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The Best Cat Scratchers of 2018 [COMPLETE LIST OF 43 WITH COMPARISON]

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Most cat lovers and people who own a cat knows that the top behavior a cat that they often end up buying different cat equipment and scratchers is the constant scratching. It does not relate to how much you love your cat but providing a certain tool to compensate with their behavior is actually a practical investment. If cats would take out their scratching habit over furniture, it will certainly do you more damage that investing in cat scratchers or train their behavior. They could end up destroying your couch, bed, pillows, rugs, mats, coffee table and other households and pet equipment you can think of or things that are actually present in your house.

First Choice   MushroomCat Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge Cat Unique Design Toy (CAT STAR) $ 5/5
Second Choice     PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge $ 4.8/5
Third Choice    Pet Dogma Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed Heart Shape for Kitty Fun and Healthy Grooming $ 4.5/5
Fourth Choice Durable and Reversible Cat Scratcher by Bone and Yarn $ 3.5/5

The best way to deal with this excessive or irritating scratching behavior of your cat is to find out the cause or look for something that is designed to specifically treat that kind of habit such as a cat scratcher. To think, this cat tool or accessory does is not only designed to treat that certain behavior but also holds many benefits that prove to be healthy to your cat. It keeps their claws healthy and in shape. It helps them take out those loosen or dead layers of claws. Scartchers also provides them with enough exercise and stretching as they can flex those paws and muscles.

In addition, scratchers are a great way for cats to make use of their excess energy rather than taking them out on expensive household materials. Releasing their stress and excess energy also keeps them calm and relaxed. It is also a means of communication if you have multiple cats at home. Cat’s paws release a scent to mark their territory. Having so many cats at home would end you up with cats scratching all over your furniture. A scratching accessory will really come in handy as you could provide one for each cat and let it take care of all the scratching as it is designed to withstand that type of natural behavior of our pets or cats.

43 Cat Scratchers


Best Choice Products Cat Scratcher/Kitten Lounge Pet

Our first product is one of the many ideal cat scratchers for your cat and for your home from Best Choice Products. It is has a top of the line functionality and comes a little more stylistic compared to other products. The fashionable design is a luxury treat for cats. It is made from thick/dense cardboard material that can withstand and provide long hours of scratching as well as supporting the weight of the cat. You can easily flip and use either side of the scratcher. It is very light and can be easily transported or stored.


Petlinks Dream Curl Multi-Surface Scratcher with Catnip Toy

This is an affordable cat scratcher product from Petlinks. It features a multi-surface dream curl scratcher with built-in catnip. The product is designed to have multi-angle. It is perfect for treating scratching behavior as well as providing them with different comfort angle. The catnip will also help them relieve stress through play. This scratcher is guaranteed to provide customers’ cat with the satisfaction they deserve. It has a dimension of about 18 inches by 11 inches by 6.5 inches. You can have this scratcher with a slate and cinnamon color.


Royal Cat Boutique Luxury Cat Scratcher, Kitty Treadmill

This is a simple designed scratcher for cats with a luxurious look and appearance. It is made using durable sisal. It is a material known to last for so long and could highly withstand a scratching and other natural behaviors of cats. This gives you a chance to avoid any shreds, damage or mess in your living room furniture. It also trains or encourages cats to have a healthy style of scratching. Each scratch your cat makes is aided by this luxury cat scratcher to help them remove those dead layers of skin and nails. The plain and simple design makes it highly portable and very easy to store. It does not consume a lot of space and could be easily maintained.


4CLAWS Flat Scratching Pad (2 Pack, White) – BASICS Collection Cat Scratcher

The next product is one of the best-selling cat scratchers amazon product. It is a 2-pack flat type scratch pad for cats. It has a white color and could be purchase in either 1 or 2 pieces set. The scratch pad has a compact design which saves space. It uses minimal design so that it could blend nicely in any home designs or decorations. It uses a cardboard that naturally gets your cats attention. The pad is reversible. Both sides can alternately relieve the cat’s stress and scratching habits, prolonging the pad’s life. It uses a premium quality compressed cardboard for a dense and durable scratch pad.


Pet Dogma Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed Heart Shape for Kitty Fun and Healthy Grooming

This is Pet Dogma’s cat lounge/scratcher designed to form a heart shape. You can probably craft a homemade cat scratcher like this and at a lower cost but it will require you to have the necessary crafting tools and equipment as well as your time and effort. For fast and easy needs, you can instead have this kitty fun and healthy grooming product as it can be availed for a very affordable price. It comes in two color/design, leopard and brown. It is made from heavy-duty and enduring cardboard having several layers. It can be optionally used on both sides. It is a practical investment to compensate with your cat’s behavioral needs.

Showing you how great and fashionable the heart-shaped scratcher, we added a short video below. It is also to give you a proper view of how the set would look like with an actual cat.

You would actually see how the cat gets easily attracted by the cardboard scratcher. The manufacturer also has a fashionable sense of style as the heart-shaped scratcher can blend in nicely with most of your home’s interior design.

MushroomCat Ultimate Cat Scratcher/Lounge Cat – Unique Design Toy (CAT STAR)

Similar to a cat scratcher post, this product scratcher can be set to an upright position. It uses recyclable and non-toxic paper/cardboard material on a denser scale. The scratcher is designed with a lovely star shape having a hole in the middle. Your cats can have a fun time playing and scratching through. It comes with a cylinder to where you can place to close the hole of the star but depends on your preference of use. It helps cat relieves off their excess energy and habit. For a small amount of investment, it could greatly reduce and save you a lot of money from possible furniture damage.


Figure 8 Cat Scratcher (Turquoise)

Our next product is a cat scratcher lounge from Scratchy Paws. It comes in a variety of colors/designs of espresso, turquoise, plum red and slate. You can call this product a treat as it could provide long time of fun and assist your cats with the scratching they need. Placing the cardboard made scratch pad/lounge naturally attracts the attention of cats. It is highly recommended so that you could save your furniture from shredding. It is all made using recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard and more. It is reversible. Both sides of the scratch pad can be used for the same purpose.


PetCee Cat Scratcher Cat Scratching Toy (Cat Head Shape)

You can opt to create or craft a diy cat scratcher provided that you have the right crafting tools, equipment or materials. It could save you some amount of money but why bother if you can have a cheap and affordable scratch product from PetCee. There are a variety of designs, shapes and colors to choose from. Each of which have different price. This cat head shaped scratcher lounge/toy is made from corrugated paper which helps maintain strong and healthy claws and relieves cat from stress. The main application is to keep our cat healthy and fit but it is also keeps them from destroying our home furniture.


4CLAWS Scratching Lounge & Bed (White) – BASICS Collection Cat Scratcher

One of the modern cat scratcher’s today is the Scratching Lounge from 4CLAWS. It acts as a bed to where your cat can rest and also as a scratch pad to where they can relieve some stress of their natural habit or behavior. It has a curve shape to closely embrace a cat’s body figure and provide it with comfort and insulation. The pad’s surface measures to about 10 inches in length. It is reversible. Each side has different shape for different configurations. The two-sided design prolongs the scratch pad’s longevity. All the materials used to craft this product is 100% recyclable and non-toxic.


PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. [Superior Cardboard & Construction]

One of amazon’s best cat scratcher is the ultimate cat lounge from PetFusion. It is made using superior quality cardboard and with solid construction. It has 3 color designs, walnut brown, slate gray and cloud white. It aids to our cat’s need to naturally scratch and relieve stress. It is also a helpful tool for their exercise as they can burn out their excess energy. The scratcher is reversible. Both sides can be used alternately to prolong its life. It is very wide and with thick layers. There is enough room for your cat to move around and it can hold a weight of a cat stably.


PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge (White)

Another best-selling amazon cat scratcher product from Petfusion is this jumbo size cat lounge/scratcher. It only comes in white color. The scratcher design can accommodate two cats, one top and one inside. It works as a scratcher or a bed for cats. The set attracts the attention of cats naturally. This is made to provide the best comfort your can have and being able to cater their behavior scratching needs. It is fairly large, having 39 by 11 by 14 inches of dimension. It is also reversible, making use of all sides as it can extend the product’s longevity. It is built for an interactive cat-play and for sharing.


Durable and Reversible Cat Scratcher by Bone and Yarn

This is Bone & Yarn’s cat scratcher house/lounge/pad. It is one of the cheapest set you can get with good ratings, reviews and recommendations. It is designed to stop your cat from abusing your home furniture. The scratching habit or behavior of a cat can’t be replaced but the things that could possibly be scratch can be such as your couch, rugs, pillows and more can be substituted by this reversible scratcher. It is a practical and small investment that can save you a lot of money. The scratch pad set comes with free catnip.


Hagen Catit Scratcher W/Catnip Large 3pk

There are lots of affordable and highly practical sets of cardboard cat scratchers to choose from. One of those would be this amazing bundle set of scratchers from Catit. You can choose your type of bundle. You can have it in a wide size of 3 pieces, 12 pieces narrow size, 12 pieces wide size, 12 narrow size or individually. Either of the options you choose, the set is still affordable in comparison with other products. This is ideal for people who owns several cats and badly needs so many substitute scratching materials instead of getting their coaches shredded.


PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge, Large, Cloud White

PetFusion never stops in giving your pet the best tools and equipment for pets at home. This is one of their many cat scratcher products that also works as an ultimate lounge for cats. It has a fairly large size or dimension of 34 by 10.5 by 10.5 inches. The scratcher pad has 3 different color designs of cloud white, walnut brown and slate gray, all of which have the same price. It has a curvy design which makes scratching and resting of your cats comfortable and stress free. It is built with two functioning sides. You can alternately flip the pad over, prolonging its life or longevity.

Just for fun and showing you how confidently awesome the scratcher from PetFusion is, below is a video review that tells you some of the things you need to know and some information that we might have missed out.

The largeness and lengthiness of the scratch pad is in sufficient size to cater any size of cats. It is also strong enough to hold its weight. The scratch set could be seen with thick layers of and has both sides ready for use.

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip Tiger

This scratcher for cats is made from corrugated and thick cardboard. The lounge scratcher contours or is designed to cater your cat’s behavior and ability such as scratching and stretching. It helps in keeping healthy paws for cats. It trims their claws, shredding all those loose nails and maintaining it. The scratcher or lounge is designed with unique animal print, zebra. It includes a catnip to add a little cat-play to your set. This scratch pad is thicker and longer compared with most products. It measures about 20 inches in length.


PetFusion Cat Scratcher FLIP PAD. [Reversible, longer lasting, 19.7″ long]

You really can tell that all or most animals have certain behavior or habits that you want to take out or at least compensate to avoid any damages. For dogs, chewing or running around the house with those excess energy is a major pain. Cats on the other hand need a cat back scratcher or scratch pad as a replacement for getting their paws off your couch, sofa, bed and other furniture. A great and affordable product as an alternate for your furniture is the Flip Pad Cat Scratcher from PetFusion. It is thick and durable, measures almost 20 inches long and reversible.

Petstages 394 Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle and Rest Cat/Scratcher and Rest

The next product is a unique cat scratcher cardboard bowl from Petstages. It is made from corrugated cardboard formed and shaped into a bowl. It is framed with a support for a sturdy and stable scratching. It works as a sleep spot for cats or to help them relieve those stressful and annoying scratching habits. The bowl scratcher helps them keep and maintain strong and healthy claws. The rough cardboard also gives them the right amount of comfort when they rest. The set includes free catnip for an interactive cat-play.


Kitty City XL Wide Corrugate Scratchers, 3 Piece(Longer Lasting Cardboard)

Kitty City brings you an amazing cardboard cat scratchers made specifically to contour your cat’s scratching habit. It comes in a bundle of 2 or 3 pieces depending on your choice. Each type of bundle has different prices. It has a simple, flat and lengthy design. This is usually best for pet or cat owners who owns several cats as buying expensive scratch pad or lounge would cost you so much given that you need to purchase each cat their individual set. It uses recyclable materials and is thickened compared to ordinary scratchers. This set replaces or protects your home furniture from getting shredded.

Petstages 707 Scratch Mat Cat Scratcher and Rest

There are only a few sisal cat scratcher products you can have for your cat. Lucky for you, Petstages gave time in crafting a simple but highly strong and durable sisal weaved cat scratcher. It has a rough texture which makes it perfect for cats as it would provide them comfort as they sleep or lie down to it. It works as a back scratching pad or a claw scratcher that helps in maintaining good and healthy claws. The pad also helps in relieving your cat from stressing over their natural habit. It could also save your furniture from being torn apart.


TRIXIE Pet Products Scratching Wave

There are so many modern cat scratcher mats you can have but you will seldom see a high quality and luxurious looking scratch pad for cats at a great and affordable price. This unique wave-shaped cat-scratcher is from TRIXIE Pet Products. It is made using natural sisal for a strong and durable construction. This set can withstand cat’s stressful and irritating behavior and could last for quite a long time. The sisal scratch pad is wrapped with a soft and cozy fabric to provide comfort during cat rest.


Petlinks Purr Highness Multi-Angle Corrugated Cardboard Scratcher


This is a multi-angle cat scratcher lounge from Petlinks. It is a corrugated cardboard made scratcher that comes with a bag of organic catnip to add some fun and play-time. The cardboard scratcher is designed to mimic the appearance of a tree bark. The concept of the design is to naturally attract your cats as a tree bark is one of the most common rough surfaces a feline lays their paws unto. The curved area is angled to provide a comfortable resting area. It is all made using non-toxic and pet-safe, recyclable materials. The set is 100% safe for cats and would greatly meet with their behavioral needs.


iPrimio Cat Scratcher Ramp – Foldable for Travel and Easy Storage

The next product is a cat scratchers amazon best-seller. It is affordable and cheap but is as competitive with other expensive scratch pad sets in terms of quality. You can purchase the set in either a single-pack or double-pack. It has an inclined design shaping it as a ramp. This allows your cat to climb up, scratch and rub their behavioral necessities. It is the most economical way of saving your furniture against scratch damages from cats. The set comes with free catnip for a joyful cat-play.  This is made using corrugated cardboard which makes it light and portable.


MushroomCat Cat Face Ultimate Scratcher Lounge Bed

This is a sweet and awesome looking scratcher for cats. It is made and distributed to you by MushroomCat. It is an ultimate and luxurious looking scratcher/lounge made with organic and recyclable materials. The kitty design and shape matches most of your home decorations. The set uses corrugated cardboards having a thick layer making it reliably strong and be able to withstand the natural behavior of cats. It can hold a weigh of not more than 50 kilogram which is beyond the expected weight of a cat. The product has good rating and has so many good recommendations from satisfied cat loving customers.


Petlinks Mix-n-Scratch Seagrass Scratch Ramp

Petlinks brings you their amazon cat scratcher product. It features a Mix-n-Scratch design that comes with a free bag of organic catnip. The angled design creates a ramp-like shape that provides a more satisfying scratch for cats. It uses a seagrass texture to make a durable scratch surface which is more ideal as cats love to claw-out their nails to a slightly rough texture. The scratch ramp has a fair size of 15 inches length by 7 inches in width and 7 inches in height. This set has met all the required safety standards and measurement, making it 100% efficient and safe for cats.


Scratch Lounge – Reversible Cardboard Cat Scratch Post with Floor Refill and Catnip

One of the best cat scratcher you can have up on amazon is the reversible cardboard scratch post from Scratch Lounge. It features a 3 sided scratch area specifically designed for 3 different use, sleeping, lounge and scratch post. The set includes a scratch lounge made of thick and reversible cardboard and a refill scratching pad. The refill pad is also reversible, the same as the original pad. The manufacturer used 100% natural and recyclable materials with no harmful or toxic elements. It is made from the U.S.A. and has passed quality control standards.


MWGEARS A084035 Cardboard Cat Scratcher with Catnip

MWGears brings you their own idea of a scratcher for cats. It is one of the few affordable and economical scratch pad you can have. You have 3 different styles/designs to choose from, all of which are fairly cheap. This will help and divert the attention your cats from shredding your furniture. It is also a perfect way to groom your cat’s claws. They can easily shed those loosen nails and maintain a sharp and shiny claws. There is a free pack or bag of catnip included. This set is guaranteed to get rid of those unnecessary scratching behavior and absorb or withstand all the excess energy of your pet.


24″ Cat Scratcher Cardboard by Feline Be Mine

This is Feline Be Mine’s cat scratcher. It features a 2-in-1 pad for scratching and for lounging. It is designed to be like a sofa-bed for cats. This greatly attracts or seduces your cats, turning their attention away from your sofa, coach and other homely furniture. It is made from a thick layer of corrugated cardboard which cats are normally fascinated. Not only that it is guaranteed to satisfy their instinctive scratching, it also looks very classy and elegant. It fits nicely unto any interior home design or decoration. The set includes a free bag of natural/organic catnip to enhance and stimulate their senses.


Ollieroo Curve Cat Scratching Pad

Another sofa-bed like cat scratchers, this is curved scratch pad for cats brought to you by Ollieroo. It has 2 print design or style to choose from, fish-bone and paw print. The prices of either of the print styles are the same. Placing this fairly large pad naturally attracts the attention of cats, keeping them away from your furniture and keeping it safe. It uses a premium quality cardboard, pressed into thick layers for a sturdier construction. The pad, being large, is not at all heavy. The light weight pad can be easily relocated from and to any area of your house.


Ollieroo Curve Cat Scratching Pad/Basics Collection Lounge/Kitty Couch/Cardboard Scratcher Sofa Bed

Like with the previous cat scratchers from Ollieroo, this is what the paw-print design looks like. As you can see, the aesthetics or shape of the scratch pad is just the same. The difference would be the prints. The paw prints somehow is a little bit far fitting as fish-bone are one of the delightful treats for cats. A paw on the other hand represents a dog where you might mistakenly confuse it to be a scratch pad for puppies. Either way, depending on your taste, the style of the prints is just the same when it comes to price. The quality is also alike, sturdy, durable and built to withstand cat behaviors.


Petlinks System Mix n Scratch Sisal Refill

Petlinks system offers you a chance to have a refill cat scratcher set for their Mix-n-Scratch lounge for cats. This refill scratch pad is made of sisal which roughness is ideal for scratching habits of cats as well as more durable compared to a cardboard. The set includes only 1, as you might get confused with the picture above. It is very practical and nature-friendly. This extends the life of your existing Petlink scratch lounge at a very low cost. The refill pad also includes a bag of naturally made catnip.


ELENKER Natural Cat Scratcher Lounge board with Catnip (Double hole-shaped)

One of the funniest and awesome scratcher for cats is made and brought to you by ELENKER. It has 3 different designs, all in a large size. You can choose between a double-hole shape scratcher like this one or a curved-shaped and x-shaped. Depending on your design choice, the price differs slightly. All the materials used to craft this cool set is from renewable resources. It is safe and can be degraded naturally by nature. It uses a high density and a thick layer of cardboard which makes it last longer than ordinary scratch pad products. This is sure to save your furniture from getting wrecked by cat paws/claws through their stressful scratching behavior.


Whisker Wishes Settee Cat Scratcher

Whisker Wishes brings you their wonderful cat scratcher creation. It has a versatile design where any angling the set vertically or horizontally is allowed. You can also flip over the scratch pad set as all the surface are usable for cat scratching. This is one of the many amazingly designed cat scratchers amazon product. Like most scratch pad for cats, this also uses corrugated cardboard but on a higher density. It is much thicker and compact. The set, if placed, naturally attracts the cat’s attention. This will keep them away from destroying your home furniture and ease away their natural scratching habit.

This set is known to be attractive and playful to cats. To prove that claim true, we have included a short video with an unbiased review from one of the many satisfied customers.

Certainly, you would see both cats having a good time. They can relax, sleep, lounged up or scratch away their instinctive behavior with no hassle. The pad has 2 sides on which you can flip and use. The reversible feature doubles the life span of the scratch pad.

4CLAWS Round Scratching Bed 14″ (Tabby Grey and White) – DELUXE Collection Cat Scratcher

There are people who resort to homemade cat scratcher as it can save you a few bucks. But you should know that there are also cheap scratchers you can buy and with great designs and aesthetics. The total expenses of building your own cat scratcher and purchasing one would not really come too far. 4CLAWS here brings you a round shaped scratch bed. The set includes a circular corrugated cardboard, covered with a simple and classy looking fabric. It fits nicely with any home decor you have. The cardboard can be replaced and you can simply but a refill-set at a great price.


Omega Paw SBE Scratch Box Everest

This is Omega Paw’s cat scratcher lounge/Box where cats could not resist digging in their paws and claws. This is made from thick and compact layers of cardboard that sits on a ramp-like holder. This Everest scratch pad can be replaced. The set is simply refillable. Long-time scratching will make the cardboard thin. The holder allows you to take out the cardboard and replace it with a new one provided that you have bought the refill pack. This is affordable and very much economical. Its dimensions measures 16.5 inches by 6 inches by 7.5 inches. It is best for pet owners who own multiple cats as they can purchase a pair or two without having financial difficulties.


VIILER Fashionable Cat Scratcher Pad with Flexible Materials

One of the best cat scratcher of Viiler is this amazing and fashionable pad made with flexible and durable materials. The set comes in medium size which measures about 16 inches in length, 12 inches in width and 12 inches in height. Viiler used pure sisal and other nature friendly materials. The sisal makes it highly durable and strong in comparison with ordinary cardboard made scratcher. It is non-allergenic for both cats and humans. This set is built solely on scratching purposes. It cannot be a lounge or sleeping bed for cats.


4CLAWS Curve Scratching Pad (2 Pack, White) – BASICS Collection Cat Scratcher

This is 4CLAWS best-selling amazon cat scratcher product. It is designed to come off slightly curved. 4CLAWS provides you with two purchasing options. You can either have it in single unit or in a set of 2. Although the set of 2 is a little bit practical as it can save you a few bucks. It measures about 10 inches long. The scratch pad provides them with enough mobility as they scratch or lay above the pad. It is reversible. Both sides of the pad can be used, hence, prolonging the life span of the product regardless of intensive use.


Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (6Pack)

Our next product is a 6 pack round shape replacement cardboard cat scratchers from Bergan. The set is affordable and practical. It is a convenient way of maintaining a scratch pad/lounge without buying a new set. Corrugated cardboard are durable and sturdy but heavy and intensive scratching of cats could greatly wear out the integrity of a cardboard, hence, needing replacement. Some scratch pad sets do not even offer refillable cardboards which will require you to purchase a new set, costing you more. Thankfully, Bergan thought of a great way where you can save your furniture at a small amount.


Onlypets Cat Scratching Post with Inside Bell-ball

Onlypets brings you its own version of a cat back scratcher. It has a durable and long lasting corrugated cardboard surface. It is environment friendly. The set only uses recyclable materials and could be degraded by nature easily. There is a free catnip gift pack included. The scratch post also includes a bell on a groove located on one side for an added fun and cat-play. It measures 18 inches in length, around 10 inches in width and almost 5 inches in height. This will surely satisfy your cat’s desire to scratch, back scratch and sleep around.


Petlinks Sisal Solution Hanging Scratcher with Refillable Catnip Pocket and Toy

Petlinks continue to produce amazing and durable cat scratchers for your cats. This is the sisal hanging scratch pad that comes with a refillable pocket for catnip. The nice thing about this product is its hanging feature. You can easily hang it on any corner of your house and it will naturally get the attention of your cat and get them away from destroying your home furniture. The sisal used to craft this scratcher provides great resistance and endurance against cat claws. It has more longevity compared to using a cardboard scratcher.


Figure 8 Cat Scratcher (Espresso)

This is a figure-8 cat scratcher from Scratchy Paws. The set is designed to form the shape or the number 8 figure. There are a variety of colors to choose from. You can either have this scratch pad in espresso, turquoise, slate or plum red. Either color will have the same price. Satisfy your home feline with this durable and naturally attractive scratcher. It is made from thick layers of compressed cardboard and other natural materials, all nature friendly and recyclable. It is also reversible like most scratch pad products for long lasting longevity.

There are actually many products from different manufacturers with the same design. Below is called an infinity cat scratcher as it forms an infinite symbol but it also forms the figure or number 8. The video will show you the actual size, shape and length of the scratcher with an added review.

A fully grown or adult size cat fits nicely on top of the scratcher. It helps them scratch as well as providing them with a place to rest, nap or play. The reversible feature of the scratch set will greatly prolong the longevity of the product. It is one of the cheapest but luxurious looking scratch set you can have and your cat deserves.

4CLAWS Round Scratching Bed 14″ (Cream White) – DELUXE Collection Cat Scratcher

It may add to your confusing as the next is another good rated product over amazon. This is cardboard cat scratchers from 4CLAWS. It has a unique design of a round-shaped scratcher. It has 3 variety of styles, cream white, tabby brown and white, tabby grey and white. You can also purchase a refill set in case the original round cardboard scratcher gets destroyed. The round cover is equipped with rubber for a stable grip as your cat plays and scratch around the scratch bed. This clean and simple fabric, round scratch bed will nicely blend in different home decorations.


CamRom Cat Hammock Scratcher Rest Lounge Bed Cat Head Shape PT109

Let’s close our long list with a cat scratcher cardboard product from CamRom. It comes in two pieces. One piece is a scratcher/lounge/bed for cats and the other one is for scratch and play. Both pieces can be integrated into one to save space, for storage and for portability. The set is fairly large which makes it great for cats of different sizes. Your cats will have a great time hiding out and stowing away. It offers 12 scratch-able sides to give your feline friend long hours of fun, entertainment and healthy paws and claws.