Best Horse Treats for 2020 – [COMPLETE LIST OF 29 with COMPARISON]

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Being a horse owner or someone who have a horse as a pet would often times want to reward them with a healthy treats. This is to compensate their untiring effort in giving you a wonderful ride as you strode down certain terrains. Some use this to reward them if they successfully finished a course of training. Either way, the bottom line and the main reason that we provide our pet with the best horse treats is because we love them. We want to share and show our affection by rewarding them with foods other than their normal or daily feeds. And in admission, most people who own a horse would tell you that giving a horse some treats would also make them feel good. Seeing the animal enjoying a butt-load of sweet and healthy treats gives you a warm feeling of happiness.

First Choice STUD MUFFINS 1060/1050 Stud Muffins Horse Treat, 60 oz $ 4.8/5
Second Choice      $ 4.8/5
Third Choice     Equus Magnificus German Horse Muffins in Bucket, 7-Pound $ 4.7/5
Fourth Choice   Manna Pro Apple Horse Treat Wafers, 20 lb $ 4.6/5

The question would be what kind of horse treats should you give them? Is there anything you need to know about that might endanger your pet’s health? There are veggie treats that you should take into great consideration. Feeding a horse broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage could lead up to accumulation of gas in a horse’s stomach. You should also avoid lawn clippings. These are lawn grass that you have just cut down to keep a clean front yard. It may contain other kinds of flowers that could be poisonous when eaten and could put your horse at risk. The same goes with garden clippings. Another thing and most importantly, refrain from feeding them chocolates. It may be sweet and they would possibly enjoy this but running medical check-ups and processing your horse’s papers would show a positive drug test results.

What should you feed them then? The best treats would be a choice between carrots and other non-gassy fruits or veggies. There are a wide options in terms of a good equipment and food supplements such as horse treats. A cubed hay, apple slices and bananas are pretty much tasty for horses too. There are even specially made commercial products that are accredited and approved by World Veterinary Association or WVA and Animal and Plant Health Inspection or APHIS. These are products are refined or nutrition boosted peppermints, sugar cubes, raisins, non-shelled sunflower seeds and more. Some treats are muffins, cookies or buns made using most of the ingredients above.

29 Horse Treats


STUD MUFFINS 1060/1050 Stud Muffins Horse Treat, 60 oz



Our first in many horse treat recipes is a 60 oz. muffin treat from Stud Muffins. This is a handmade product on a large bucket, all for a good and affordable price. It is refined and with fortified nutrients that our pet horse needs. It has boosted, flax seed and protein to ensure that they have a healthy diet as well as being enjoyable to a horse’s taste. This product uses all natural ingredients. It does not have any poisonous or toxic ingredients that can harm your horse. The product actually has many good reviews and good ratings on so many pet necessity markets.

We would like to share a video below that could add some information as we might have left out some details in our description. The video is an unbiased review about the product.

Other than being healthy and having a large pack, the treat is also very tasty and horses will have a joyful moment as they enjoy their treat. It is a double-win situation for horse owners.


Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies – 5 lb



This is Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horse. It is a homemade horse treats that you could avail over so many pet stores or online for a cheap and affordable price. The cookies come in different packaging. This is a 5 pound pack but the manufacturer is selling the treat in other sizes as well. You could choose to have this in 5 pounds and 8 oz. bag, 15 pounds bucket, 15 pounds refillable box or in a 35 oz. plastic jar. This product has been showcased in the horse journal of Michael Plumb. It was chosen to be a number 1 horse treat and a product of the year, but we keep an open mind for you to judge.

Just to show-off how known the product is in the horse-owner community, below is a short interview stating the history and the purpose of why this amazing homemade horse treats were created.

Mrs. Pastures cookies at start was made only to be fed to her retired racing horse. The delight was later manufactured as she wants other owner’s horses the experience the same kind of nutritious and tasty treat.


Aloe Advantage Poppermints Horse Treats 5 lb (DO NOT SELL IN NM)



Our next horse treat product is probably the cheapest but highly regarded and very much tasteful for our horses. This is a Peppermint flavored horse treats from Aloe Advantage and distributed by Rooster Booster. It is a grained treat and made to a bite-size food. The product only comes in 1 size wherein it weighs about 5 pounds. This is great for horses or ponies. It has satisfied so many customers already and there are only a few of this tasty treats product left. It is guaranteed to be yummy and delicious for our fast-running and hard-working pet.


EQUUS MAGNIFICUSINC 011-10020013 Mint The German Minty Muffins All Natural Horse Treat, 1 lb



Diy horse treats is short for do it your own. It is the same with a home-made treats for horse. That is you know how to bake or you have the necessary kitchen tools to do so. If not, then there are still so many affordable treats for horse such as this Minty Muffins from EQUUS MAGNIFICUS INC. This treat is all made from natural ingredients. It has a combined flavor of sweetness and peppermint using real peppermint oil. This is a great as a reward for horse training. It is a guaranteed delight for our beloved horses.


Manna Pro Apple Horse Treat Wafers, 20 lb



If you have some experience and know your way in the kitchen then it really isn’t that hard for you to find out how to make horse treats. As for those who find it hard to operate a kitchen tool or equipment, then you can try out this tasteful apple treat for horse from Manna Pro. It also comes in peppermint flavor. This product treats is made from USA with around 700 pieces in a 20 pounds bag. The tiny chunks of treats are easy to chew and are a great positive reinforcement on horse training. It works like a trophy for horses who’s accomplished a certain task of training.


Squeezy Buns Treats For Horses



You can have yourself refer to different horse treats recipes but for someone who finds it hard to bake even for him or herself, this bunny treats from Uncle Jimmy’s would fit your characteristics nicely. These are called Squeezy Buns. It is because they are very soft and extremely delicious. It uses all natural and nutritious ingredients, all packed in this squeezy buns. The treats are individually wrapped and packed into one container. This keeps each bun fresh and unspoiled. The product has the best remarks and good recommendations from other horse tamers.


 To show you how fun and exciting this horse treats recipes from Uncle Jimmy. Here is a short video review distinguishing this Squeezy Buns from other common horse treat products.

Each treat is wrapped individually as seen in the video. Other than the convenience of having a transparent container, the purpose of it is to provide more comfort to the horse owner. You can’t just packet an unwrapped treat as you ride your horse or at the moment of training. Individual wrappings allow you to hold on to your horse treats until the animal finishes his course of training.


Equus Magnificus German Horse Muffins in Bucket, 7-Pound



Among all horse treats recipe you can have, the certain thing is that you still need to do some effort in baking/cooking and some kitchen tools. Not all have a time and luxury to spend some time mixing ingredients. That is why Equus Magnificus brings your their amazing and tasty German inspired horse treats. It comes in different sizes and packaging. You can purchase this all natural treats with mouth-watering aroma in 1, 6, 7, or 14 pounds. 7 and 14 pounds treats comes in a bucket for more convenient storage. This is good for training or for giving medications for horses.


Manna Pro 4 lb Bag of Flavored Bite Size Nuggets. Great for Training! (Apple)



The next treats for horses are from Manna Pro and distributed by RJ Mathews. It only comes in one size which is in a 5 pounds packaging. There are 3 types of flavors you can choose from: apple, butterscotch and peppermint. Each flavor has almost the same prices. The treat is cooked or baked in a nugget. It is a bite-size and finger food treat for horses. This is used best for rewarding horses in their long intensive training or in camouflaging medications or vitamins. You can easily slide in a capsule, tablet or two to each nugget as you feed your horse.


KENT NUTRITION GROUP-BSF 1537 Apple Rounder’s Horse Treat, 30 oz



Adding to your list of horse treat recipes, this is an Apple Rounder’s Treat for Horse, brought to you by Kent Nutrition. The treat is an apple flavored reward food for horse. It is made from natural ingredients, boosted and fortified with all the necessary vitamins that maintain a strong resistance against harmful elements. It uses a secret recipe that creates a unique flavor that horses could just not resist. These sorts of treats are the one for you if you want your horses to have a delightful treat as a reward for their tiring training. It will keep them in line and maintain their skills in exchange for a mouth-watering reward.


Ginger Ridge Stable Snax Horse Treat – Vanila Flax, 1.75 lb. bag



This is Ginger Ridge’s horse treats distributed to you by Quiko. It is fairly cheap and easy on the pocket. This being affordable, is a practical investment as it is a food that is highly easy to maintain and keep up every time you are treating or rewarding your horse for its hard work and effort-full endurance. The treat is an oven baked food made from a combination of ingredients: grains, oatmeal, flax seed and other natural substances. It has a variety of flavors to choose from, orange, peppermint, vanilla and grain.


MANNA PRO-MSC 38639 Peppermint Start To Finish Horse Snack, 5 lb



People who are treating colic in horses usually have a hard time giving medications. Not to mention that it is advised to refrain from feeding them food derived from grains, seeds and oats. This tasteful treat contains real peppermint. It is highly nutritious and not at all harmful for horses with colic. The bite sized treat can also be used to cover the bitter flavors of medicines. You can easily press inside a capsule or tablet. It makes oral medication easy to swallow for horses. This is best used as a reward, training or medical aid.





Purina Waggin Train brings to you one of their amazing horse treat recipes in a pack. The treat is made from combined ingredients of apple and oat and an added secret recipe which makes it irresistible for a horse. It is fully packed with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to complement an ordinary horse feed. This is a palatable treat as apples and oats are two of the horse’s favorite delight. It can be used as a feed to reward them or as a trophy for their hard work and training. It weighs about 6 to 7 pounds each pack.


Stud Muffins Bag Horse Treat,90oz



In other animals, a good way to improve a pet’s health is providing them with tools or equipment that compensates their lack of fitness. Horses on the other hand are work animals that maintain a good shape and have a long lasting stamina. They are mostly fit and could be easily trained. The only thing missing is homemade horse treats to reward them with their satisfying behavior such as the Stud Muffin treats for horse. It comes in a 90 oz. packaging. This is a flavorful treat fortified with protein and other nutrients they need to keep healthy and fit.


Probios® Horse Treat Digestion Support – Apple Flavor 1lb Pouch



Our next horse treat product is from Probios. This is a treat that helps in the digestion of our beloved horses. What good is a food if it’s all taste and no medical purpose? It keeps our pet horse’s digestive track regulated while providing a tasteful treat filled with nutrients, minerals, vitamins and beneficial or friendly bacteria. It is made from grains, fruits and vegetables. It also contains live microorganisms that aids in their digestion. It is an apple flavored treat that comes in a neat zip lock packaging, weighing 1 pounds or around 454 grams.


KENT NUTRITION GROUP-BSF 1536/428 Carrot Rounder’s Horse Treat, 30 oz



The next product is not for those horse pet pips that look for a no bake horse treats as this Carrot Rounder’s treat, distributed by Kent Nutrition Group is a guaranteed delight. It is baked with carrots which is one of the favorite foods of horses. The nutrition they get from a carrot are all baked into one bite sized treat fortified with the needed amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It is an ideal reward or treats for horses. This aids in their training, hard-work or medical care. Not to mention, it comes in a pack of 30 oz. or about 850 grams, for a great and affordable price.


Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats, 6-Pound



This is Giddyap Girls Premium treats for horse. It comes a little bit expensive but totally worth it. The bite-size treat weighs almost 3 kilos. It is made from natural ingredients with no sugar or wheat. It is boosted and fortified with all the needed nutrients. The treat is shaped like a clover leaf. It is easy to feed and not at all bulky for horses to chew and swallow. If you find this product expensive or out of your budget, you can opt to have diy horse treats and learns how to bake, cook or mix the necessary ingredients for a treat.


Peppermint Rounders Horse Treat 30 oz.



This is Rounders horse treat product for all horses. It comes in a 30 oz. pack and baked using natural peppermint. The natural ingredients are aided with vitamins and minerals. This is a treat that not only serves to be tasty but also compensates with the nutrients lacking in an ordinary horse feed. It also works great for rewarding horses in their intensive training. The treat is already affordable. If you find it out of your budget or a little bit expensive, then you can research and find out how to make horse treats as it could slightly save you some amount at an expense of time and effort.


Banana Rounders Horse Treat 30 oz (850 g)



Another great Rounders horse treats recipes is the banana flavored treat that comes in a 30 oz. or about 850 grams pack. This is distributed by Kent Nutrition Group. It is a treat baked with banana and other natural ingredients that adds entirely to the flavor. It also contains the appropriate nutritional needs of a horse to maintain a healthy and fitting body. This works best as a complementary reward or treats for hard-work and training. Horses seem to have an irresistible urge and try to do best to achieve a wonderful trophy treat. It is also affordable like most of Rounders Treats.


MARS HORSECARE US IN 37724 Sugar Free Carrot Crunchers, 4 lbs



Mars Horsecare brings you the lovely treats for horses from BUCKEYE NUTRITION. It uses all natural ingredients with no sugars. The main ingredient is carrot and accompanied by other natural mixes. It is fortified and boosted with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. The treat pack is very much affordable. A carrot is a chosen main ingredient due to the horse’s love of the root vegetables. It is best for horses of all ages and also works great as a reward or treat for pony. The pack weighs about 1.8 KG or 4 pounds.


F.M. Brown’s Gypsy Gold Luck and Love Horse Treats, 3-Pound, Alfalfa and Apple Cookie



This is F.M. Brown’s treat for horses. It is a Gypsy Gold Luck treat containing love on every bite. It is made using the best horse treat recipe and an added bonus of all the nutrients your horse’s needs. The treat is a great source or protein and fiber that keep a well regulated and healthy digestive track. It is also fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals such as Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Flax Seed. This all-in-one treat pack is best for horses and ponies of all age. You can use it as a normal treat with love or a reward food if they have finished a course of training.


Mrs Pastures Horse Cookies 32oz (Pack 2)



Most horse treats are baked into muffins or cookies. This is to keep a bite-size treat which is aromatic, chew-able and easy to swallow. One of the many baked treats you can have is Mrs. Pastures’ Horse cookies. It comes in a pack of 2 plastic containers where each weighs about 35 ounces or 2.2 pounds. This bundle treats is best for compensating health and maintenance that lacks in an ordinary horse feeds. It contains essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals and uses only natural ingredients.


Probios Horse Soft Chews, Apple flavor, Net Weight 1.32 lbs(600 grams)



Probios just keeps getting better and better. They have long tried to keep improving their horse treats recipe and have come up with so many delicious and nutritional horse treats. This right here is one of their soft chews for horse. It is apple flavored and helps in regulating digestion. It is a flavorful treat that maintains a healthy and fit digestive tract. This finger, bite-size treats are best for traveling, training, showing, medication or antibiotic therapy, digestive disorder or if you have a plan of de-worming your pet. The treat works for all types and sizes of horses.


Manna Pro FlaxSnax 3.2-Pounds



As homemade horse treats comes cheap and healthy, it is at the expense of your time and effort in baking, cooking and looking for the right ingredients. If saving is all you need, then Manna Pro has lots of affordable FlaxSnax for your beloved horses. This 3.2 pounds treat is highly nutritional. It works both as a treat/reward and at the same time a supplement to compensate the lack of vitamins and minerals from ordinary feeds and hays. This can be used for training or in trying bond with your pet. It uses flax seeds as one of its main ingredients and contains fatty acids or omega-3.


UNCLE JIMMYS BRAND PR Licky Thing Premium Refill Value Pack



The next horse treat product is a fun and delicious horse delicacy from Uncle Jimmy’s. It is a refill pack of 3 with assorted flavors from banana, carrot and molasses. Each refill pack weighs about 1 pound or 4 ounces. It may be purchase to be a refill pack to supply your current food container. It is all made using only natural and non-toxic ingredients. It also has an added food supplement that would fill up the vitamins and nutrients your horse lacks. This pack is very affordable and would very much give your horse the kind of treats they deserve.


Omega Nibblers 3.5 Lb Horse Treat



This is the Omega Nibblers. It is one of the few horse treats made with omega-3 and other hearty supplements. It has no age limit or recommendation. The treat is fairly applicable to horses of all ages and also works with pony. The omega-3, flax seed and anti-oxidant along with all the natural ingredients will maintain the health and performance of your horse. This also enhances their skin, coating and solidifies their hooves. It is also full of flavors, making it the best reward or training treat for your horse. The pack weighs 3.5 pounds or more/less about 1.5 kilos.

Just for fun and to prep you with more information about the product, below is a video review that tells you all the things you need to know about this horse treats and some of its benefits.

This treats are not just to provide them horse with rewards or treats for accomplishing their training. It is also used as a nourishment to compensate the lack of nutrition, normal feeds provides. It is also a good supplement for the heart, skin, hair and more.


Haystack Wild Berry Horse Treats Healthy and Natural Mineral Food 20lbs Bag



This is an expensive product as it uses unique and delighting horse treat recipes. It is made from wild berries which is not the usual flavor used by other manufacturers. The uncommon flavor serves as an irresistible treat for horses. Not only that it is tasteful, it also has been fortified with the right kind of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your horse in a healthy and fitting shape. It comes in a pack of 20 pounds or about 9 kilos. This large pack can go on for weeks in an everyday treat feeding. It works best as a positive reinforcement for training and/or bonding.


Champion Low Sugar Regular Treats 2 Pound Container



Next is homemade horse treats from Champion. The treat is made with delectable ingredients for your horse and with minimum amount of sugar. It comes in a 2 pound plastic container with a handle on top for convenient transportation. The treat is insulin-resistant and for sugar sensitive horse. It uses natural and fresh ingredients, high quality food mixtures. It uses no corn, wheat and floor for an appropriate horse diet. This is a bit-size treat with a round shape for easy chewing and to avoid any choking.


Probios Horse Treats for Hip and Joint with Glucosamine, 1-Pound



DIY horse treats are a personal treat a horse lover makes for his personal use. It would cost less but most of us has a time to keep up and baking or cooking a treat would take up some time where that should have been a time well-spent with our horse. That is why Probios continues to amaze people who own a horse with their delightful treats that aids in the development of health and wellness of our animal. This here is an apple flavored chew-able treats made with glucosamine and chondroitin that supports the joints as it is the part of our horse’s body that bears the most stress and pressure.


UNCLE JIMMYS BRAND BLHLD Big Licky, Mojo Molasses flavored Treat for Horses with Holder, 3.75 lb



The last horse treat in our long list of briefly detailed products is from Uncle Jimmy’s. It is a large pack of molasses flavored treat that comes in a container that weighs 3.75 pounds or around 1.7 kilos. This treat will knock out your horse out of boredom and would be excited to bond, play or train with you. It is ideally used as a positive reinforcement at every time your horse completes a course of training or has achieved something. It is a non-messy and non-sticky food which is convenient for the owner as he or she feeds the horse. It is a savory treat, fortified with vitamins, nourishment and minerals to keep our horse in shape and healthy.

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