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Best Dog Gates Review 2018 – [COMPLETE 38 LIST with REVIEWS]

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One of the top picks for being the best home pet are dogs. They are considered to be man’s best friend. They are intelligent, protective and very easy to tame. It also is very cheap and easy to maintain. You just need a one-time investment with the home equipment for dogs such as dog house, neck collar and some more. The rest would just be for their daily food. But for a home with a very young babies, kid or children, as much as possible, it would be great to invest for the best dog gates for your home. Although most dogs are friendly and harmless when it comes to its household masters. You would not put 100% trust as they still have their animal instincts in them.

First Choice     Deluxe Décor Gate, Bronze, Fits Spaces between 38.3″ to 72″ Wide and 30″high $ 4.5/5
Second Choice      Easy Close Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 28″ to 38.5″ Wide and 29″high $ 4.4/5
Third Choice      Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall & Wide Gate $ 4/5
Fourth Choice     EZ-Fit: 36″ Baby Gate Walk Thru Adapter Kit for Stairs Child and Pet Safety – Protect Banisters & Walls – Only Includes (1) Adapter Side, White $ 3.9/5

The above statement is just the most critical situation where you would want a dog gate. Other concerns involved dogs taking out food on top of the kitchen or dining table, chewing the leaves of your beloved plants or dig out some area in your home and could cause you a big mess. You would want to protect those areas by limiting your dog’s access and movement around the house. You can keep those areas enclosed by installing a dog gate and impose to them that this or that area is off-limits. Some use dog gates in their room to keep dogs out and their young babies in. Not that it would harm them, but you would not want your child and your beds to be filled with dog hair as it might trigger an asthma attack or allergic reactions. You also would not want your bed to smell like dogs. These are just a few of the benefits a dog gate could provide.

In addition, it could even be used to block their access to critical areas where you keep a lot of cords and electrical wires. This could greatly save you a lot from damages a dog can create and would also be more practical than renovating different areas of your house just to keep a dog out. That is why most people or dog owners opt to look for this very handy equipment and we have decided to give you a list of the best dog gates you can possibly look for.

38 Best Dog Gates


Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate

Our first and one of the best dog gate products is from Evenflo. It is made from a combination of plastic and wood. It greatly fits and closes an opening of about 24 to 60 inches. The set is about 32 inches tall. This can be easily installed and stored. It is highly portable. You can transfer it from one place to the other around the house. The great thing about this gate is that it is retractable. You do not need to uninstall the set if you want to have an open passage way. It is both very resistant against dog and baby. It is durable and strong enough to keep your dogs and other home pets outside and your baby inside.


To better help you with the installation procedure of the containment device and one f the best dog gate product of Evenflo, here is a short video.

This also gives you a great chance to watch the whole set from its aesthetics, size, functionality and more. We might have missed out on some important details in our short description above and this video hopes to compensate for that.


Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate with Pet Door, 29 to 44-Inch

Our next amazing product is from Carlson. It is one of the few best pet gates for large dogs and is very wide. You can either purchase the extra wide version or just the 29 to 29 inches set. It features a metal gate with a one touch handle that releases the gate and could let you pass with convenience while keeping your pets from getting through. Small pets however, can pass through the gate due to the wide spacing of the grills. The gate set is all steel construction which makes it able to withstand scratching, pushing and chewing from your dogs.


For more/additional information about the Carlson’s very wide dog gate for home, we have included a short video review below as well as a short demonstration of how the product works.

This works as a great reference for a video tutorial as it shows you how the product is installed and discusses its functions accordingly. You would see how durable, stable and reliable the gate is and will give you an easement over the safety.


Deluxe Décor Gate, Bronze, Fits Spaces between 38.3″ to 72″ Wide and 30″high

This wonderful and reliable dog gate product is brought to you by Supergate. It comes in two colors, brown and linen. The colors have different prices. The gate set can be easily installed and adjusted to fit openings, gaps or spacing of 38 to 72 inches in width and about 30 inches high. It greatly works in wide openings such as your bed room or stair-bottom. It has a nice matte bronze finish that will suit perfectly with any home decorations. The set is child proof and dog proof. It can reliably keep your dog or your child in a secure space.


Easy Swing & Lock Gate, Bronze, Fits Spaces between 28.68″ to 47.85″ Wide and 31″high

This is an Easy Swing and Locking Gate from Supergate. It is one of their many best baby gates for dogs. It has a simple design made from strong metal. It is very cheap and affordable, comes in 2 colors. You can either choose linen or matte bronze. Linen is a little bit expensive but is still within reach of your budget. The set have no threshold you need to step over. It mounts very well on stairs or rooms but could work best as well to almost any doorway or openings around the house. It could withstand and keep the area secure from dogs and babies.


Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate

Evenflo brings you a simple gate set with an easy walk through features. The gate is made from solid metal construction. It has great stability and reliably strong. The parts used for this set are all imported. The affordable gate for dogs and babies comes in 3 different design or colors. There is wood, hardware mounted and stair gate. It features a swing stop that prevents your dogs or baby from swinging the gate out over the stairs. It has a lock indicator wherein green is open and red is locked. The release handles are provides easy access for parents but hard for dogs or babies.


Carlson 41-Inch Extra Tall Pet Gate, with Included Extension Kit

Here is the best dog gate for large dogs from Carlson. It is about 41 inches tall. It features a large get with an in-between small gate for small animals like cats. This gate set can let you choose to grant access for smaller animals/pets and keep the large ones out. It is great for limiting access for specific pet such as dogs. It can also be used to protect your kids and keeping them safe within the area. It comes in different size and height, each of which have different price. The set features an easy and quick release handle for convenient access for parents.


EZ-Fit: 36″ Baby Gate Walk Thru Adapter Kit for Stairs + Child and Pet Safety

This is a baby gate or a dog gate walk thru adapter kit from EZ-fit. It comes in two sizes, 36 inches and 42 inches. It does not include a gate as the picture above might confuse you. The set only includes the adapter. Combined with a gate, this set is a great way to keep your child and your dog secure. It will limit the area of access to where your child or dog can go. The adapter kit works at almost any stair post. It also even works with mounted hardware gates. This adapter kit is very cheap and affordable. It could also be a best gift or present.


PETMAKER Easy Up Free Standing Folding Gate

PetMaker also wants to compete in this long line of the best dog gates for house products. This set features a wooden gate made from mahogany. It is the kind of wood that are very strong and very resistant. There are a variety of designs and colors but the price varies depending on your choice. The gate can be folded which makes it very portable. You can easily lay it out on one opening and transfer to another. It does not require any installations. This is great for keeping an area restricted for dogs of all sizes.


Regalo 76-Inch Super Wide Metal Configurable Gate

Our next gate is from Regalo. It features a configurable gate with a wide measurement of about 76 inches. It could close a large gap or opening strongly and effectively. The configurable panels allow you to adjust the set to angle at almost any opening of doorways or stairs. It is great for both your child and dog. It uses an easy-walk through system that allows you to open the gate with one hand and with ease. It has a safety lock so that your baby or your pets couldn’t push open the gate. It is the most convenient and cheap way of restricting specific areas in the house.


To show you how tall and wide the Metal Safety Gate for dogs and babies from Regalo is, we included a video below. The video will show you how the product works for dogs and babies.

There are actually a lot of gates available that could just fit the wide opening of your home’s doorway, stairway and hallway but the Regalo Wide Metal gate can close a gap of about 76 inches wide and could be configured to fit any angle of the opening.


IRIS 24” 4-Panel Pet Playpen with Door

IRIS also brings their best dog gates for the house into the vast competition. This product however, is more like a playpen. It also works as a gate by restricting your dog into one area. You can choose to add a mesh roof to make it like a dog house if you prefer it to be but for an added price. The pen is portable. You can transfer it to almost anywhere in the house, indoors and out, as long as it fits the dimension. It measures about 35 inches in length by 35 inches in width and 24 inches tall. It is best for small dogs as they can’t jump high enough over the pen/gate.


Safety 1st Lift, Lock And Swing Gate

Our next product is from Safety First. It is a locking/opening/swing gate made with durable hardware materials. It features a 28 inches to 42 inches wide gate and about 26 inches tall. It nicely restricts an area from dogs and could efficiently work out those doorway opening or gaps. This set is one of the cheapest dog gates available. It may just be an affordable set but the quality of the materials used and the construction level of the product is top of the chart. This will last and serve to put limits in your dog’s movement around the house for a very long time.


Easy Close Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 28″ to 38.5″ Wide and 29″high

Supergate brings you an easy to close gate that fills the gap or opening that measures from 28 inches to about 39 inches wide. The gate is great for small to medium size dogs. It is about 29 inches tall and would be hard for them to jump over. It is made from heavy duty materials, combination of durable metal and some parts rubber/plastic. This is best used for stairs and for your bedroom but will also work highly with other parts of the house you want to restrict. It has a triple lock system and an easy-use one-hand release. This could work for children and dogs.


Carlson Pet Products Design Studio Home Decor Walk Through Pet Gate

The next product is the best dog gates for large dogs from Carlson Pet Products. It is for small studio walk through gate for dogs. There is an option where you can buy the set in a bundle of 2 or 3. This gives you a chance to close and block multiple areas of your house for a great price. It has an auto-close feature where you do not need to follow up on closing the gates every time you open it. The gate also has a two-way feature. You can open and close it on both sides. It fits a doorway or opening of about 37.5 inches wide.


Ergo Pressure or Hardware Mount Plastic Gate, Espresso, Fits Spaces between 26″ to 42″ Wide and 26″high

This is an ergo-pressure gate from Supergate. It comes with an espresso design with measurement that could fit and close a gap or opening of about 26 to 42 inches wide. The gate measure 26 inches tall. It is best used for rooms, doorways or stairs but could work great with other opening applications as long as it fits and could be properly installed. This set has more security in comparison with ordinary dog gates due to its unique door sockets. It is very strong and durable. The gate uses iron wrought railings which could greatly tolerate pressure from animal behavior.


Summer Infant Secure Pressure Mount Wood and Plastic Deco Gate

Another great and probably Summer Infant’s best dog gate product, this is the wood and plastic deco gate. It is ideally designed to match any home decor and go along with your home furniture. This mounting gate is best used for gaps and openings of 27 to 42 inches. It is about 2 feet tall which works great for infants or babies to restrict their area of mobility but it could also perform highly with small to medium size dogs as they would have a hard time jumping over the gate. There are rubber bumpers on each side of the gate to refrain from leaving marks off the wall.


Evenflo Top of Stair Plus Gate

Safety 1st brings you another wonderful top of the stair gate for your infants and dogs at home. It features an easy and quick to install set with locking indicators. It shows red if the gate is locked and green if unlock. It does not require any tools to assemble or install. The set can also be disassembled easily, making it portable. Remove and attach it anywhere at any time without so much effort. It is best used for bed room doors and stairs but could also work highly at any opening/doorways. This will keep your infant in place or in a secure location and will keep your dogs from getting into restricted areas in the house.


Safety 1st Easy Install Walk Thru Gate

Our next product is still from Safety 1st. It is a walk-through gate that is very quick and easy to install. It does not require you any tools or kits for assembly and installation. The set comes with a one-hand release open features. The gate, for adults, is very easy to open but would be hard for kids or dogs. It includes a lock/open indicator where red is for lock and green is for open. It is best used between room doors for keeping your dogs out and your babies in and for stairs to avoid falling accidents. The gate is about 28 inches tall. It is very affordable and with great durability.


Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, Large, Autumn Matte Finish

How about a lengthy gate that could fit into a wide opening or doorway? This is a wooden gate from Richell. It is a large and lengthy size gate with a nice autumn matte finish. There are 2 sizes available for this set. You can also choose a smaller set and for a smaller price. You can choose a variety of design, autumn matte, origami-white and white. The gate measures approximately 40 inches by 71 inches by 20 inches tall. It is highly recommended for use in dogs of smaller size, around 3 to 8 kilos.


Four Paws Wood Folding 5 Panel Dog Gate 48, 110 x 17″ H

Here is a best dog gate from Four Paws. It is a wide size wooden wood with several folding parts for convenience in storage and for portability. You can purchase this in ordinary packaging or frustration free packaging. There are 3 different designs available, 3 panel decors, 3 panel woods and 5 panel woods. This affordable tool or equipment will provide you a peaceful mind and an easy solution for pets that wanders around the house. It will help you restrict some areas and control their movement. This also works as containment for infants to avoid accidents such as falling in stairs.


Below is a joyful review about the Four Paws, best dog gate product. It is a short review that tells you the things that we might have forgotten to included in our short description above.

You would see how easy it is to be installed. The wooden gate set could close a wide gap or opening, all thanks to the panel/hinge design. It consumes little amount of space if folded, stored and not-in-use, but it could efficiently block and contain areas with large openings.


Kleeger Freestanding Folding Indoor Safety Wooden Pet Gate For Home Or Office

This is KLEEGER’s version of an indoor wooden gate that features folding panels for your home or office. It provides safety for infants or kids and prevents accidents. It also restricts dogs and other pets in some designated area to where the gate is installed. The set is made from lightweight materials but reliably strong and durable. It can be transferred from one place to another with ease and can be easily stored. It is about 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide. It is ideal for small openings or doorways and for small size pets.


Kleeger KLG-195 Wooden Pet Gate, Foldable & Freestanding, For Indoor Home & Office Use

An awesome looking and most likely, a best dog gate for large dogs, is brought to you by KLEEGER. It features a 2 fold panel with great design and pleasing aesthetics. It is a free standing gate that forms a Z-shape when unfolded. It requires no tools or kits in setting up. You can just easily unfold the set and block the area you want to restrict and you’re good to go. It is great for blocking entry ways, doors, stairways, hallways, almost any part of your home. This works great for dogs and other large pets. It can also be used to secure or contain babies or infants and prevent accidents.


Kleeger Freestanding Folding Indoor Safety Wooden Pet Gate For Home Or Office

This is another great design for a gate to fit your home decorations, furniture and taste, brought to you by KLEEGER. This is the Freestanding Indoor Wooden Gate. It is a giraffe pattern set with folding panels. The set is easy to use and does not require any assembly or installation. You just easily flip open the gate set and you’re good to go. The zigzag design is responsible for its independent stand. It is best use for homes and offices. The set is all made from strong and solid wood. It is best for children and for small pets. It keeps your child safe from accident and limits the places where your dog can run through.


Kleeger Wooden Pet Gate, Foldable & Freestanding, For Indoor Home & Office Use

KLEEGER just keeps it coming. Here is another wooden gate set that features indoor folding equipment. It is best used for closing doorway openings or gaps in your home and office. At home, this is guaranteed to keep your pets out in some restricted area and could be used to secure your child inside its room or away from stairs. The gate is made from solid construction of wood. There are 3 panels that folds for easy use and requires no installation or assembly. It is however, recommended for small to medium size dogs if used for pets.


Four Paws Walk Over Wooden Dog Gate, 30-44″ W by 18″ H

This product is from Four Paws. It is by far their best dog gates for large dogs. It is a containment product made of wood. The purpose of the set is to limit the area of access of your dogs. You will have a peaceful mind knowing that your kitchen is safe from dogs taking food away from the table or your room free from dog hairs. This device or containment product can also be used for infants to keep them contained in rooms or away from stairways. If used for pets, it is highly recommended for small to medium size dogs.

Dreambaby Broadway Extra Wide and Tall Expandable Gate with Track It Technology

Dreambaby also brings you its own version of a containment product. This is an expandable gate set that is very wide and tall. It works for all sizes of dogs as it is high enough for them, not to jump over. It uses one of the revolutionary tracking technologies that provide a clear verification if the gate is securely locked or open. It also indicates if the set is not properly installed. The set’s design has no trip-hazard. Opening the gate provides a clear pathway and closing it will enable a secure restriction over the area. This could also be used for babies or infants to keep them secured in a safe environment.


Kleeger KLG-125 Metal Pet Gate, Foldable & Freestanding, For Indoor Home & Office Use

This is one of the several amazing and best dog gates from KLEEGER. It is ideally designed to block the openings or gaps in our home’s hallway, bedroom doors, stairway, entry way and other area’s you want to restrict from your dogs. It is a freestanding gate that requires no installation. It is due to the zigzag design that allows the gate to stand by itself. The gate is very light and portable. Its adjustable features allow it to fit in a gap of about 50 inches wide. You can easily fold it to a smaller size for efficient storage and transportation. It is best for both home and office use.


Heavy Duty Easy Open Walk-Thru Steel Safety Gate – Great for Pets and Toddlers!

Our next gate safety product is from Weebo Pets. This gate is ideally made to provide some restrictions or limits the access of your dogs in some areas of the house but it could also be used to contain infants away from stairways or out of their room to avoid any accidents. The gate can fit an opening of about 29 inches to 35 inches. The great thing about this set is its versatility. It includes a latch where it transforms the swinging gate into a one-way path. The set is pressure mounted. It always secures a tight fit in every opening it is attached. The set includes all the necessary tools and equipment needed for assembly and installation.


Kleeger Freestanding Wooden Pet Gate: Foldable & Adjustable Safety Gate For Indoor Home & Office

Still going on with KLEEGER’s gate products, this is their dog paw designed wooden pet gate for dogs. It is also foldable and could be adjusted for a safe fit for indoors, both at home or office. The set is also best used in restricting your dogs from different areas of the house. Using it for infants or babies would provide security from dangerous areas within your homes. This includes stairways, kitchen, house entrance and more. The paw décor or design of the gate allows it to aesthetically work with your home furniture. It is cheap but with great durability and uses high quality materials.


Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Wide Auto Close Security Gate in Black

The next gate product is from Dreambaby. It features and extra wide gate with an automatic close feature. It allows you to push open the gate without taking effort in closing it back. The wide set is also the best pet gates for large dogs. The lengthiness along with the height of the set makes it harder for dogs to jump over the gate. You can use this set with a stair railings, provided that you separately purchase an adapter. The containment device is approved and certified by ASTM and JPMA. It guarantees a quality controlled product that could last long and safe for your pets as well as your children.


American Trails Free Standing Pet Gate with Door

American Trails would never back down into giving your home a secured location where no dogs or pets are allowed. This is its own version of a Free Standing Get for dogs. It features a gate with opening doors made from a fine quality of maple wood. The wooden gate is made to be resistant against dog behaviors such as chewing and scratching. This containment product allows you to limit your dog’s space. It is made from light material which makes it easy to store or transport. It does not require much of your time and effort in assembly and installation.


Richell Freestanding Pet Gate, High-Large, Origami White

This is Richell’s own design of a freestanding gate for dogs, pets or babies. It has a tall height which makes it very difficult for small to medium dogs to jump/crossover. The set is about 28 inches wide. It keeps your pet contained or restricted in specific areas you want around the house. This could also be used for securing your infants and keeping them off from dangerous areas indoors such us staircase and house entrance/exit. There are various sizes available for this set. You could choose among high-small, small, high-large and large. 2 colors are available, wood autumn matte finish or origami white. The price of the set varies with the size and color of choice.


Kleeger Freestanding Wooden Pet Gate: Safety Gate For Indoor Home & Office

Another series of the best dog gates for house brought to you by KLEEGER. This containment device keeps your pet and your home safe even if you’re not home. No matter how cute and cuddly your dogs are, they still have their animal instincts in them. Leaving them alone at home with free access to all areas could do some damages. This device contains them or leaves them restricted over some important areas around the house that you do not want them in. This involves kitchen, bedroom and other specific areas you prefer. It is best used for small and medium size dogs and less effective with cats. It measures about 24 inches tall.


White Picket Fence Folding Pet Gate

This gate containment product is from Etna. It features a folding fence that measures 19 inches in height and a length that expands up to 42 inches in length. The fence/gate is made from solid wood construction and coated with a nice white finish. It is best used for doorways or openings with at least 3.5 feet wide. The fence is foldable. This is for easy transport, relocation or storage. It is best used with small to medium size pets or dogs. It is one of the cheapest wooden made gates that assure a long lasting service, protection and restriction in specific areas of your house chosen.


WELLAND Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, Larger Than Others, 74-Inch

This is a free-standing gate from WELLAND. Free standing gate are constraints or containment devices used to limit the area of access of our pets or dogs without the need of any installation. This product has 4 folding panels that can be easily laid out to block an opening. Each wooden panel are connected by a metal hinge. The hinge is also responsible for the foldable feature of the set. You can fold it at any time, for storage, transport or transferring it from one place to another. It is made from a beautiful construction of solid wood. The set measures about 74 inches by 30 inches by ¾ inches being in a fully extended state.


Arf Pets Extension gate Kit, Set of 2 panels With Door – Extension for the Free Standing Wood Dog Gate

Our next product is from Arf Pets. It is a 2 panel door or gate with an included extension. The gate is made of wood. The panels are connected with a metal hinge which is also responsible for the set being foldable. The hinge also allows the gate to extend to about 40 inches. This product is made with great regards for craftsmanship and aesthetics. It looks very elegant and classy, perfectly matches any home decorations and/or furniture. The materials used are light weight which means this set is highly portable, easy to store, relocate and transport. Other than pets/dogs, this could also be used to contain infants or babies, keeping them away from harm, danger and accidents.


Topeakmart Freestanding Pet Gate/Fence, Adjustable Width 38-71.2 inch, Solid Wood Construction

Topeakmart brings you one of their best dog gates for large dogs with an affordable price and highly regarded stability and durability. The gate set has a slide-out design which extends to about 38 to 71 inches. This could greatly fit any doorways, hallways, stairways and more. The gate is made from a solid construction of Fir wood combined with some parts steel. Its total dimension measures accurately by 71.2 inches in length by 17.7 inches in width and 21 inches in height. The panels are also thick enough to withstand your dog’s natural behaviour or instincts such as scratching and chewing.


Bindaboo Hallway Pet Gate, Swing Closed, Black, Extra-Tall

This is Bindaboo’s version of a hallway or stairway gate for pets, specifically dogs. There are a variety of sizes you could choose from with each size having different price. It comes in black or white color depending on your choice. The set is all made from strong and durable steel. Your dog will have a long time chewing and even then it could not break open the gate. It fits a doorway opening of 38 inches to about 42 and half inches. The gate is pressure mounted which means it tightly fits upon installation without taking too much effort from you and could be easily taken down when storing, relocating or transporting.


Mental Fireplace Fence, Baby Safety Gate Pet Gate BBQ fire Gate

Our last product features a safety gate or containment gate for babies and dogs. Ideally, the concept was designed to restrict the area where your kids can go. These areas include stairways, bedroom door, hallways and more. But the purpose of the set expands to containing dogs as well. It works great with small – medium size dog pets at home. The set is made from light materials while maintaining a strong and sturdy structure. The set requires to be mounted on the two walls of the opening. There are 4 panels in the set, each of which measures 25 inches by 30 inches, summing to a total measurement of the set with 120 inches in width and 30 inches in height.