Best Rat Wheel of 2020 – [COMPLETE GUIDE with COMPARISON]

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Some may be a fan of petting dogs, cats, birds and other type of home pets. There are even people who are comfortable having poultry/farm animals at the back of their house. It really doesn’t matter what type of animal or breed you want, as long as you have the right and proper equipment to cater their basic instincts and to adjust with their natural behavior. Now, common equipment for little furry animals would be cages. But some of the smaller types of pet will require you to have exercising equipment such as a best rat wheel, also commonly known as a hamster wheel as it serves the same physical purpose.

First Choice    Wodent Wheel Senior PLUS Nail-O-Matic Insert & Tail Shield $ 4.5/5
Second Choice     12″ Diameter Silent Runner Exercise Wheel (orange) $ 4/5
Third Choice     Kaytee Silent Spinner Wheel, Giant 12-Inch, Colors Vary $ 3.4/5
Fourth Choice 8″ Wodent Exercise Wheel (Lavender & Pink) $ 3/5

It would probably prompt a question in your head if this is really a necessary equipment to be added inside your rat cage or hamster cage. It actually is. Both rats and hamsters can run entirely all night and for quite some time. That movement is actually their natural behavior wherein they are utilizing their energy to remain fit. Caging a rat or a hamster will hinder their movement to a minimum. There would be not enough space for them to move around, crawl and run. That is where a rat wheel or a hamster wheel would come. Your pet can wildly run the entire day in place, taking out all those excess energy without the need of letting them out the cage as they will surely try to escape.

In relation to the statement above, some pet owners are even more dedicated into giving the best cage or home equipment for their little pets. There are cages at a little expensive cost that is complete with running tubes, tunnels, wheels, water tanks and steel food dishes. All these are a great investment for as they will prolong the life span of your pets, close to a maximum. It helps them to remain fit and healthy and provide them with convenience, comfort, insulation and protection.


13 Amazing Rat Wheels


Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel, Giant, 12,” Colors Vary



This is Kaytee’s best rat wheel in them market. This wheel features a silent spinner with a giant size of about 12 inches in diameter. The color varies but sadly, the manufacturer does not have any options where you can choose your desired color. The design of this wheel is so quiet. Your pet can run all day and night without even noticing. This small add-on to your cage can help them exercise and stay in shape. It is ideal for rats and other small furry animals such as guinea pig, hamster, etc.


Wodent Wheel Senior PLUS Nail-O-Matic Insert & Tail Shield



Our next product of rat wheels is one of the expensive sets. The appearance, design and aesthetics of the wheel can tell that it is of a greater quality. It measures about 11 inches and comes with 1 inch tall stand. The set also includes a nail trimmer which is perfect in keeping a good pet hygiene. This is actually a practical investment for your furry little pet to lengthen its lifespan. It will keep them in shape and in good health.


Silent Runner 12″ Regular – Pet Exercise Wheel + Cage Attachment



This is a rat running on wheel for female sugar gliders, rats, hamsters and other little furry pets. This running wheel set is brought to you by Exotic Nutrition. It is around 12 inches in diameter and comes in orange color. The set maybe used by chinchillas but not that recommended as it is too narrow. It is designed with durable dual bearings for a faster, smooth and silent run. It is not that hard to install, you just need to make sure that your cage has sufficient space to accommodate its size.


To better give you some enlightenment and insight about the product, below is a short video review about the Silent Runner – Rat Wheel:

This video explains all the details about the product. It discusses about its features and some of the important things to consider that we might have left out on our description above.


Kaytee Silent Spinner Wheel, Giant 12″



Kaytee also brings you a 12 inches size silent spinner or exercise wheel for your rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, sugar gliders and other furry little pets. It is designed specifically for a quiet run. A rat or a hamster can run all day and it an ordinary wheel will clink and clank for so long creating a noise. Not to mention if your cage is housing several or multiple little furry animals. This set also encourages pets to exercise. It will take help them take out their excess energy by living in an enclosed area and will also keep them fit and healthy.


Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel for Small Pets, 12-Inch – Colors may vary



This rat exercise wheel is from Ware Manufacturing. For some who do not know, the manufacturer is well-known in pet equipment industry. They have been long creating cages, hutches, feeders, fitness equipment for pets and more. This right here is there 12 inches exercise wheel for rats, hamsters and other little pets. It comes in fun colors and made with solid construction. The smooth and solid surface provides a quiet run. This is best for starters and for those who have some budget limits as it is cheap and affordable.


Rodent – Semi-Enclosed Exercise Wodent Wheel ‘Wobust’ 12″ Blue



A common question for beginners would be, do rats need wheels? It’s actually optional equipment but providing them with a device where they could exercise is a practical investment. It will help them ease their natural behavior to run, scratch, etc. This will also help them prolong their life as there is no space to move around the cage and just eating all day would make them unfit and fat. This set naturally attracts rodents but it is not best for sugar gliders. The wheel’s axle might damage and make your glider’s tail twirl.


Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield – 11″ running wheel for small pets



This one of the few best rat wheels for your furry pets from Wodent Wheel. It is like their previous product but with a cheaper price as this set does not include a nail trimmer. This gives you a chance to save some amount if you are on a tight budget. You can also search for the trimmer and purchase it separately, if situation insist that you do in the near future. The size of the wheel is 11 inches. This is best used for sugar gliders and rats but it also perfectly fits other rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.





If you are looking for a rat running wheel that runs smoothly and silently, we suggest you opt for the Silent Runner Wheel. It is made from hard and durable plastic, colored orange. The set includes a nail trimmer for rodents and sugar gliders. These useful freebies will help in maintaining your pet’s hygiene. The set comes with a durable metal stand. It is advised that you measure your cage before purchasing the wheel set as it might leave your pet a few space to move or might not fit at all.



15″ Chin Spin – Chinchilla Wheel – Handmade in USA




There are only a few wooden made, best rat wheel you can look for. This here is from Quality Cage Craters. It is made from a combination of strong and solid wood construction and thick, durable metal.  This wooden/metallic exercise and fitness wheel measure approximately 15 inches in diameter. The best part about a non-plastic wheel for your rodents is to avoid damages from chewing. Chewing is one of their natural behavior which they usually do apart from excess energy from living in a cage. The cage equipment has a wide surface where they can run freely and with enough space for their body movement.






This is a sugar glider exercise wheel from Wodent Wheel. This is intentionally designed to fit the health needs of a sugar glider but it could also work great as a rat wheels for rodents and other little furry animals. It has a size of about 11 inches in diameter which includes a metal stand and a safety shield. This product has been approved and recommended by ASPCA, a non-profit organization that protects the right of animals. This is considered by their organization to be a safe and helpful equipment for your little furry pets.



Hamster Silent Spinner Toy – Small Animals Cage Accessories without Stand (Blue)



This is a hamster wheel or a rat wheel that comes in a variety of colors. All color has a specific price that differs from each other. It is a small size wheel, about 5.5 inches in diameter for small or medium size cages. It is important that you try to vary the size of your exercise wheel to your cage size. Large size wheel for small size cages that houses several small pets can make things crowded and would cause stress for your pets. The wheel is strong and durable. It is designed to be safe and prevents your pet from getting thrown out if RPM speed increases.



Rodent – Semi-Enclosed Exercise Wodent Wheel ‘Sr.’ 11″ Lavender



There are rat rod wheels for sale that holds a great fashion style, fitting for the likes of girls/women. This set here from Wodent Wheel, distributed by PetWiser comes in a lavender color. It is about 11 inches large in diameter. The wheel set requires a small assembly skill and effort, not at all hard. It comes with its own metal stand that can withstand long hours of running. This also attracts rodents naturally. The moment you install this to your cage will get them running at almost instantly. It is made with reliable construction that can withstand all rodent behavior.


 Just for fun, below shows you a short video of unboxing the Wodent Wheel rodent exercising equipment.

The equipment is neatly protected by a bubble wrap and a box filled with styrofoam. This guarantees a 100% fully functioning equipment without any damages, whatsoever.


8″ Wodent Exercise Wheel (Lavender & Pink)



Our next product is a pink exercise wheel from Wodent Wheel. It is a small size, 8 inches diameter wheel that comes with a durable metal stand. It is best used for sugar gliders and hamsters but could also work great for rats and other small rodents. This wheel set is cheap compared to most products and could highly perform in small to medium size cages. It is a small investment you can make to prolong and maintain a healthy life for your pet. The product is made with reliable durability and is guaranteed to last to serve your furry pets for a long time.


Some of you might find it hard to follow a text instruction from the manual, even if it has some illustrations on how to do it. Below is a video tutorial of how to assemble, clean and oil the rat wheel.

The video is a great reference for beginners as it also teaches you how to maintain and prolong the longevity of your pet’s exercise equipment.

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