4 Pet Safety Concerns to Watch Out For

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Listed below are the 4 pet safety concerns to watch out for!   Just as you exercise caution with your children, there are certain safety concerns for your pet too.

Regardless of the length of time that you have had your pet for, you probably consider it to be another member of your family.

Pets are a blessing, but it can almost feel like you have added another child to your family, except for the fact that this child will always need care and so will your pet.


Unless you have trained them not to, your pet is likely to try to eat your food at one point or another. As long as it isn’t something harmful to your pet, like chocolate for dogs, you may think that it is okay share a little with them.

But some less well-known foods can cause some serious problems for your pet.

Chicken bones are hollow, and they can break and choke your pet. Yeast doughs, coffee, garlic, and avocados are also dangerous.

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You know that chemicals can cause huge problems for you and your kids, but they can also hurt your pets. While your pet is not likely to go digging around under the sink and getting into bottles of chemicals, they can encounter chemicals around the house and in the yard. Check the labels of cleaning products that you use, especially on your floors and outside. If you are using a pest control company, find one that uses animal-friendly products.

Hot Weather

High temperatures bring added dangers for pets. Summer is the peak season for ear problems and skin infections.

If your pet is constantly overheating, consider talking to your vet about solutions. Do not let your pet outside for longer periods of time during the hottest hours of the day and never leave a pet in a hot car.

Protect them from heat stress by providing a cool place for them to rest and a constant source of fresh water.

Cold Weather

Many people do not realize cold weather can be as potentially dangerous for pets as hot weather. Make sure outdoor pets have proper shelter. Also, make sure they do not come in contact with antifreeze or chemicals used for melting ice, which is both toxic to your pet. Cold weather can cause also chapped paws and aggravate existing health issues such as arthritis.

It’s important to pay attention to the little details when it comes to taking care of your pet. You want to be able to enjoy their companionship for a long time, so look out for them.

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