Best Rabbit Hutches of 2020 – [COMPLETE LIST OF 29 WITH COMPARISON]

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One of the most adorable pets owned by pet enthusiast or owners is rabbits. They are friendly, fun, cuddly and highly safe for children. And the usual thought that comes to mind if you plan on getting a rabbit for your home is the setting to where you are going to house your pet. Housing the pet indoors would take up a lot of effort in cleaning and maintaining as you would not want spoil your carpet, living room and most importantly, odor in the air circulation. That is the most probable reason why we need the best rabbit hutches. It gives you a chance to house your pet outdoors and keep your home clean.

First Choice   RH-12 W/Run For Rabbit Hutch / Guinea Pig CC Only $$ 4/5
Second Choice     RH-58 2 Story W/Run Rabbit Hutch with Storage for Hay / Straw $$$ 3.8/5
Third Choice      Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof (M), Gray/White $ 3.5/5
Fourth Choice      Rabbit Hutch with Peaked Roof (M), Glazed Pine $$ 3.1/5

Rabbit hutches are common caging equipment for rabbits. Placing the rabbit outdoors would endanger them from other animals, being attacked. The cute and cuddly pet are not that equipped naturally to defend their selves from predator such as dogs, cats and more. In addition, the maintenance outdoors compared to indoors is not that troublesome. There are a lot of room for the foul odor from waste and other spoiled materials to dissipate. Another thing that would concern you and would get you invested in rabbit hutch would be the cold. Using a common cage for hamster or ferrets might work with rabbits indoors but not out. The cold weather will certainly put your rabbits in danger using a large, ordinary cage.

Best Rabbit Hutches of 2020


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In addition to temperature, the normal range of an ideal temp. For rabbits outdoors would be around 45 to 85 degrees. Going further above that or below that would be too hot or too cold for the animal. If too hot, it would require you transfer or relocate the hutch on a shaded area or indoors and refill them with lots of fluids to keep them hydrated. Too cold requires you to relocate the pet to a much more insulated area outside or keep them indoors. Regardless, a rabbit hutch will always try to moderate the temperature inside and out. It will also keep them safe from harmful elements which could be vital to their health.

29 Rabbit Hutches


RH-57 Rabbit Hutch with Storage for Hay / Straw



Starting off your rabbit hutch plans, you need to check out this amazing rabbit hutch from CC ONLY. It features a wooden hutch, RH-57 model with a large storage for food such as hay or straw. The convenient hay or straw storage can hold up a large amount of supply. The set requires some assembly but without exerting too much effort. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to finish the assembly. This hutch has a sufficient amount of space to keep your rabbit moving, entertained and fed with convenience. The wooden construction provides a sturdier home for your pet.


RH-12 W/Run For Rabbit Hutch / Guinea Pig CC Only



If a cage won’t be enough for an indoor rabbit hutch, try this RH-12 Hutch from CC ONLY. It works best and suiting for rabbits but it also works fine with guinea pigs and other furry little pets. It features a wooden constructed house with many convenient doors. The hutch can be used for both indoors and out. Using it indoors however, would require you to place it on a mat or a plastic plate on the bottom. It keeps them insulated from cold and warm through chilly weathers. The set can withstand a behavior of rabbits and guinea pigs for a long time.


RH-25 Rabbit Hutch 2-story



There are many rabbit hutches for sale that you could choose from but it won’t be a trouble trying to check out the RH-25 model of a rabbit hutch from CC ONLY. The wooden house features a 2 story structure that is economical in terms of space. The expansion of the house goes up instead of sideways. It provides a lot of space for behavioral movement of the animal. It is highly durable due to its wooden construction that uses only the finest of woods. It requires some assembly with an estimated time of 30 minutes to an hour.

CC ONLY has a long list of pet cages and homes. This product is one of their best rabbit hutches for a reasonable price. Below is a video to add more information and to give you a better view of the product.

The hutch will provide a great time, not only to your rabbits but also with other kinds of furry little animals. They will enjoy 2 floors of space, protection, insulation and ventilation against different weathers.


Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Enclosure



It would be great if you obtain some skills on how to build a rabbit hutch as you can save some amount of money at an expense of time and effort. However, the amount saved is fairly little as wood and expensive and it will require you some tools and gadgets to do so. Instead, you can try to check out this wonderful animal hutch from TRIXIE Pet Products. It is a two storey hutch that could house several rabbits outdoors. Each storeys have its own designated door for convenient access. It uses metal wires to keep the animal ventilated and the wooden construction, insulated.


Rabbit Hutch with Peaked Roof (M), Glazed Pine



Another great outdoor rabbit hutch product from TRIXIE is this peaked roof housing for pets made from glazed pine. You can purchase this set with different styles, choosing from brown, natural and a smooth color combination of red and white. It features a 2 story rabbit house or hutch where the 2nd floor works out as a great retreat area for insulation. There is a non-slippery ramp to where your rabbits climb up. There are several doors accessible on the top and bottom floor and a pull-out tray made of thick and durable plastic for fast cleaning and maintenance.


Precision Pet Extreme Rabbit Shack Large 48 in. x 24 in. x 46 in.



Precision Pet has tons of rabbit hutches for sale. One of their most outstanding rabbit housing creations is the Rabbit Shack that measures approximately 48 by 24 by 46 inches. This is large hutch but you have an option to choose between medium and/or large. The price varies on the size of the hutch. It has an elevated design with 4 long legs on each corner. It includes 2 pieces of plastic pan, each with its own sliding trays. It has a unique flooring design where it uses thick and durable wood slat and a wire. It uses proper wire spacing to accommodate other types of small pets.


Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Hutch for Rabbits and Small Pets, Medium



If you opt to have a large rabbit hutch that does not take up a lot of floor space in both indoors and out, you need to check this sturdy wooden construction Hutch from Ware Manufacturing. The manufacturer is known to craft different housing for different types of pet. This hutch features a large and spacious rabbit house, elevated by 4 strong and stable legs located at every corner. Although the set size is just medium, they also over a large set but this one would suffice for a pair of adult rabbit. The house roof can be open or lift up for an easy-access to all is of the hutch. It includes a plastic pen that slides out and a hop-way door.


Pawhut Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch w/ Loft



This product form Pawhut is one of the many crafted product from unique rabbit hutch ideas. The set looks very elegant and classic. It holds a natural color and finish. It is ideally intended for rabbits but could also work perfectly with other small pet such as guinea pigs, adult hamster, hedgehog, ferret and more. It features a 2 story hutch made from a combination of metal wire and mostly wood and coated with non-toxic preservatives to keep it strong from harsh weather conditions. It includes an easy-pull-out tray for fast cleaning.


ecoFLEX Indoor Rabbit Hutch



This product is from New Age Pet. It is a little bit expensive compared with smaller and non-wood housing for rabbits but most cheap rabbit hutches has a lowered price at an expense of durability, functionality and other features. The set uses ecoFLEX wood which makes it very strong and problem free. This indoor hutch features 2 different living areas. The upper part is a closed-off location the cater the burrowing behavior of the rabbit and is connected to the ground level with a non-slippery ramp. This requires no tools in assembling.


go2buy Wood Pet Rabbit Hutch (36″ Hutch)



Isn’t it lovely to have so many rabbit hutch designs, readily made available for you in the market? One product you should look into with a unique and convenient design is the Wooden Rabbit Hutch from Go2buy. It is a small set that measures about 36 inches in length, 17 inches in width and 29 inches in height. The set is medium but the measurement makes it already a large set compared to other hutches. It has two-tiers or two levels with a ramp that connects them two. The roof top can be accessed as it easily flips open. It has a wooden/PVC tray on the middle that slides out for easy cleaning.


RH-58 2 Story W/Run Rabbit Hutch with Storage for Hay / Straw



There are a lot of articles and instructions in the internet on how to make a rabbit hutch but it would consume a great deal of time and would possibly cost you more if you don’t own any tools. Why not instead, try to give this amazing Rabbit Hutch product from CC ONLY. It is their RH-58 model that features a twin rabbit house, each with 2 story levels or tiers. Almost all of the corners have doors for accessibility over all floors and corners. It is great for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furry pets. The housing set can be used in both outdoors and indoors, depending on your desired usage preference.


Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Backyard Hutch for Rabbits and Small Pets



Building a rabbit hutch would save you either more or less depending on your chosen materials and tools. Why not give this cheap and affordable Backyard Hutch for rabbits from Ware Manufacturing. It may be cheap but it is all made from natural and solid wood which makes it best for outdoors as it can withstand any weather conditions and much durable compared to plastic. It only has 1 level or tier where one part holds the door and the other, a metal wire. The wood is coated with a non-toxic finish and keeps the set away from stains. It measures about 53 inches in width, almost 25 inches in depth and 21 inches in height.


Kaytee Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story, 48-Inch Wide



This is cheap rabbit hutch from Kaytee. The large size make it look a little expensive but it is way larger compared to other hutches from other manufacturers. It comes in 3 different sizes, small, large and extra-large. As for size, the set has no medium available. The set features 2-tiers of living room. It is designed with a classic look. Most part of the hutch is made from wood and some parts combined with metal wire. It has many doors on both the upper and the lower tier for convenient access. The medium size measures to about 48 inches long and 50 inches high by 24 inches wide.


1-Story Rabbit Hutch



This pet house product is from TRIXIE. It is a rabbit hutch indoor or outdoor use. There are 2 versions of this model, a single tier hutch and a 2 tier hutch. Each version has several sizes, color and design. Depending on your choice, the price differs. This model on the other hand is a 1 story hutch with a hinged roof that creates a nice flow of water during rains. The roof can also be opened, granting you access on all area of the floor. The set stands on 4 durable wooden legs to level the hutch to your height. Regardless of the design, each set have plenty of doors to provide and easy entry and exit for your pets.


Prevue Hendryx 461 Large Rabbit Hutch



Prevue Hendryx won’t back down in the long competition of outdoor and indoor rabbit hutches. The manufacturer, Prevue Hendryx is a well-known seller and manufacturer of pet tools, equipment, housing, cages and more. This is there 461 model of a rabbit hutch. It comes in two sizes, small and large. It is made from durable wood making it a secure and safe rabbit home. It is designed to have a double door locks. It is to keep an extra security. The wood is nicely coated with anti-stains, water and heat-proofing. The length is about 46 inches long and a width of 24 inches by 36 inches high.


Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof (M), Gray/White



It would not cost you much to have a homemade rabbit hutch but rather than exerting too much effort in crafting and looking for the right tools and equipment, why not try this cheap and affordable rabbit hutch from TRIXIE Pet Products? There are 3 sizes for this product, small, medium and large. There are also 3 varieties of color combinations, gray/white, brown/white and glazed pine. Regardless of size and color, the hutch still has the same design. It features 2 story housing for rabbis with the upper part being a retreat area. The roof can be opened to grant access to the floors above.


Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof (M), Glazed Pine



The previous product features a medium size and a black/white color from TRIXIE. This on the other hand is their large indoor rabbit hutch. It has a sloped roof to keep the flow of water dropping on one side. The first and second tier level is connected by a non-slip ramp to where your pet rabbit can easily climb up. This hutch provides the right amount of insulation during cold weathers outdoors. It will also keep them under a good shade and good air ventilation during hot season. The package includes an easy-pull plastic tray for an easy cleaning and maintenance.


Merax Pet Rabbit Bunny Wood Hutch House (NO.2)



This is a fairly large rabbit hutch for both indoor and outdoor use from Merax. There is a variety of version or model where you can choose from. Each version has different design with the other. It leaves you with the right kind of hutch that suits your pet. This on the other hand is the No.2 Model wherein there are two rooms divided and connected by a hole and a ramp to where your rabbit runs through. It uses non-slip ramp and provides a wide area of movement. The set is made from a combination of natural fir wood and some parts metal-wire to maintain proper and cool ventilation.


Confidence Pet 62″ Rabbit Hutch / Chicken Coop



This is Confidence’s rabbit hutches for sale cheap and affordable.  It is a very large set that could cater to the needs of rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and/or chicken. It uses a furniture quality wood. The set is anti-fungal as fungus causes woods to decay faster than its normal rate. This is best used for outdoors. The hutch is weather-proof. It can withstand heavy rain and intense hot weather. It features a 2-tier hutch with a pull-out tray made of wood. There is also an open area for your pet to run. Parts of the hutch are made of heavy duty and long lasting metal wire.


Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof (M), Glazed Pine



This is Trixie rabbit hutch. It features a medium size, sloped roof hutch made from glazed pine. The set comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. You also can choose between glazed pine, brown/white and gray/white. The set offers 2 floors being the upper part, an area where they could comfortable rest, well insulated. The top or the roof is hinged. That is to provide a nice water-flow and keep it draining on the back side during rainy season. The two floors connect through a ramp. It has a built-in pull-out tray made of wood for quick cleaning.


Merax Rabbit Hutch Wooden House Wooden Cage for Small Animals (Rabbit Hutch#1)



This is the Merax, 2 story rabbit hutch #1. It has a classic and clean looking design that features 2 floors with metal wires and doors. It has 2 separate floors for two different types of pet depending on your choice. Each floor has its own strong and stable wooden pull-out tray for an easy and quick cleaning. The set has a total dimension of 48 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 41 inches tall. The manufacturer uses a durable fir wood to craft this amazing hutch. It is waterproof and weather resistant. This will keep your pet protected outdoors from harsh weather conditions and from other harmful elements.


Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Double Decker Hutch for Rabbits and Small Pets



The next product is from Ware Manufacturing. It cost a little expensive compared to some other products or to a homemade rabbit hutch but it would be totally worth it. It features a premium wood, double floors or double decker hutch. The set uses the top and the best quality lumber there is. The floors are separate. It is designed to provide shelter for two different types of pet. Each floor has its own locking doors and a pull-out tray underneath for convenient and effortless cleaning. This hutch works out best for both indoor and outdoor use. It is weather and stain resistant. The set dimension is 46 inches-W by 24 inches-D and 41 inches tall.


PawHut 64” Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch with Run and Mesh Cover – Black/Brown/White



What an amazing product from Pawhut that would ultimately give your outdoor rabbit hutch plans a unique and distinctive design. It has a wide space for your rabbits and little furry animals to run. One part is made with wood to serve as hiding spot or sleeping area where they can warm-up and have some insulation. The roof of that area is made from composite asphalt which makes it highly water-proof. Most parts on the other hand are made of thick and strong metal wire with tight spacing to keep your pets safe from getting out and from predators getting in. Most parts of the hutch can be opened. This is to give an open access to the owner.


Ware Manufacturing HD Bunny and Rabbit Double Hutch



You can have lots of choices in terms of you rabbit hutch building plans but it could also take up a lot of time, effort and money in doing so. Ware Manufacturing gives you a chance to have a ready-made home for your rabbits and other furry pets, all for a good deal of price. This Bunny Double Hutch is made only from using top grade quality lumber. It is guaranteed to house your pet for a very long time. It stands in 4 legs and includes an easy pull-out tray for cleaning. There are two locking doors available on both sides of the hutch made of wood and metal wire for access and security.


Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Penthouse Hutch for Rabbits and Small Pets



Ware Manufacturing just keeps it going. There are only a few amount of this type of rabbit hutches available. This is the Premium Plus Penthouse for small animals and rabbits. The hutch features a 2-tier hutch made from outstanding quality of wood or lumber. The 2 levels are connected with an anti-slip ramp. Each floor has opening/locking doors to keep your pets safe inside and secured from dangerous predators. The set is weather-resistant. It can withstand both hot and cold weathers. The roof is hinged, providing it with an efficient water flow that directs to the back part of the hutch during rainy days.


Ware Manufacturing HD Deluxe Rabbit Hutch



Another great outdoor and indoor rabbit hutch from Ware Manufacturing, this is their HD deluxe Hutch. It is best used for rabbits but could definitely work well with other types of little pets. They have used top grade lumber to craft this amazing housing for pets. It is highly versatile. The single tiered hutch has a removable divider. The divider also has a hole from where the rabbit can crawl through. It has a large door and a cover that can be easily removed or replaced. This hutch is fairly large with a measurement of 43 inches in width, 34 in depth and 48 inches tall.


Merax Pet Rabbit Bunny Wood House Hutch with ABS Tray, Natural Color



Merax have so many rabbit hutch for sale and up for grabs. This is their number-1 series or version of rabbit hutch. It has an over-all size of about 54 inches in length by 19 inches in depth and 36 inches tall. It uses natural wood colors. The set is made using a combination of strong and durable metal wire and fir wood. It is furnished with non-toxic and water-proof paint. The set, without legs provides more stability and could be able to withstand harsh weathers. It has 2 floors connected by a strong ramp. Each floors has many opening and locking doors for accessibility and security. It is cheap and affordable while maintaining a high quality remarks from all its satisfied customers.


Merax Pet Supplies Wood House Rabbit Hutch Outdoor Run, 56”L X 26”W X 39”H



This is one of the cheap rabbit hutches you can get in the market. It is finely made by Merax and holds the same standards of quality with expensive hutch sets. This set is a 2 level hutch. The lower floor being a wide run area for your rabbits and the top level keeps them have a regulated temperature. The walls on the lower and upper floor can flip open. It is designed to provide complete access on all levels. This is perfect for rabbits and other little furry animals such as hamster, ferrets or guinea pigs. It has natural stain color and crafted using only the finest and most durable wood available. The set is furnished with a water-proof paint and has a natural smell.


In addition to our description above, we added some video as we might have left out some important details about this amazing cheap rabbit hutches from Merax Pet Supplies.

The set grants your pet a free movement due to its very wide space on the bottom floor. It also allows you the right to every floor as there are so many flipping doors that opens and locks.


Petsfit Bunny Cages



Lastly, this product is for those people who look for the best rabbit hutch designs that are readily available for them to purchase. This is Petsfit’s Outdoor Bunny Cages or Rabbit Hutch. Your rabbit would feel like they actually live in a luxurious house rather than a hutch or a cage. It is fairly large, having a dimension of 43 by 30 by 46 inches. It has 2 tiers from which the bottom part is a run area and the top being a rest area. The roof can be flipped open for accessibility. This can be purchased in either turquoise or red color. It is made with solid wooden construction with classic design. The set is weather-proof, being able to withstand different outdoor weather conditions. It requires some assembly but not at all hard and troublesome.


Just to add some more information about assembling this luxurious looking rabbit hatch designs, here is a video tutorial:

You would see that it easily connects or attaches with each other. It does not even require you complex tools to do so.

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