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Best Cat Shampoo 2018: Complete Reviews (COMPARISON)

Naturally, animals do not require any cosmetics or bathroom products when it comes to tidying. Most of them would have their own way of cleaning their selves up. It can either be through rain, water or lick their body like with what cats do. However, pet owners usually prefer to provide their pet with the necessary things and equipment. You’d often see a pet owner come down a pet store and look for something that could benefit their pet such as the best cat doors, cages, collars and more. With concerns about pet hygiene, many would prefer to use the best cat shampoo rather than bathing their pet in plain, warm water or with use of human soaps and shampoos.

All this is fairly reasonable. Apart from the fact that you would want to spoil them because you love them, you also want something that couldn’t harm them or put them in any harm’s way. Using ordinary soaps and shampoos can trigger allergenic effects that could result to skin irritation, loss of hair and more. Getting some strong chemical soap and shampoos intended for human use to their eyes also put them in risk of damaging their visual organ.

It may sound so simple to others but once you start caring and loving your pet, you would only want them to have the best and get them comfortable all the time as possible. That’s why we have composed a list with reviews of the best cat shampoo to help you narrow down your search with the countless possible products that could really give you a hard time deciding. It’s based on different key features or points that you need to consider before getting a brand for your cat.

5 Best Cat Shampoo Comparison Chart


First Choice   Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Shampoo For Dogs And Cats $ 5/5
Second Choice Vet Recommended – Waterless Cat Shampoo $ 4.8/5
Third Choice Burt’s Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Shampoo $ 4.5/5
Fourth Choice Oster Oatmeal Naturals Dander Control Cat Shampoo $ 4.4/5
Fifth Choice   Magic Coat Cat Tearless Shampoo, 12-Ounce $ 4.3/5

Top 5 Best Cat Shampoo Reviews


1. Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Shampoo For Dogs And Cats



First choice would be this amazing, vet recommended, 2 in one shampoo from Pro Pet Works. It’s both intended for use with dog and cat. The shampoo is made from organic extracts which is perfectly safe for your pets. It’s hypoallergenic. In fact, it can also be used to relieve your pets from itchy skin, growing fungus and skin allergies. This shampoo is one of the most leading brand and best-selling bath product for cats and dogs.

Product Highlights:

  • The shampoo has been formulated and intended for dogs and cats that actually have allergies with food, flea bites and grass.
  • This shampoo works to clean your pets as well as cure their allergies sin the process.
  • It features a shampoo with higher content of natural ingredients than soap and detergent. This makes a bath more pleasurable.
  • Shampoo is highly safe for your pet with no toxic materials and/or chemicals included. It also does not have any alcohol content to avoid painful eyes.
  • Organic ingredients and recyclable and biodegradable packaging for nature friendly product.

What I like:

  • It is rich in Aloe extract, mixed with almond oil which rejuvenates and keeps the skin of your pet healthy.
  • The mixture of essential oils, natural extracts and moisturizer makes it very soothing for pets.
  • The shampoo is versatile. It can be used with dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other smaller pets.
  • The PH level of the shampoo is balanced to avoid irritating sensitive skin.

What I don’t like:

  • There are some types of fungus that causes itchiness that it cannot cure. However, it’s highly effective against normal pet skin allergies.
  • Does not really work well for pets with dandruff.
  • It’s guaranteed to make your pet’s fur look glossy but sometimes it cannot relieve them from dry skin.


2. Vet Recommended – Waterless Cat Shampoo



The Waterless Cat Shampoo is literally a VET Recommended. It has a nice but not too strong fragrance to avoid headache or trigger some effects to the owner and their pet. It is a detergent and soap free shampoo specifically designed for cats. The great thing about this shampoo is that water is optional. You can use it with or without the use of water. You can instantly apply it to your pet’s skin or fur at any point of the day.

Product Highlights:

  • Apply and Massage. You don’t need any water to be able to use this product.
  • You do not need to rinse the shampoo after application. Just leave it and it’ll do its magic.
  • It does not have any toxic ingredients. The shampoo also does not affect any other skin treatment you are applying to your cats.
  • It is a mild surfactant mixture that does not contain any alcohol and 100% detergent free. Safe and not painful to pet’s eyes.

What I like:

  • The shampoo is specifically designed for cats wherein you do not need to worry about complications if applied unlike other universal pet shampoo product.
  • This is great if you want to do a quick bath for your pet. You can apply it and just leave it be.
  • It could work great for pet owners and cats on travel. The shampoo does not require or makes water optional upon application.
  • It’s safe for owners and pets as well as nature friendly. It comes in a recyclable material and ingredients made from natural, non-toxic mixtures.

What I don’t like:

  • It’s fairly just a shampoo. It does not alleviate any allergic symptoms nor does it relieve your cat from itchiness.
  • People who stays at home and got plenty of time to bathe their pet would prefer a multipurpose shampoo that could take care of several skin problems and conditions.


3. Burt’s Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Shampoo



One of the cheapest but highly rated cat shampoos is the Burt’s Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Shampoo. This is ideal for cats with allergies using ordinary shampoo, detergent, soap or any bathroom wash. It cleanses their fur and skin and keeps it moisturized. This does not contain any harmful ingredients where in fact, it’s mostly made from a mixture of natural extract.

Product Highlights:

  • The hypoallergenic feature is best used for allergic cats but this shampoo could also work for cats with normal skin condition.
  • Shampoo is made from different natural and safe extract and mixtures of essential oils that keeps the skin and coat healthy, thick and glossy.
  • It contains honey which is great for keeping your cat skin and hair shiny.
  • It does not cause any skin irritation.

What I like:

  • The product is fairly cheap for a hypoallergenic cat shampoo.
  • It’s natural contents shows that the product is highly safe for pet use compared to most shampoos that uses chemical mixtures which causes side effects and irritations.
  • The shampoo is fairly easy to apply, from ears to tail, and rinse it off with just a few splashes of water.

What I don’t like:

  • This product may be one of the best cat shampoos but it’s not eye-safe. Avoid getting it to your pet’s eye as it might cause pain and irritation.
  • The shampoo does not feature other purposes or does not treat other ailments such as dry skin, dandruff or allergies.

Here’s a short video that describes why it is important to use a pet or a cat shampoo rather than just ordinary soaps, detergents, etc.:


4. Oster Oatmeal Naturals Dander Control Cat Shampoo



The Oster Cat Shampoo is best used for cats that experiences excessive amount of hair loss or dander. It’s also ideal for treating cat allergies and other skin conditions that causes hair loss. It’s made from the US using the best ingredients of natural extracts and essential oils which makes it safe, non-toxic and healthy for cats. The shampoo strives to do its best to be nature-friendly as it is packed in biodegradable materials and uses biodegradable ingredients.

Product Highlights:

  • It contains the right formula and mixture of natural ingredients, including all essential oils to prevent excess in dander.
  • Almost all or at least 99% of the ingredients used are natural.
  • There were no toxic and artificial colors in the mixture.
  • The PH level is well-balanced for the benefit of cats with irritable skin.
  • It prevents dander as well as allergies and other causes of hair loss.

What I like:

  • The product has a good scent that does not trigger any side effects such as headache, nausea, etc. for the owner.
  • It also has a long lasting fragrance compared to other shampoo products.
  • It uses natural oatmeal formulated to protect, soothe and keep your cat’s skin and coat healthy.
  • The shampoo does not contain alcohol, parabens, dyes and other non-eye-friendly ingredients.

What I don’t like:

  • The shampoo cleans and reduces dander but it does not make the hair any softer or glossy.
  • Some people might find the fragrance or scent a little bit too strong.


5. Magic Coat Cat Tearless Shampoo



Our fifth pick would be the Magic Coat Tearless Cat Shampoo from four paws. The manufacturer is known to sell different cats and dogs product for quite some time now. Most of their products are dedicated to make the life of our pets easy and comfortable. Adding to that, the products usually have good ratings and reviews. It makes all the sense why this cat shampoo would easily make it to the top.

Magic coat will maintain a good looking pet. That goes to say that a well-groomed pet is usually happier, healthier and will be fun at most times.

Product Highlights:

  • It’s made with gentle and soothing formula that works to avoid an eye and skin irritation.
  • The shampoo can be used in different coats. Think, thin, curly, it doesn’t matter.
  • It has lanolin and protein mixture benefiting cat’s hair to maintain its natural luster and gloss.
  • Comes in an affordable 12 oz. bottle that’ll last long.

What I like:

  • The product is simple and direct to the point. It is made to groom your pet.
  • It does not have any strong fragrance that would trigger any effects.
  • The tearless formula allows your cat to enjoy a long soothing bath.
  • It works to let your pet’s coat glow and shine.

What I don’t like:

  • The shampoo does not treat any skin diseases or disorders. It’s just used for cleaning and grooming.
  • It’s not hypo allergenic. It’s greatly advised for some cats with allergies to test the product first before going all out.


Buyer’s Guide:

Buying the best cat shampoo does not just vary on the ratings and reviews. You would want to consider taking some time in conducting some research and checking out each product based on their key features that you would want to avail for the benefit of your cat. These key features would determine whether or not it is suitable for your pet. A great example in this case would be allergic reactions. Some shampoos contain soap and detergent which could cause your pet to trigger their allergies. Some are too strong that it would cause excessive dander. It is best to know some of the knowledge that could never put your pet in any risk or harm.


Key Feature #1: Formula or Composition

First thing you would want to know is the formula or composition of the cat shampoo. There are some products with natural ingredients and some oils that can trigger allergic effects to your cats. Know the allergies of your pet and vary it with the composition of the shampoo. Adding to that, there are also some products with toxic ingredients that would damage your cat’s coat instead of making it strong and healthy.


Key Feature #2: Versatility

Next key feature is the versatility of the product. When we say versatility, it’s now about how you apply it but rather what type of animal you could apply it to. There are some shampoos made specifically to a single type of animal. In that case, it could cause damage to your cat if it was intended for dogs. Fortunately, there are some pet shampoo products that can be used with several types of home pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and more.


Key Feature #3: Curative Effects

It might not be important to some that just want to have a good shampoo for cleaning but it is also great and possibly to your advantage if a shampoo also have other benefits such as treating allergies, itchiness, hair loss or dander, etc. Either way, the shampoo that can be used for curing skin and hair diseases would not cost that expensive than a regular scented shampoo. In fact, most of it is made with natural ingredients that work gradually to prevent or cure diseases from occurring and the ones that have already occurred.


Key Feature #4: Eye-Friendly

This is not that important but it’s also not something you would want to discard as a key feature from a shampoo product. Animals don’t like it when you give them a bath. Some animals or pets get annoyed and tend to move around a lot while giving bath. Ordinary shampoo that’s not tearless or eye-friendly could flow into their eyes and cause sight damage, irritation and pain. If there’s a shampoo with the right key features you want, conduct some extra effort and find out if it has tearless feature or eye-friendly.


Cat Shampoo FAQs


Question 1: Do cats have shampoo allergies?

That depends on the content of the product. We mainly included in the key feature to find out the composition, formula or ingredients of the shampoo you want to use for your cats and vary it with the knowledge of their existing allergies. If you know what ingredients that your cats have allergies with, this will save you a great deal of time in deciding whether or not you want to buy that brand of shampoo or not.

Question 2: Can shampoo cure itchiness and skin diseases?

There are some shampoos that offer benefits such as gradual curative effect that treats itchiness, dry skin, dry hair, hair loss and more. However, if you want a faster and efficient results, try considering taking your pet to the vet so that they can prescribe a stronger medication with fast and instantaneous effects. If it’s not that serious, you can opt for the shampoo as it can save you lots of money than purchasing prescribed medicines.

Question 3: Can cat shampoo be used for dogs or other animals?

That depends. If you’re purchasing a cat shampoo, it will most likely be formulated based on a cat’s physiological needs. Pet shampoo would be the right thing to look for if you want a universal shampoo that could be used for different types of home pets and it usually includes dogs and cats.

Using a cat shampoo can either have no effects or cause some irritation. There are some products and ingredients that would have no effects on cats but it can trigger some irritation and allergies if applied with dogs. You can always check out the bottle of shampoo and see its applications so that you’d never experience any complications with your pet.

Question 4: Is it really important that a shampoo should be tearless?

Tearless pet shampoo is not required but it’s greatly advised by many experts, professionals and other pet owners. It reduces the risk of eye irritation. Of course, ordinary cat shampoo or pet shampoo can work well if you try not to let it flow or get into your pet’s eyes. However, knowing the behavior of pets if they’re taking a bath, they would likely move around as they do not want to get wet. It would be hard to control the flow of the shampoo from getting into their eyes.

You might also want to avoid shampoos with presence of soap, alcohol and detergent. It is the 3 ingredients that causes shampoo to be bitter and irritates the eye. You can look for a shampoo with only natural ingredients and essential oils as those types of shampoo are usually tearless or eye-friendly.

Question 5: What’s the difference between a cat shampoo and a pet shampoo?

A cat shampoo is usually formulated, specifically to clean or treat cats. Pet shampoo are sort of like universal shampoo that dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other home pets can use. In addition, pet shampoo are usually just used for cleaning and without other specific benefits such as helping to treat dry skin, dander, hair thinning, allergies or itchiness. Cat shampoo and other specific types of shampoo usually have curative benefits used to gradually treat different types of skin and hair diseases.


H2: Conclusion/Wrapping up/Final Verdict:

In conclusion, it is always to you and your cat’s best interest to investigate and conduct some research about the cat products such as the best cat cage and other kinds you want to provide them. Most of them are made for a good cause and at an affordable price but there are some things that just aren’t fit or destined for your cats. Using and testing out a shampoo without knowledge about it would cause some serious damage that could put your cat’s health at risk.

These cat shampoos and other pet shampoos may not be that big of a deal for some people but there are pet owners who shows great affection to their pet and would want only the best cat products including cat scratchers and more. Who would not want to make their pet’s lives comfortable, smooth and easy to live with? Knowing the key features of each product you get for your pet will greatly help in saving you time, money and effort as well as making a firm decision.

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