimension but there are also other sizes available for medium to large size tanks, aquarium and cages. The temperature is on Celsius and can be adjust from 0 to 50 degrees. It can heat reptile housing at a faster rate. It uses a fast heating feature where it can heat up as fast as 5 seconds. This heating pad is waterproof and can be used on humid environments. It’s also simple where cleaning and maintenance makes it easy.

Fish Tank Heater Medium – Aiicioo Reptile Heating Pad-16 Watts



Next is a fish tank heater from Aiicio. It can be used on fishes, reptiles, amphibians or pretty much any animals that needs some heat regulation. It can fit almost any tanks, aquariums or cages given its dimension of 8 by 12 inches. However, the ideal water capacity that it can efficiently work is around 30 to 40 gallons of water. It provides excellent heat source, especially on cold weathers were tank waters are colder than usual. It is a low wattage heating device that can be used 24/7.

Reptile Under Tank Heating Pad — Energy-efficient external heat source



SunGrow also has its own invention of a reptile heating pad. This energy efficient heating device is installed under tanks. It helps reptiles regulate their body heat at the right and ideal temperature. This makes an excellent device for tropical reptiles and amphibians. It can work round the clock. The device consumes small amount of electricity where it won’t really make a difference in your monthly bill if it runs non-stop.

Below is a short guide on how to get the right temperature for your reptile pets:

Not giving enough time and effort to check on the temperature of your reptile’s ecosystem can often times put them in critical conditions. It is best to keep it regulated for a longer lifespan of reptile pets.

iPower Small Seedling Heat Mat 10″ x 20.5″



This is a 10 inches by 20.5 inches heat mat from iPower. There are also different sizes available for this heating mat but of different prices. You can also avail the heat mat of the same model but with controller. It can further heat an ambient room temperature to 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating pad or mat is fairly easy to use. It has an easy plug operation which can be easily operated. It comes illuminated with led lights for visibility and aquarium aesthetics.

Zoo Med Rock Heater, RH-2E , Mini, 5 Watt



What about a unique type of aquarium heater for reptiles? This invention from Zoo Med is made with great innovation techniques. Instead of a plane, thin and fragile heating mat, it is rather made solid. The heater is designed as a rock with two sizes, mini and standard. It evenly heats on all sides of the rock and has a 9 foot long cord. Positioning the rock in different areas of the aquarium, tank or cage is very easy. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and could work with any environment design you have for your pet.

Reptile Pet Heating Pad Mat Bed, 110V



This is a simple, yet elegant looking heating pad or mat bed. It uses standard US voltage where it does not require you the need of plugging it into any adapters. Let’s face it. Adapters can be sometimes be annoying, working like an extension and convert electric voltage. It lengthens the wires making you exert some effort in cable management. Additionally, this heater generates constant heat at a lower wattage. This means that you can let it run non-stop without worrying about large increase in electricity bills.

Vipe Reptile Heating Pad Heat Mat – Under Tank Heating Pad



Another size of the Vipe Reptile Heating pad, this is the 14 inches heat mat. You can also have this product on different sizes with varying prices. It requires no adapters on plug-in as it uses US standard voltage and plug. This can easily set comfort for your reptilian or amphibian pets regardless of being in a cage, tank or aquarium. It is perfectly safe for your pets. The device is also water and moisture proof. The simplicity of its design makes it easier for you to clean and maintain the device.

Windspeed US plug110V Under Tank Heating Pad/Reptile Tank Warmer Mat



This is a small size heater or heat pad from Windspeed. It has a lengthy design rather than the usual square shaped heating mat. The device comes in different sizes that could cater from small to large tanks or aquariums. The great thing about this pad is that it can even be used as a heating device for other type of pets. This can also work great with dogs and cats who is not into cold weathers. It is guaranteed to be a water and moisture proof product that could heat the housing without dealing any harm to your pet.

Reptile Heating Pad Mat, 110V Pet Under Tank Warmer Heating Pad Mat



How about a strong, high wattage heating mat or pad from Kitty and Puppy? This reptile heating pad uses standard US voltage but on a higher wattage which means more power and faster heating rate. It can however, be expensive when it comes to electricity consumption to some people so lower wattage has been made available to cater the needs of other reptile pet owners. The wattage varies with the size where 25 being the large and 5 watts being the small, 15 watts is the medium.

Reptile Heating Mat, 110V US Plug Pet Under Tank Warmer Heating Pad Bed



Covo Art also has a nice reptile heating mat. This is great for your turtles, lizards and other types of reptiles. It can also be used to help regulate the heat of amphibians and fishes. The pad is medium size where it runs in 110 volts, a standard US plug and voltage. The pad is also available in a smaller size using 5 watts which works great for small tanks, cages or aquarium. This device makes it an ideal gift for your pet. It’s inevitable that there would be colder times and a heating mat is what you will need, all for a great and affordable price.

Blue Spotted Under Tank Heater, Terrarium Heat Pad, Medium, For Reptiles, Amphibians And Small Animals



One of the best reptile heating pads you can get is from Blue Spotted. It’s a glass terrarium heater that is installed under the tank as the main source of heat of your tropical reptiles and/or amphibians. It only has one size, 8 inches by 12 inches. You can however, purchase this in a two pack for larger tanks or aquariums. The heater comes with its own adhesive. It can easily adhere directly on to any area of the glass terrarium. This saves you a lot of trouble is installation.