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Lowest Maintenance Fish Tank: Here are the top contenders!

When buying a fish tank, one of the big things on my is: how much maintenance will this require? I’m sure you’re the same way 🙂

It’s not that we don’t want to put in the work required to take care of our new pets properly, it simply makes sense to use time wisely and, more than that, a clean tank will be a healthier environment for your fish.

Lower maintenance means easier to clean, but it also means it takes longer to get dirty. Let’s face it, moving fish out of the tank to clean the tank, then moving them back in – it isn’t the nicest experience for the fish. Done properly, it can avoid harming the fish, but there is risk.

Here are some great options for low maintenance fish tanks for beginners, intermediate, and expert level 😀

Best small low maintenance fish tanks:

My Fun Fish Tank

The “My Fun Fish Tank” actually cleans itself! While the somewhat cheesy name might lead you to believe it is for children or for starters (and it very well could be 🙂 ), it is also very suited for Apartments or Dorms, or any other small area. Includes LED light., aquarium rocks, and aquatic plant.

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