Best Meat Rabbit Breeds

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There are 2 reasons why we raise a rabbit, it can either be because we want to pet them or for poultry purposes. This guide may be hard for pet owners but it could greatly help people who want to find the best meat rabbit breeds. The process of growing rabbits for meat purposes is very economical and fairly easy to do. The only thing you need to worry about if looking for the right breed of rabbit, ideal in your market area, the quality of meat and the environment where your chosen type will feed and grow.

Choosing the right type of rabbit breed depends on your niche. You might want to go commercial, favoring the option of growing a large type of rabbit with a higher meat-to-bone ratio. That is to provide meat buyers more meat at a good price. You can also choose a different breed for people who would choose quality meat over quantity. There are some breeds that have a low meat-to-bone ration and could only grow to medium size, around 4 kilograms but with a nice rabbit meat quality. One that is full of taste and flavor. Depending on your choice, below are the best meat rabbit breeds usually grown in the poultry industries.

10 Best Meat Rabbit Breeds

Champagne D Argent

This type of rabbit is considered to be the oldest breed. It has known to live and thrived for over 400 years. The Champagne D Argent can normally be found in France. It is an ideal breed as it grows to a nice size and weight. The average size of an adult ranges from 10 to 15 pounds or weighs from 5 to 7 kilograms. This may be common in Europe but it is a rare breed in the western country or in the US.

Californian Rabbits

The Californian Rabbits were originally called Cochinelles. The name came from George West. He was known to develop this kind of rabbit breed. This is a popular breed in the US, rampant and known to have lots in California. The breed is fairly easy to grow and requires less effort in doing so. It can grow for up to 10 pounds with an average weight of 7 pounds. The medium size rabbit breed weighs about 3 to 5 kilograms, making it an easy market breed for good meat and size.

Cinnamons Rabbits

Growing rabbits for meat does not necessarily mean, quality all the way. Sometimes you need to consider the size and weight of the full-grown breed of rabbit. That is where Cinnamons come in handy. They can grow to up to 11 pounds with an average between 8 and 9 or weighing about 5 kilograms. Apart from it, you can easily grow the breed without requiring too much effort in your end. The breed is an easy going rabbit and pretty much enjoys human interaction. This is also ideal for being a pet, but that’s another story.

Flemish Giants

Distinctively basing the size of this rabbit breed to its name, this is by far the largest breed of rabbits known to exist today. The adult or full grown size of the breed has an average weight of 6 kilograms or 13 pounds and can extend up to 10 kilograms or 22 pounds. The breed, however, has an average life span of 5 years, far more little compared to other breeds. The nice thing about it is that it can achieve a full-grown size at a short period of time.

New Zealand Whites

This rabbit breed; the New Zealand Whites are a common breed in the country and has paved its way to most states in the US. It is now a widely known type of breed in poultry and commercial meat industries. It has a moderate size, far beyond giant and large size rabbits, but has a high-quality type of meat. The breed does not require much to grow, high protein feeds and regular hays can easily grow the breed to a full-grown size.

Just for fun as we are halfway with our list of the best meat rabbit breeds, here is a short video that teaches you how to pick the best breed:

Hope you had some fun and some insights about how to choose the right type of breed for you before we continue with our list.

Palomino Rabbits

Another large size breed of rabbit is the Palomino. Given the size, the rabbit itself has a small bone structure. It simply means that the bone and meat ratio, compared to other breeds, will provide more meat. This is considered to be the meatiest rabbit breed today. There are two types of Palomino Rabbit, the Gold color and the Lynx. Other than hair or fur color, there is not much difference in the quality of the meat and growth size of the breed.

The American Chinchilla

One of the common, well-known and the best meat rabbit breeds in America is the American Chinchilla. The size of the rabbit is large, fairly weighing about 4 to 5 kilograms. People often confuse the breed with a rodent called chinchilla but the American Chinchilla refers to the rabbit breed. The breed is the usual choice of people in the US not because of the size but the quality of meat it grows. The breed is very easy to care and grow.

Satins Rabbits

The Satins are the type of breed that has been perfected by Americans in the US. The type of breed is well known in pet and meat industries. It is dubbed as the rabbit of beauty and distinction because of the coatings it has. This is a breed that is both ideals for meat and home pet purposes. The breed only requires a high protein diet or a protein supplement can easily suffice for the needs. That is to maintain a good fur or coating. Other than that, the breed does not require much attention.

Rex Rabbits

This breed of rabbit is more of a quality type rather than quantity. The full-grown size only weighs about 4 kilograms, making it a medium size rabbit. In addition, the meat and bone ration is far smaller compared to popular commercial rabbit meat breeds. This breed, however, has nice tasty meat. The quality is above your normal breed of rabbit. This type has a variety where it was bred in different colors, making it also an ideal pet rabbit at home.

Silver Foxes

The silver fox breed was the type that was developed by Walter Garland. The idea or intent was to breed a rabbit that features the fur quality, that of a fox, long, black and silver, dense and a bit shaggy. In addition to his idea, he also wanted a breed that grows beautiful meat along with a nice bone to meat ratio.

The average weight of this breed weighs about 8 pounds or 4-kilogram and can weigh more than usual. The size eventually topped that of a silver rabbit and was later called as the heavyweight silver rabbit, both of which was developed by the same man, Walter Garland.

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